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Which RV Is Right For Me?

So, you made the decision. Congratulations! This episode is all about finding a quality unit that fits your lifestyle. Some questions to ask yourself before buying an RV: Where are you going to travel with your RV? Will you be driving a lot? Is it really important to have a washer and dryer? Do you need an office or a work area? How much storage do you need to have? How much traveling will you really be doing? What activities are you hoping to accomplish? What type of weather...


Where to Park and Live in a RV - Wild Camping and City Boondocking Tips

When you start full timing, one of the biggest dilemmas you'll run into is where to park your home. Finding the right place to park and base your RV is crucial! Questions I answer: What is wild camping? Where to park and sleep in cities? Can you really boondock in the city? How do you find free parking? Mentioned in this episode: Park4Night Allemansrätten (Freedom to roam) ↠↠ SOCIAL MEDIA ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀...


RVing With Pets - How to Live Nowhere With A Nomad Dog

I've met many RVers travel with pets, especially dogs. RVing with a dog is awesome, but there are also tradeoffs and challenges. In this episode I answer the following questions: How do Leave your dog in the RV when you go out? How do you plan a pet-friendly vacation? How do you handle living in a small space? What about the vet? Mentioned in this episode: BFF Strays - BFF Strays is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Spanish dogs find new homes in Sweden. ↠↠ SOCIAL...


Are You Up For An Unconventional Life?

Your time is limited so why waste it living someone else’s life. You don’t have to live the life everyone else is living because most people aren’t living an extraordinary life. Don’t try to be someone else so do like everybody else and listen to this episode if you're feeling stuck :) ↠↠ SOCIAL MEDIA ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀ Twitter ❀ Facebook ↠↠ HELP ME HELP YOU...


Is Full Time RV Living Safe?

Listen to this before you hit the highways, whether you are new to RVing or not, and take the time to understand how to safely enjoy these fun but challenging rigs! Want to see how I live my minimalist life with my dog in my RV? Make sure you follow me! ↠↠ Social Media ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀ Twitter ❀ Facebook ↠↠ PATREON - HELP ME HELP YOU ↞↞ Support me on...


How to Downsize Your Home to an RV

Moving from a home full of stuff to a smaller space in an RV can be tricky. Here's how to make the transition as smooth as possible! BTW. I'm back to Sweden now after 2 months in Italy! Send me your thoughts.. feel free to ask questions! Want to see how I live my minimalist life with my dog in my RV? Make sure you follow me! ↠↠ Social Media ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀ Twitter ❀...


Organize your RV - Recommendations and experience

An RV is the ultimate tiny-living space and one of the biggest challenges of living in an RV is organizing! Here are my simple tips on how to have a less cluttered and more organized RV. ↠↠ SOCIAL MEDIA ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀ Twitter ❀ Facebook ↠↠ HELP ME HELP YOU ↞↞ Since I refuse to clutter my podcast with advertisements, I need your help. Support me on...


She Lived In a RV For One Month - Here's What She Learnt

Living in a camper was never something Julia really looked for. Hear how living in a camper for one month changed her view on life. Julia Ariane Reiter is a vegan by heart, traveler, and minimalist based in Portugal. She is blogging about vegan food, her minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler on her . I hope this episode gives you a bit of insight into what it’s like living and traveling full-time in an RV. ↠↠ Follow Julia!...


4 tips for RV beginners

If you are a beginner or somewhere in your journey to simplify your life and become a minimalist on wheels, enjoy these tiny steps brought to you by me from a beach in Scopello in Sicily where I'm currently at. 1. Minimize your stuff 2. Talk to full-timers about full-time RV living 3. Know your RV 4. Don't rush! Send me your thoughts.. feel free to ask questions! Want to see how I live my minimalist life with my dog in my RV? Make sure you follow me! ↠↠ Social Media ↞↞ ❀...


7 Questions Everyone Asks Us About Traveling In An RV

Hello from Sicily! Living and traveling in a camper van offers an unbeatable sense of freedom, this life enables you to pick up and move wherever, whenever; to see the mountains one morning and ocean the next. This week I invite my friends Victoria and Melvin (aka "Timeless Adventure", currently located in Portugal) who also quit their jobs, sold their belongings and bought a camper van. Questions we answer is: 1. When are you going to return to the “real world”? 2. Do you ever get...


Why I Quit My 9-5 Job - Learning How To Hustle

We put so much pressure on each other — and especially on ourselves — to slip into this perfect professional life, and we never stop to consider if it’s actually what we want. What I’ve learned from sharing my story is that it can invite others to share their story. It can also inspire someone to take action. Send me your thoughts.. feel free to ask questions! Want to see how I live my minimalist life with my dog in my RV? Make sure you follow me! ↠↠ Social Media ↞↞ ❀...


The Pros and Cons of Full-time RVing

Full time is NOT for everyone and while there are pros and cons, I think the pros outweighed the cons. There is Facebook groups, podcasts, bloggers etcetera who only share positive and cool updates from their full-time RV-lives. But is fulltime RVing for everyone? No! And not all RVs are up to full timing. Hear my perspective on some of the benefits and challenges of full-time RV living in this episode. Let's start with the pros: NO HOUSE PAYMENT! Less cleaning, more me-time dog-time...


The Costs Of Full-Time RVing

I get many questions about my expenses as a minimalist living in an RV, I answer the most common questions in this episode. Hear me talk about monthly travel budget and costs, and explanations of how travel affects my other costs of living. Want to see how I live my minimalist-life with my dog in my RV? Make sure you follow me! ↠↠ Social Media ↞↞ ❀ Instagram ❀ Twitter ❀...


Why I Decided to Full-Time RV

Im escaping my 9 to 5 as a radio host at the Swedish Radio after 8 years and following my passion instead! From today on, my job is to create podcasts for myself and people I believe in. That's why I am launching this podcast about simple living in a RV. So whats my story? I was born in Sweden into a Kurdish Armenian family that only wanted the best for me, so they gave me the basics of life and society – so that I could fit in. After a decade in the rat race, I realized that we put...