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EP 18 - The Generous Lion

Days 53-54. We meet the bantering bicyclists Tom (age 71) and Dennis (age 77) at The Crosscut Canal. Tom learns a lesson about generosity from Lion the Rastafarian. Tom Wishes David farewell as he leaves Mesa, AZ. Tom meets up with his Sister Kim and her Husband Chris to join them for WAR. Tom is listening to some tunes on the trail and discusses his music choices.


EP 17 - Chapter One, Done

Days 49-52. Tom meets some excited locals in Wickenburg, AZ before being mistaken as a "shopping cart guy" by Anthony and his dog 'Troubles', the ambassador of the park. Later on Tom recalls when a truck played chicken with him. Tom meets Chad while hiking a Canal Trail that brings him into Phoenix, AZ, thus concluding Chapter 1 of his journey.


EP 16 - Positive Exchanges and Possible Snakes

Days 46-48. Tom preps dinner and chats about his day. He wonders about the possibility of coyotes running off with his shoes (thanks Kent!). Tom wakes up scratchy and has a middle of the night chat with us to try and distract himself. We hear about Leo with the cane, the $20 donation from an unlikely source, and the stories of two other 'crosser' cyclists (Bart from Holland & Abby from Alaska) that crossed paths with Tom. Lastly we hear about Tom's encounter with a dangerous 'bush" snake.


EP 15 - Back To The Trail

Days 43-45. Tom is back on the trail! He's getting used to walking with Little Buddy and discusses the pros and cons of walking with his new cart. Tom's girlfriend Katie gives him a Valentine's Day assignment. Tom discusses the importance of human interaction and solitude before writing (and singing) a new song.


EP 14 - Home (For Now)

Days 28-32. Tom arrives home in North Carolina to recover. He discusses PT's, the VA, MRI's, as well as the anxiety of being back home so soon after leaving. Lastly, Tom shares a story about being asked if he has his red potato. Editors Note – Tom ran into some technical issues with his recorder. Lots of crackly pops have been cleaned out, but to preserve Tom’s story, a few remain. Thanks for your patience.


EP 13 - Pressing Pause

Days 25-27. As Tom hits the trail again after his short break in Blythe, he is getting used to the advantages and challenges of walking with 'Little Buddy'. Tom crosses into Arizona but still is having foot pain as he debates heading home to fully recover before heading back to the trail. Editors Note – Tom ran into some technical issues with his recorder. Lots of crackly pops have been cleaned out, but to preserve Tom’s story, a few remain. Thanks for your patience.


EP 12 - The Defining Day

Keep Walking? Stay in Blythe? Recover in Phoenix, AZ? or perhaps back home? Tom considers his options before taking a test walk to see how his foot is feeling. Also, Tom shares an audio recording he received from an old friend. Editors Note - Tom ran into some technical issues with his recorder. Lots of crackly pops have been cleaned out, but to preserve Tom's story, a few remain. Thanks for your patience.


EP 11 - Little Buddy

Days 16-21 bring Tom from Blythe, CA to Katie's father's house in Phoenix, AZ so that Tom can begin recovery on his busted up foot. Tom accomplishes some chores, tries a few different recovery techniques, and picks up a "little buddy" to help him along the way.


EP 10 - Desert Burned

Days 14 and 15 bring Tom into Blythe, CA through an Apocalyptic landscape and Greasy Spoon Diners. He battles a strong pain in his foot with ice baths, hot spas, and a professional consultation with old friend and colleague Lino Cedros as Tom determines what his next steps will be for the days and weeks ahead.


EP 09 - Back to the 10 Freeway

On Day 13, after leaving the Bradshaw Trail, Tom reflects on the value of those around him. Tom talks about the Red Cloud exit his brother Joel meets him at off of the 10 freeway to bring him some water, beans and tortillas. Joel brings him to Wiley's well and Tom hits the road eastward towards Blythe, CA.


EP 08 - The Bradshaw Trail

Days 11 and 12 take Tom to The Bradshaw Trail.


EP 07 - Pink Glow, Dead Sea

The heat is rising in the desert, especially when you are wearing a backpack. Tom explains why he needs to eat more pizza and also how he acquired a biker's buff at a roadside gas station. Tom concludes Day 10 at his campsite beside the Salton Sea, while discussing a few of the other interactions of the day.


EP 06 - What Would Helga Do?

After a day off, Tom is making great time on Day 09. Tom discusses the books that he read in preparation for his walk. One of which entitled, "Cold Spirit" is about the 1896 cross country walk of Helga Estby. After a quick musical break of inspiration, Tom asks if you can guess the top 3 items found on the California roadside?


EP 05 - Keep Chopping Wood

Days 6 and 7 bring Tom to the Morongo Indian Reservation (well, almost). He discusses his restless first night of camping, the struggle with distracted drivers hurling down the desert roads, as well as how making a Dutch friend in an Irish hostel 16 years ago lead to meeting an Angel in Palm Springs, CA.


EP 04 - Good Food, Good Shoes, and Motivational Trains

Tom enters the desert while discussing Days 04 and 05 on the trail. He discusses creature comforts and wonders if using a hotel makes him soft while wondering if he'll find a place to camp tonight. He discusses recording The Pace the Nation Podcast as well as preparing for his upcoming route where he will be going 18 miles without water or food services. The first of many serviceless stretches. Tom finds Sergio's fruit stand before being motivated over the 100 mile mark by some slow and...


EP 03 - The Gift From Art

Tom reflects on days 2 and 3 while discussing goodbyes, folks that think he is crazy, and the importance of pacing and how music plays a role in walking tempo. Additionally Tom describes the unexpected gift received from a man named Art.


EP 02 - Day One

Tom talks about Day One of his journey. From the Santa Monica sendoff with friends and family, through Hollywood and onto Glendale. The walk across America has begun!


EP 01 - Thoughts Before Leaving

Tom reflects on why he's walking across America and answers the most commonly asked questions about the 4000 mile trek.


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