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203: See The wonders of the world - and get paid to do so

70 countries, uncountable memories. Maureen Moss made this dream happen for herself. Now she helps others to see the wonders of the world - and get paid to do so. Chris Pyak talks to Maureen about the road to become a paid travel guide. Could this be a way for you? Find out more about Maureens travelguide course at Join other adventure seekers in our community at


202: Maureen's list of 100 favourite moments of her life

One day Maureen Moss sat down to write a list of the 100 best moments of her life. She stopped when she came to 120. Chris Pyak takes you on a sightseeing tour through Maureen's favorite moments as a travel guide in 70 countries. PS: Make sure to subscribe to the Living Unconventionally podcast! Learn more about Maureen's Travel Guide course at Join other adventure seekers in our community at


201: Eugene puts a smile on your face

Eugene lives the life that we all dream about. For the last two years he has traveled the world - while working remotely for his company in Germany. Eugene shares his adventures and his best tips to convince your employer to let you work "on the go".


200: The 5 best places to live in the world - and the 3 worst! with Malte Zeeck, CEO of InterNations GmbH

Malte Zeeck, CEO of InterNations GmbH joins Chris for this 200th episode of Living Unconventionally to discuss the best places to live in the world, as well what makes them so special. Chris and Malte also highlight three of the WORST places to live in the world. Don't miss this special anniversary episode!


199: Anton's Floating Office Desk

Anton works at the same desk every day. For years after years. But his desk is constantly moving. It has seen the ice of Antarctica, the windmills of Holland and the beaches of Brazil. Follow Chris Pyak and Anton around the globe with Anton's floating office desk. Join the community at


198: How James Makes Friends Across Cultures (And Business Contacts Too)

James Ritchie has a unique skill: Wherever he goes he builds deep relationships - and does so fast. I asked James to share his best practices... ...and what they have to do with washing your car in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. To book a coaching session with me, visit To join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group, just visit


197: Win a Copy of Chris’ Book!

Still on holiday, Chris isn’t leaving you high and dry this week. Catch this mini-sode for a chance to win one of three copies of Chris’ book, How to Win Jobs and Influence Germans! Listen for your chance to win and get more info on the book here:


196: How Evgenia Found Chris - A Love Story

East and West. Free World and Soviet Union. Europe and Asia. Chris and Evgenia grew up in completely different worlds - but they still found each other while traveling the world. This a love story. Join the Living Unconventionally facebook group:


195: Africa's Calling Out To Me

Jörg Kleis wants everyone to rethink the stereotypical narrative of Africa. His mission is to create brain circulation by creating opportunities for skilled people across nations and he co-founded AfricaWorks to help African graduates from German universities to find jobs in Africa, as well as within Germany. He has experienced many perspective shifts in his work and travel to Africa over the last 10 years. In this week’s episode, Jörg shares his early origins as a Law student and how he...


194: Sasha Travels at The Speed of Sound (Recorded Live)

When you imagine a 70s alt-rock band, what comes to mind? Sold out gigs, screaming fans, and decadence, maybe? Those were the dreams of our guest today, Aleksandr "Sasha" Zilkov, when he was growing up in Russia. He quit university and decided to grab life by the horns. But, things didn’t quite turn out how he expected. This week we explore the exciting life of a musician and successful YouTuber. Sasha has played in wedding bands, arranged music for pop stars and has grown to over 100,000...


193: Andrea Dreams of Italy: A Coaching Session

This week we’re doing something a little bit different. Instead of hearing from someone already living an unconventional lifestyle, I coach Andrea Elibero, a member of the Living Unconventionally Community. Andrea shares her dreams of a location-independent lifestyle with us. This episode is for all the women who want to take the first step towards a location-independent lifestyle. Andrea currently does clinical trials research and lives in Miami, Florida. She dreams of being a...


192: Fiona Goes To America

Home can be beautiful when we discover it throught the eyes of a visitor. My guest Fiona Leonard is from Australia. She spend one year in the US covering the Obama administration, then moved to Ghana and finally to my home town: Düsseldorf in Germany. Join a trip of art & adventure.


191: The Boy From La Paz (Bolivia)

Mateo was nine years old. He was standing at a market place in La Paz when he found his calling. Join his adventure of entrepreneurship and travel with him from Bolivia to Australia and then to the most exotic places of all: Germany


190: The Fairy From Prague

Meet the "Fairy from Prague", visit Scotland and find out why driving on the left side of the road can lead to unexpected detours. Episode 190 is also the first episode with your new host: Chris Pyak. Why don't you give Chris a feedback? You reach Chris via To join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group, just visit


189: Living Unconventionally is Back (With a Twist)

I'm baaaaaaack! (Sort of) In this very special episode, I explain exactly what the heck is going with the show and introduce you to someone I'm very excited for you to meet. To learn more about about how you can stay connected with me, visit To join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group, just visit Stalk Me On:


188: My Farewell Episode

In this special, and final, episode of the podcast, I explain why I made the tough decision to have this be the last episode I release. To learn more about about how you can stay connected with me, visit To join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group, just visit Stalk Me On:


187: WorldTowning - Part 2

Today I am continuing my conversation with Jessica and Will Sueiro, founders of World Towning. On Monday’s episode we heard about their transition out of their suburban life and into travelling. This time we are talking about their business that helps others get out into the world as well. The pair clear up some misconceptions about working and travelling the world, announce new plans for the coming year, and explain why doing it yourself is often the best way to do it. To learn more...


186: WorldTowning - Part 1

This week’s guests are Jessica and Will Sueiro and they’re the founders of WorldTowning. The husband and wife duo have spent the past three years travelling the world with their two kids, after discovering the typical suburban life wasn’t for them. Since then, they have stayed in Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, and are now preparing to take an RV across Europe! They’ve documented all their adventures on their YouTube channel, proving that the digital nomad lifestyle can be done with children....


185: Lessons I Learned in Southeast Asia

In this week's solo episode, I'm discussing six of the main lessons I learned about myself while spending nearly six weeks in Southeast Asia. To learn more, visit To join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group, just visit Stalk Me On:


184: The Professional Jetsetter - Part 2

Today, I am continuing my conversation with Kimberly from Professional Jetsetters. On Monday’s episode we heard about her own travels and, in this episode, she breaks down how she offers career coaching as it pertains to the travel industry. The vast majority of my guests, and digital nomads in general, are freelancers or entrepreneurs. But, what if you have zero desire to start and run your own business? Can you have an amazing travel lifestyle while still earning a steady paycheck?...