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Photo Therapy with Rick Sammon

Today's conversation takes us deep into personal territory, we seek to help you define and understand what will make you a better photographer, and maybe a bit more well rounded too. :) Links Mentioned in today’s show: Create Photography Retreat Rick’s Book Rick's Website: Richard Bernabe Episode: Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Real Magic: The...


Patagonia and Pentax with Matt Bishop

Links Mentioned in today’s show: Matt’s Website: PALOUSE Shoot-n-Print Workshop Details: Use this link AND the code "latitude15" the next time you need to rent gear. I'll get a small percentage and you'll get 15% off. affiliate link: Need to carry your gear in style? Treat...


This amazing planet of ours with Aaron Nace

I just love being able to talk with someone and getting to know a bit more about what makes them tick as a person and a photographer… This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 67 for February 9, 2020! Links Mentioned in today’s show: PHLEARN Links and use discount code latitude20 for 20% off the annual subscription. Use this link...


Satisfying a Photographer’s Curiosity with Ben Horne

Large format photography is often seen as cumbersome, slow, and way to expensive for most budgets. And my conversation with Ben Horne pretty much confirms that. But we also learn what makes it special and why, at least for Ben, it’s the only way to experience photography. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 66 for January 26, 2020! Links Mentioned in today’s...


Creating Lens Based Art with Bob Coats

Using photographic techniques to create his art, Bob Coates considers himself a “Lens Based Artist.” We talk about his work and and his approach. You’ll be inspired and motivated to get out there and make some of your own masterpieces. Coates Fine Art: Bob Coates Photography: Instagram: Bob_Coates or bcoatesart Check out thePalouse Shoot-n-Print workshopcoming this spring! ...


Goals, Initiatives and Doing More in Photography

In this rather eclectic show I open the mail bag once again, talk about my new initiatives for 2020, discuss photography goals and I’ve got two pieces of recommended gear for you. Links Mentioned in today’s show: Join me in the Palouse for a Shoot-n-Print Workshop. May 24–25 and June 15–16. Use this link AND the code "latitude15" the next time you need to rent gear. I'll get a small...


A Week on Unalaska Part 2

We continue with the stories and photography that happened on the Aleutian Island of Unalaska. And we finally get to listener feedback about what excites YOU about your photography. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 63 for December 29, 2019! Links Mentioned in today’s show: Palouse Shoot-n-Print Workshop direct link: Image Gallery for the commentary: ...


A Week on Unalaska Part 1

I peak inside the mail bag and respond to a listener and then I give you all the details on my recent journey to the Aleutian Island of Unalaska which after some contemplation got me thinking about what makes YOU excited about the images you create so we’ll have some listener feedback on that as well. I reference this map in the episode briefly, basically, it's intended to give you an understanding of the different locations we photographed. Sponsor for this episode Golden...


Sensor Size Confusion

The imaging sensor size in your camera does affect how you make your photography and some make a huge deal out of it. It’s my goal today to make a big deal out of nothing, or at least to help you understand my approach to it all. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 61 for December 15, 2019! Links Mentioned in today’s show: Show Sponsor: Golden Hour Podcast by Polar Pro Filters Neil Van Niekerk blog...


Creating Time-Lapse Videos in the Lofoten Islands with Diarmuid O'Donavan

Like much of the world, the Lofoten Islands is one of those locations that is rather high on my list of must-visit places. Today I have a special guest with me to talk about this beautiful destination and how to make time-lapse videos while there. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 60 for December 8, 2019! Links Mentioned in today’s show: Today’s sponsor, Polar Pro Filters: Find Diarmuid...


Best of 2019 Part 2, Box Set Production

I get in to all the technical details about making this boxed set from a few printing tips and techniques to full production of the description sheets and the cover overlay in Adobe InDesign. It’s a deep dive into what you need to know to do something like this for yourself. You’ll need a photo printer and the Adobe suite as I use InDesign which is not available in the standard photographers package. I also talk about revisiting photos a while after the shoot and the value of...


Winter Day Hikes, Getting Prepared and Staying Safe

Links Mentioned in today’s show: Episode Sponsor: Use this link AND the code "latitude15" the next time you need to rent gear. I'll get a small percentage and you'll get 15% off. affiliate link: Need to carry your gear in style? Treat yourself to a ThinkTank Photo bag with this link and get a free gift at checkout: The Big...


Best of 2019, Part 1

Selecting your best images for the year is certainly a good practice to get into. This year is the first time I’ve done a beginning to end approach and I’m glad I did. I confirmed a few things and I learned a few things as well. This is not the final set, but just round one. My ultimate goal is to create a collectable limited-edition box set of images that are printed on 13×19 paper. The images will be mostly 11×16 but there’s a few oddballs in there too for good measure. Once I get back...


Inside Imagely and how they fund important projects

Today I speak with Erick Danzer and Scott Wyden Kivowitz of Imagely, makers of the NextGEN Photography Plugin for WordPress. However, we focus heavily on Erick’s experience as a photographer in Indonesia and his brief stint at the US Foreign Service and how Imagely came about. It’s an interesting story of finding the right path and how to make it possible to support things that are important to you. Links Mentioned in today’s show: My interview with Scott Wyden Kivowitz and Jeff Harmon...


An interview with Frank T Smith

I talk with Frank Smith about his experiences with photographing architecture, the Atacama Desert and philanthropic photography items as well. Frank is an Olympus Visionary and I’m thrilled to have him on for this episode. Links Mentioned in today’s show: Frank T. Smith Photography on facebook: Instagram: His Website: Olympus Visionaries:...


Designing a better editing experience with the Monogram Creative Console

Andy Hayes joins me today to talk about the new Monogram device and its kickstarter campaign.I have the previous item called Palette Gear and I wanted to bring them on the show so we could have a chat about using this device and to be inspired by the possibilities. Links Mentioned in today’s show: . Use...


Discovering the Unknown with Ariel Estulin

Links Mentioned in today’s show: Instagram @ariel.estulin affiliate link: ThinkTankPhoto affiliate link: My Online Course: Guest Introduction. Today I have a special guest with me. Reading from his website it says that he’s “primarily interested in...


All About Clouds and a New Bag I Like

For all the photos, please check out the Latitude Photography Facebook group, or my website here: Links Mentioned in today’s show: Fine Art Cloud Photography link: Bag Review on YouTube: affiliate link: ThinkTankPhoto affiliate link:...


OC Workshop Report

Links mentioned in episode: LensRentals refer a friend link: If 10 people use this I’ll put a poll in the facebook groups to ask what I should rent next. Come to the Palouse and learn to print! Trip Report Workshop basic info. Time frame, location, things learned. I goofed up a couple times. Reminder, this will be video recorded so if you’d rather watch it on YT you can. But...


The Nifty Fifty and Creative Techniques

Episode Links Exposure Averaging Video: Segmentation Series Video: Soft-proofing Analysis Video: Online Print Course: List of available workshops: Summary I talk about the process covered in my recent YouTube videos. They are Exposure Averaging, Segmentation, a series I started several years ago, and expectations about color...