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Station 71: A Walt Disney World Podcast


Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!

Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!


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Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!




Walt Disney World Ranked Tier Lists

Mario, Beth, and Brian go park by park to rank attractions and argue about which tier they should be in.


Disney What Ifs...

The hosts take some time to ponder what would have happened in an alternate universe version of Disney. What if Disney had gotten the rights to Harry Potter? What if Disney's America was built? Tune in to find out our thoughts!


DisPort LIVE at Phoenix Fan Fusion!

The hosts of Station 71 and The Hyperion Review teamed up to participate in a panel at Phoenix Fan Fusion on May 27th to discuss the age-old question, "Which is better: Disneyland or Disney World?" This premiered exclusively on the immediately after the panel was over, so make sure you sign up and don't miss out in the future!


Disney World Date Night with John from THR

Mario and Brian are joined by a friend of the show, John from The Hyperion Review, as they plan out a date night for John and his wife during their anniversary Disney trip!


The Lore of Pandora: The World of Avatar

Mario details his research on the Avatar franchise and its relation to Animal Kingdom's land of Pandora. Join us for this deep dive...that maybe goes a little too deep. For an especially crazy extension, check out our Patreon post-show!


Plus-Up Disney Springs

Disney Springs can be a fun, but we think it could use some improvements. Join in as we toss around some ideas on how Disney Springs could be better!


Down the ClickHole: Reacting to Disney Satire

In honor of April Fool's Day, the Station 71 hosts react to some satirical and otherwise humorous posts related to Disney. Warning, this episode may not be suitable for little mouse ears!


Disney on Broadway

Mario and Beth are joined by John, Dani, and Frankie from The Hyperion Review to delve into the history of Disney on Broadway.


Disney Conspiracy Theories

This week, we put on our tinfoil Mickey hats and discuss a few Disney conspiracy theories, both well-known and homegrown. Were Lilo and Nani's parents from Lilo & Stitch in the CIA? Is Aladdin actually set in a post-apocalyptic world? Tune in to hear our thoughts and much, much more!


Disney World Eras Defined

Listener Mel suggested the hosts discuss eras of Disney World's parks in a fashion similar to the eras of Disney animation with which most fans are familiar. Tune in to see how we divvied up 50 years of Walt Disney World!


The Bare Necessities: Condensing ALL Disney Parks Into One

The hosts take on a topic from listener Matt and imagine Disney is consolidating all of its parks worldwide into one park. Tune in for the attractions, restaurants, and other elements that we would save to make our one final Disney park!


Expedition Everest: A History

Station 71's resident historian, Brian, takes us through the backstory of Expedition Everest and the history of the much-discussed Disco Yeti.


Interactive Experiences of Walt Disney World

Through the years, Walt Disney World has incorporated many different interactive experiences. Mario takes listeners on a journey through some of the most memorable ones of past and present.


Design a Christmas Overlay

The hosts of Station 71 think that Disney World could be doing a little more to celebrate and decorate for the holidays, so they do some armchair Imagineering in this episode to figure out some Christmas attraction overlays and brainstorm other ideas to make the WDW parks a little more festive during the holiday season.


Bad Advice: What Not to Do at WDW

There are lots of "tips" that you hear through the years as a Walt Disney World fan, but not all of them are actually good advice. The hosts delve into these frequently heard tidbits and explain why they think otherwise.


Weird and Wonderful Publicity Stunts

Walt Disney World has had many promotions and publicity stunts throughout the years, so we decided to take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful of them all!


Disney+ Day Thoughts

The hosts go over the announcements made in honor of Disney+ Day 2021 and give their thoughts, with a special appearance from our good friend Dani!


The State of the Studios: A Hollywood Studios Redesign

In its current state, Disney's Hollywood Studios is a park that doesn't have a totally cohesive theme. Mario, Beth, and Brian do some armchair imagineering to see if they can blue-sky redesign the Studios to make it a better park.


Kirsten’s Most Magical Celebration (Trip Report)

Kirsten details her experience being at Magic Kingdom on the day of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary and gives us a trip report of her entire stay!


The Disney Draft: The Perfect Meal Day

As suggested by listeners Al and Will, the hosts do a snake draft and try to craft the perfect meal day...with some tricky stipulations!