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63. The Black Hills: Wind Cave National Park and Hot Springs, SD

Today on RV Miles, journey with us to the southern half of the Black Hills of South Dakota, to the wonders of Wind Cave National Park — one of the best places we've found to see wildlife like bison and elk, in addition to being an extraordinary cave. We also visit Wind Cave's gateway community, Hot Springs, a charming historic town.


62. The Black Hills: Custer State Park and the Buffalo Roundup

This week on RV Miles, we begin our tour of the stunning Black Hills region of South Dakota. We cover the simply massive Custer State Park, including its wildlife, and a unique annual event - the Buffalo Roundup, where more than 1300 wild bison are herded into corrals by cowboys and cowgirls for health checkups. We'll also take you on some amazing scenic drives — the Needles Highway, which spins through hairpin and pigtail turns, as well as 8' wide tunnels through the magnificent needle...


61. Badlands

On this week's RV Miles, we travel to the strange beauty of South Dakota's Badlands National Park, along with a visit to the world-famous Wall Drug. That, plus news, a new brain teaser, and so much more! Check out RV Miles on rvmiles.com for show notes and more info!


60. Campground Chili and Omaha Adventures

On this RV Miles, we journey to the surprisingly adventurous town of Omaha, Nebraska, and visit what is possibly the greatest zoo in the country — along with some other great attractions. But first, it's fall! Time for Chili! We talk about making chili in the RV or over the campfire. All that, plus news, a new brain teaser, and more! Visit rvmiles.com for show notes and more info!


59. Fall Camping Gear Guide

It's time for our fall gear guide! We have all the road-tested gadgets to make your RV travel a breeze! From raincoats to coffee mugs, camera gear, even a paper plate recommendation, we'll have you camping in style this fall. Get the full list and links to purchase at rvmiles.com/fall-2018-gear.


58. Fall Camping and Thor's LEAP Program

On this episode of RV Miles, we chat with Rick Schutt from Thor Industries about their program to get kids interested in careers in the RV industry. Then, we talk about our favorite fall camping tips. In the news, a popular National Park Service campground in Florida may become unavailable to RVs, a conservation conflict in Minnesota, and another stolen trailer full of Boy Scout camping gear. Sponsor: L.L.Bean This year, L.L.Bean is joining up with the National Park Foundation, the...


57. Domicile State and Oklahoma City

On this week's RV Miles, we talk all the things you need to know when choosing a domicile (residence) state for full-time RV travel. And then we recount some of our favorite experiences in Oklahoma City, a surprising town that should really be on your radar. That, plus news, a new brain teaser, and more!


56. RV Travel Safety

On this RV Miles, we take a look at a bunch of tips and tricks for keeping yourself and your family safe while out traveling on the open road, and staying at campgrounds Walmarts, or in the deep woods. Whether it be from attackers or wild animals, we've got you covered with some great safety advice. That, plus lots of news items, a new brain teaser, and a gear tip to help you get rid of cooking grease at the campground!


55. RV Mythbusting

On today's show, we tackle some of the biggest myths circling the RV community! Does a bag of water with pennies in it keep flies away? Does a pink flamingo mean you're looking for a campground rendezvous? Does your rig need to be under 30' to stay in national parks? All that and more on this week's RV Miles!


54. Quad Cities and Kids in Parks

On this RV Miles, we journey to the Quad Cities, right off I-80 on the Illinois/Iowa border for fun, history, and pizza! Plus, we have a follow up on our hiking with kids episode, and a whole lot of news! Show notes: http://rvmiles.com/episode-54-quad-cities-and-kids-in-parks/


53. Roadschooling 101

Roadschooling — or homeschooling on the road — is how we educate our three boys, and on this episode of RV Miles, we dive into how it works and the ups and downs of this lifestyle. We give you the ins and outs of curriculum-based schooling, unschooling, and everything in between, and then we take you through how roadschooling works in our family. Plus, we have some news, a new brain teaser, and more!


52. Hiking With Kids and RV Batteries

On this episode, we talk about everything you need to know about running your RV off your batteries. Don't know the difference between lead acid, lithium ion, and AGM? We've got you covered. Plus, we'll help you keep your batteries lasting as long as possible. Then Abby has some tips for taking your kids on hikes. We've got some big news items, a gear recommendation, and a whole lot more! Show notes are available at rvmiles.com/podcast.


51. Setting up the Campsite

On today's RV Miles, we cover the ins and outs of setting up the campsite with your RV. Everything from arrival to cracking open the first tasty beverage! Use our checklist to make sure you get set up quickly and have more time to relax and enjoy the scenery.


50. Small Towns and Campground Reviews

On this week's RV Miles, our tips for finding campground and RV park reviews, some great small-town America destinations, a gear review, news, and so much more! Resources: LocalFit - New gym membership for Travelers. Access to 6000 health clubs nationwide for $10 a month. Half off for pre-enrolls ($5 a month if you pay for 12 months. https://localfitusa.com/ America's National Parks Podcast - Unleashing a Tamed River, the removal of the dams on the Elwha River in Olympic National Park....


49. Avoiding Crowds at National Parks

On this week's RV miles, we discuss getting the most out of a National Park visit. How you can beat the system to avoid the crowds and have wilderness experiences all to yourself! Plus a new brain teaser, a new "app of the week" and so much more!


48. Beating the Heat in an RV and All Things S'Mores

On this RV Miles, we give you our best tips for staying cool in an RV, whether you're at a place you can use your air conditioner or are out boondocking. Then, we'll run down some wild new s'mores creations you can try the next time you're around the fire pit. Plus news, a new brain teaser, and the app of the week. Show notes and more info at www.rvmiles.com.


47. RV Driving Tips

On this week's RV Miles, we're talking tips and tricks for new RV drivers. How to get out there and drive that new rig safely! It's not as intimidation as it can seem. Plus, we have news about how you can win a new RV, and a great GPS app you should check out. Sponsor: Boondockers Welcome Get 10% of a Boondockers Welcome membership with code RVMILES at boondockerswelcome.com, and visit thousands of free overnight parking spots provided by RVers just like you. Sponsor: RV Health Get one...


46. The Federal Parks Episode

On this week's RV Miles podcast, the ins and outs of federal campgrounds. We're talking National Parks, Forest Preserve, BLM, Army Corps of Engineers, and more. How to book, what to expect, and all the tips and tricks you need to know! Resources: Binder with centuries-old family documents found in Keys RV park: https://wsvn.com/news/local/binder-with-centuries-old-family-documents-found-in-keys-rv-park/ FMCA's "Wanted in Wyoming" Expo is coming up:...


45. Get Your Kicks on Route 66

On today's RV Miles, tips an tricks for an RV road trip down the classic Chicago-to-LA Route 66. Then we'll cover some great things to do in the surprisingly hip town of Oklahoma City. Plus plenty of big RV industry news, a new brain teaser, and more! Show notes at www.rvmiles.com.


44. Tales from the Road: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

On this week's RV Miles, we're taking some time to check in on some of our best and worst experiences in our nearly two years on the road. We also have some news about summer RV travel stats, and a story about a small trailer manufacturer's battle against the giant Airstream brand. Sponsor: Boondockers Welcome Get 10% of a Boondockers Welcome membership with code RVMILES at boondockerswelcome.com, and visit thousands of free overnight parking spots provided by RVers just like...