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2023 Elkhart RV Dealer Open House

This is the week for the annual Elkhart RV Dealer Open House, the annual wining and dining soiree the RV industry puts on every year to introduce their new models to the RV dealers across North America. That's where we come to you for Episode 466 of the RV Podcast, which features an in-depth interview with Jeff Runels, the President and CEO of Keystone RV, North America's largest manufacturer of towable recreation vehicles. Plus our Social Media Buzz, and the RV News of the week, and answering your RV Lifestyle questions.


Avoid a cheap RV: Choose inexpensive and affordable instead

There's a difference between a cheap RV and an inexpensive and affordable RV. We'll help you know the difference and find the best deal with some solid advice. That's one of the big RV questions we tackle this week in Episode 465 of the RV Podcast.


Why You Should Attend an RV Rally

Have you attended an RV Rally? An RV rally is one of the best ways to come to understand your RV better, learn how to set up and take down camp more efficiently, and to make lifelong friends who will always bring a smile to your camping travels. ​That's what we talk about this week in Episode 464 of the RV Podcast, recorded live at the Montana Owners Club National Rally in Goshen, IN. Attended by owners of the luxury Montana brand of fifth wheels, this 8-day-long event brought more than 400 campers to the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds for seminars, socializing and sight-seeing. Plus our Social Media News, RV News of the Week, Answers to your questions, and more...


7 Reasons Why You Need to Do a Fall Camping Trip

With cooler temperatures and fewer people, a fall camping trip should be at the top of every RVer's bucket list before the camping season comes to an end. That's what we talk about this week on Episode 463 of the RV Podcast, along with: Should you use cruise control when towing an RV? A woman in Georgia dropped off her RV for repair. When she picked it up she found it trashed because squatters had been living in it. If you are in elk country, give them a wide berth It’s mating season and they can become extremely aggressive. All this plus the RV News of the Week and your questions coming up in Episode #463 of the RV Podcast


Choosing the Best RV Internet for You

This week we offer a detailed guide to choosing the best RV Internet for you. For RVers, there is no one solution for everyone. And this week, we detail all the options available. Our guests are Chris and Cherie from the Mobile Internet Resource Center. Last week, they shared the pros and cons of using Starlink in your RV. We continue the discussion this week in Episode 462 with a breakdown of all the other options, from cellular to Wi-Fi. Also in this episode: What it’s like when a Tornado touches down right next to your campsite The Best State Parks in Every State The RV News of the Week and your questions You can even watch the video version from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel right on this post.


The Pros and Cons of Starlink for RV Travelers

Starlink for RV use has become a major source of Internet connectivity. But as good as the system is, there are pros and cons to consider before RVers should totally rely on it.


From S’mores to Scorching Flames: How Careless Campfires Spark Wildfires!

It's been another devasting year for North American forests, with careless campfires too often being the cause of uncontrolled wildfires. What's the best way to have a campfire in the woods? That's what we talk about in our RV Podcast interview of the week with a spokesperson for the intra-agency task force charged with fighting the catastrophic wildfires that have been so much in the news these days. Also on the podcast: A terrible highway tragedy killed five people when a tire blew on their RV on I-91 in Pennsylvania, causing it to veer into an oncoming semi. Expert tips on keeping your RV roof in good shape Plus the RV news of the week, travel tips and your RV questions…all coming up on Episode 460 of the RV Podcast.


RV Trip Planning Tips from the Pros

We have some awesome RV Trip Planning Tips and travel advice from some real pros to share in this episode of the RV Podcast. We just spent a week camping with almost two dozen Ambassadors from Keystone RV. Collectively, their wisdom and expertise is like a college education in the RV Lifestyle that you will not want to miss. Also in this Episode: There’s a new land development in Tennessee for RVers The most dangerous National Parks Hot weather camping tips RV industry news, camping meal planning and much more coming up on Episode 459 of the RV Podcast


Industry Downturn! RV Sales Have Slumped

The RV Sales numbers coming out of Elkhart are dismal this summer, with some dealers even using the R-word to describe the seriousness of the problem - R as in Recession! We'll talk about that and much more in this Episode 458 of the RV Podcast, including: * Part 2 of our RV Towing Interview: How to tow a car behind your RV * The difference between an RV converter and an inverter * RV travel tips * Your RV questions * The RV App of the week * And a delicious campfire treat


The RV Towing Basics You MUST Get Right

One of the most daunting parts of camping has to do with RV Towing. Not just how to tow but how to make sure your tow vehicle is up to the task and then how to tow safely and correctly is what we explore in this week's podcast interview -- RV Towing Basics: Expert Advice on doing it right PLUS... RV Social Media Buzz: How to decorate the OUTSIDE of your RV RV News: Bison and bear attacks and more hikers have died from excessive heat And your RV questions, tips and much more coming up in Episode 357 of the RV Podcast!


No Water, No Odor, No Problem: The no-mess dry flush RV Toilet!

No one likes emptying their RV toilet. Dealing with black tank odors and regulating the water used for flushing is a pain. But the future of RV toilets is now here. This week on Episode 456 of the RV Podcast we tall you one of the RV Community's Best-Kept Secret: The electric Laveo Toilet. Also in this episode: Expert advice on how to safely unhook, refill and reattach your RV’s propane tanks. The hottest social media buzz about the RV lifestyle And the RV News of the week, your questions, a fabulous camping food recipe and much, much more


Yellowstone Tourons: The Shocking and Outrageous Behavior of Park Visitors Revealed!

They're called Yellowstone Tourons - selfish, irresponsible "tourist morons" whose disdain of the Yellowstone National Park rules puts themselves and wildlife at risk. Their outrageous behavior makes the news almost weekly. And this week on Episode 455 of the RV Podcast, we talk to a ranger at Yellowstone National Park about a rash of these “Touron” incidents - and what responsible visitors can do to help park rangers deal with the problems. Plus… expert tips on maintaining the critical safety detectors on your RV Welcome news of lower gas prices in the near future Reports on too close encounters with bears And RV News, travel information, and your RV Lifestyle questions. You can watch the video version from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel by clicking the player below. If you prefer an audio-only podcast, you can hear us through your favorite podcast app or listen now through the player below. SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ - Wendy Bowyer Wendy Bowyer reports on the hot issues most talked about this past week on our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group: One post that really caught people's attention last week was from John. John took a picture of his awning that hadn't been cleaned in five years. As you can imagine, it was pretty stained and dirty. John bought a Magic Eraser mop and cleaned a section of it and showed everyone the before and after. People loved it! Some asked specific questions about the Magic Eraser mop. Others shared what they use to successfully clean their awnings. Some use a product called Awesome, sold at dollar stores, and others use a homemade combo with Dawn dish soap, a dash of bleach, and water. Others said to prevent the mold in the first place, always make sure your awning is dry before storage. Lots of helpful tips in that post, with hundreds and hundreds of shares and comments. Angie had quite the scare last week. The very second she stepped outside her camper last week, what did she see but a BLACK BEAR! She said the bear came up from the side of her RV, completely freaked her out, and she ran right back in. Can you imagine? She was camping in Helen, Georgia, and her post led to a big long conversation of what others would do if they came face to face with a black bear. And do you know, quite a few RV Lifestyle Facebook members have! Rhonda said one time she was camping at Glacier National Park, came out of the camper, turned, and there, under the slide out, was a black bear just 6 feet away! She said she gasped so loudly she scared the poor thing. The bear actually jumped, its eyes grew big and it ran away! Josh said he had a black bear walk up to him in the Smokies two years ago. He said it was amazing how something so big could be so quiet. The encounter was the scariest experience of his life. Then, I'll leave you with a picture and a"public service announcement". Teresa snatched a picture of her dog, a Blue Heeler, poking his head through the window of her rig and wrote: "Public Service Announcement: Fifth Wheel screens are not Blue Heeler proof." The picture was adorable and many said their dogs poke their heads through the screens of their campers, too. Who knew?? Many shared pictures - which were fun to see! RV RECIPE OF THE WEEK - Jerrica Mah Time now for the RV Recipe of the Week, brought to you by CampingFoodRecipes.com Here's the editor of CampingFoodRecipes.com, outdoor enthusiast and lifelong foodie enthusiast Jerrica Mah: Campfire Nachos Recipe Hey Camping Foodies, Jerrica here with CampingFoodRecipes.com, and this week I have a crowd pleaser for you. The recipe of the week is Campfire Nachos, and if you've ever had them before, you know they disappear quickly around the campfire. They're really fun to make. You can toss in any ingredients you want with the chips and cheese, cook them over the campfire, and then we all dig in straight from the skillet.


Mysteries in the Wild: Hunting Down Missing Hikers in National Parks

In Episode 454 of the RV Podcast this week, we discuss finding missing hikers in National Parks. You’ll be surprised at how many there are. Other topics this week include: A mystery gas sickens campers in a Colorado campground Expert tips on how to properly take care of your RV awning An ingenious and simple hack on how to easily make an RV bed And the dismal stats that show RV shipments to dealers are down almost 50% so far this year, leading some manufacturers to be on extended shutdowns. You can watch the video version from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel by going right to our post.


Is a Guided RV Tour Right for YOU?

If you like cruises and all-inclusive travel, a guided RV tour sure makes sense. Except instead of ships, you're cruising in an RV "land yacht" with all your camping, excursion, and most of your meal costs covered at no additional costs. In Episode 453 RV Podcast this week we talk about Guided RV Tours and find out if they are right for you. Other topics this week include: - Should eBikes be allowed in National Parks? - A great make-ahead camping food recipe to save you time - and expert tips on keeping your RV Plumbing System working properly


Community Connection: How Shared RV knowledge can enhance your RV Lifestyle

By tapping into the shared RV knowledge of fellow RVers and leveraging the collective wisdom of the RV Lifestyle Facebook Group, you can solve maintenance problems, make new friends, and even plan trips. In Episode 552 of the RV Podcast, we explore how shared RV knowledge can empower and enrich your RV journey, enabling you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Also this week we discuss: Troubleshooting your TV’s Coach Batteries A great pancake recipe perfect for camping mornings A great app to locate essential services near you The RV News of the Week, and When it makes sense to downsize your RV


Escape the Ordinary: Unveiling the New Harvest Hosts Programs

A series of new Harvest Hosts programs is making it super easy for RVers to find overnight campspots – even in sold-out campgrounds. In Episode 451 of the RV Podcast, Harvest Hosts CEO Joel Holland details the new offerings as he shares the many ways his company is helping RVers find unique places to camp and explore. Also this week we have: RV News of dangerous wildlife encounters Social Media feedback on RV campground etiquette A guide to proper use of your RV air conditioner And the best way to attach photos to the walls of your RV


Camping on Private and Public Land with Hipcamp

If you want to find great camping on private and public land, then the one tool that you will want to use is a popular app called Hipcamp. In Episode 450 of the RV Podcast we talk with the founder and CEO about how it works. Also in this episode: Our Fall Gathering has been announced – a Music City Meetup in Nashville, TN Oct. 2-5 The best and most friendly campgrounds as judged by our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group members A story on how “Tourons” – tourist idiots – have been causing problems again at Yellowstone And RV recipes, Tips, helpful ways to organize and RV and some solid expert advice on the best speed and distance to travel when RVing


Don’t get burned with an RV extended warranty!

No one likes to pay for RV repairs. That's where an RV extended warranty can save a lot of headaches. But signing up for one at the dealership at the time of the purchase is seldom a wise decision. This week in Episode 449 of the RV Podcast, we dig into the intricacies of an RV extended warranty and how to get the best deal. Also this week: There's a lot of RV social media buzz about very expensive road tolls out East Expert advice on how to prep your RV for sale to get the best price Why campfire hot dogs need sauerkraut! How to instantly identify any plant, bush or tree RV news, tips and inside information to make your next road trip a success


Can you REALLY use AI to plan a camping trip?

This week in Episode 448 of the RV podcast, we find out of you can really use AI to plan a camping trip, interviewing the CEO of a new RV travel planning app that relies almost entirely on AI. Plus, we have lots RV News, RV tips, social media tidbits and answers to audience questions about the RV Lifestyle.


How NOT to lose your pet on a camping trip

One of the worst things that can happen is to lose your pet on a camping trip. It happens all the time. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent them from running away. In this week's episode, we feature an interview with a real-life pet detective who offers expert advice and tells us what to do if our dog runs away on a camping trip.