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Blood Clots and RV Travel: The Most Dangerous Risk You Never Knew Existed

Blood clots and RV Travel pose a serious risk to RVers, and yet few are even aware of this hidden danger. When sitting in a truck or RV for extended periods, such as on long drives, blood flow can slow down and cause blood clots to form. These clots can break off and travel to the lungs, causing a potentially fatal condition called pulmonary embolism. That's just what happened to the husband of Betsy Johnson. We interview Betsy in Episode 439 of the RV Podcast.


RV Podcast: Selling an RV DIY

Planning on selling an RV? This week in Episode 438 of the RV Podcast, Jennifer and Mike share their tips on how to maximize your profits when selling an RV.


Secrets of an RV Inspector… Shocking!

So you think a new RV is without problems? We will destroy that notion after you hear the secrets of an RV Inspector in Episode 437 of the RV Podcast about how many problems are found in RVs right after they roll off the assembly line. It's shocking, really. Our guest this week, RV Inspector Brenda Puckett, says shoddy manufacturing and quality control failures are commonplace among new RVs. She shares real-life issues uncovered in the inspection process that every RV owner needs to know...


From Sore Backs to Sweet Dreams: How to Replace Your RV Mattress

Are you tired of tossing and turning on that old, uncomfortable RV mattress? Do you dread spending another night on it during your travels? Well, fear not! In Episode 436 of the RV Podcast, we'll share how to replace your RV mattress and get the best sleep of your life on the road. We just did that ourselves and in researching RV mattress replacement, we learned a lot.


New Trend: From Campgrounds to RV Communities

There's a new trend that sees campgrounds becoming full-fledged RV communities with lots of amenities, activities, and year-long stays. We're not talking trailer parks like past generations but real communities catering to the needs of today's RVers. We dig into this in Episode 435 of the RV Podcast, interviewing the owner of just such a community in north central Florida, where this trend has particularly been building for several years now. Also in this episode, RV News, Tips and your...


From Solo Travel to Soul Mates: An RV Love Story

We have a great RV Love Story to share in Episode 434 of the RV Podcast about a couple of senior snowbirds, both widowed, who went from solo travelers to soul mates. Plus we have lots of RV News, travel planning tips and RV Lifestyle questions. For the video version, click the player below to watch. For an audio version, it's available on iTunes and all the podcast apps or through the audio player below. An RV Love Story - Amy and Thomas Amy and Thomas Thomas is a widower who lost his wife...


RV Travel with a Purpose: Habitat for Humanity’s Care-A-Vanners

If you are looking for RV Travel with a Purpose, the Care-A-Vanners program for RVers from Habitat for Humanity offers one of the most personally satisfying aspects of the RV Lifestyle that you will find anywhere. In Episode 433 of the RV Podcast, we learn all about this volunteer program that invites anyone who travels by RV to make helping others part of their journey or even their destination. Also in this episode, news of an awesome new giveaway for dog-lovers, the RV News of the Week, a...


Don’t Drink Dirty Campground Water – How to choose an RV water filter system

The problem of dirty campground water is growing as so many campgrounds, state and local parks, and long-established RV resorts grow older. With so many campgrounds relying on aging wells and plumbing systems, it's more important than ever that campers filter the water they bring into their RVs.


How to Find and Buy RV Property

Over the past year or so, the RV community has become very interested in how to find and buy RV property. While the buying part is pretty straightforward, the finding part is where the big challenges lie. In Episode 431 of the RV Podcast, we talk with a representative of the company behind one of the most successful and popular RV property developments anywhere in the country- the Woodlands at Buffalo River near the Mid-Tennessee town of Linden.


RV living on a budget: Insider tips from top influencers

RVing can be expensive. So we asked a bunch of RV influencers to share tips on RV Living on a Budget. We also added 10 pro tips of our own, based on 11 years of RV Life. We can't make inflation go away. But we can promise that if you follow the advice in Episode 430 of the Podcast, you will save money.


Telemedicine Health Care for the RV Lifestyle

New technology advances have made telemedicine health care for the RV Lifestyle a great way to find peace of mind when far from your normal health care providers. In Episode 428 of the RV Podcast, we explore a set of professional medical devices that, through the Internet, allow your regular healthcare professionals back home to do a remote physical exam on you just as if you were in the office.


Christmas in an RV

A lot of people are spending Christmas in an RV, either moochdocking with friends and family or hunkered down in a campground or Snowbird resort in a warm climate. Ever wondered what it's like and what they do? That's what we talk about in Episode 427 of the RV Podcast, sharing suggested activities, tours and ways your RV can contribute to the Holiday fun, even if you are not camping. Plus, of course, we have the RV News of the Week and your questions about the RV Lifestyle.


How to Be a Camp Host: Super Helpful Advice

If you've ever wondered how to be a camp host, you've come to the right place. We're going to tell you how to find camp host jobs, how and when to apply, and what makes the job so rewarding. In Episode 426 of the RV Podcast, we talk to Erik and Jeanne Anderson, full-time RVers who are about to spend six months as camp hosts on the east coast. Erik and Jeanne - and Hershey pup, their charming little Cavalier King Charles spaniel - have visited all 48 states in their RV and share with us the...


RV Travel Difficulties Predicted for 2023

Big RV Travel Difficulties are being predicted for 2023 by real RVers, with many saying they will either sharply curtail their travels or stop entirely. That's this week's main topic in Episode 425 of the RV Podcast, based on a question we posed on our RV Lifestyle Facebook Page that garnered over 500 answers in less than 24 hours.


13 Pro Tips for Attending an RV Show

We've lost count of how many RV shows we've attended. So, here are our expert tips for attending an RV show, whether this is your first RV show or your hundredth. There's a great deal you can do to prepare for an RV show before you arrive and before every day you attend. The following RV show tips will help whether you're attending large RV shows known nationwide or local shows nearby. It doesn't matter the size of the show or your purpose of visiting, they will help you have the best visit...


Owning RV Land – Our One-Year Anniversary

It’s our first anniversary of owning RV Land in Tennessee and we are amazed at the progress we’ve made in developing it. We’re also pleasantly surprised by how much we’ve come to love the land and the Mid-Tennessee community of Linden. Our five acres are in a development called The Woodlands of Buffalo River just outside Linden and not far from the beautiful and wild Buffalo River. So in Episode 424 of the RV Podcast, we thought it would be fun and informative to give you an overview on what...


RV Travel Goals: Visiting Cities with Songs

Many set RV travel goals like visiting all the National Parks or driving to Alaska. Others collect things to hold onto their memories, like a magnet, pins, or maps. But a music-loving RV couple from New York has a whole new way of making memories. Jill and Karl Marsh plan to visit as many cities/locations as they can that have a song written about it. Not only that, they plan to video themselves there, singing the song. The Marsh's are our guests on Episode 423 of the RV Podcast.


Meet the 100 Year Old RVer

We just met a 100 year old RVer who is still going strong. And he has a lot of wisdom about travel and adventure to share. He is James Ziegler, and he is - as you read this - 100 years and five weeks old. We caught up with him at his favorite campground in California and so enjoyed our conversation that we made him the Interview of the Week on Episode 422 of the RV Podcast.


RV Tires: What you need to know

RV Tires are perhaps the most essential but overlooked parts of an RV. Failure to pay attention to the care and maintenance of your RV tires is a significant safety risk, and today we share the basics that every RVer needs to know. This week on Episode 421 of the RV Podcast, we talk to Certified RV Tech and RV Industry Consultant Chris Daugherty. Chris Dougherty is the former technical editor of MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines, RV Enthusiast magazine, and RVTravel.com, an RVDA/RVIA/RVTI...


RV Land for Sale Out West – In Arizona

We've had lots of people ask if we know of any RV Land for Sale out West and we can now say we do - in Arizona at a new development called Greenwood Ranches. We've been covering RV land ownership for some time now but most of the places we have found are east of the Mississippi. Large, multi-acre parcels aimed at Rvers are hard to find. Especially out west. So when we heard about this one, we decided to devote a podcast to it. Located in an elevated valley not far from Kingman, AZ, and the...