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Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!

Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!


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Bringing you the magic of Walt Disney World wherever you may be! Join your hosts Mario, Beth, Brian, and Kirsten as they discuss Disney news, rumors, history, and more!




Holiday Traditions Around the World (Showcase) - Part Two

In part two of our holiday special, the Station 71 hosts reveal what they learned about the holiday traditions in Japan, China, France, the UK, and Canada, including a few interesting New Year's customs!


Holiday Traditions Around the World (Showcase) - Part One

In this two-part episode, the hosts take a moment to research the holiday traditions in the countries of World Showcase at Epcot (starting with Mexico, Norway, Morocco, Germany, and Italy) and learn how they differ from ours here in the United States.


Beth's Trip Report (Dec. 2020) + News Roundup

Beth gives the details of her recent holiday trip to the parks and the hosts dive into some HUGE news releases, including the Disney Investors Call announcements.


Imagineer Spotlight: Bob Gurr

Brian gives one of his famous history lessons, this time on legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr. Listen in to learn how Bob's expertise shaped many iconic attractions, and not just at Disney!


Rumor Roundup

The hosts roll through the Disney rumor mill and discuss which rumors have been debunked and which are yet to be seen, then debate what they think the outcome will be.


The Future of Disney Entertainment

After discussing Cast Member layoffs, the hosts think about the future of entertainment in Disney Parks and what they think will and won't return once the COVID pandemic subsides.


Cast Member Layoffs

Our hearts go out to the 28,000+ Cast Members who were recently laid off by Disney. The Station 71 hosts discuss these layoffs and how they feel about Disney's decision.


Step on Up, Folks!: A Station 71 Game Night (Part Two)

In part two of their annual game night, the Station 71 hosts are joined by previous guest host, Allie and Patron Matt with a special appearance by The Hyperion Review, hoping for vengeance after a loss on their Family Feud episode. Tune in to find out who wins! Check out our website ( for links to all our guests' projects!


Step on Up, Folks!: A Station 71 Game Night (Part One)

Featuring many distinguished guests and Patrons, Station 71 presents its annual game night in a two-part episode. Listen in to play along as we welcome two Patrons, Chris and David, as our guest hosts to duke it out with us through a couple of our Disney-themed game segments!


Leftovers: Remnants of Extinct Attractions

There are so many Easter eggs across the Walt Disney World parks that pay respects to extinct attractions, so the hosts of Station 71 decided to dive in and discuss their favorites. Tune in to hear where you can find the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues, Mr. Toad handing over the deed to his old attraction, and many more!


"Dude, This Place Sucks": Disney World Yelp Reviews

After having a bunch of fun back in 2018 reading awful Disney World Yelp reviews, the hosts decided to catch up on the last two years of reviews to bring you some of the funniest we could find.


The Original Imagineer: A Biography of Walt Disney (Part Six - FINAL)

In the long-awaited finale, Brian wraps up the biography of Walt Disney leading into the creation of Walt Disney World and discussing the legacy Walt left behind. End music courtesy of , available for purchase on , and .


Beth's COVID-19 Trip Report (August 2020)

Beth details the ins and outs of her recent trip amidst a global pandemic, including Walt Disney World's updated protocols, insider tips, and her overall thoughts on whether or not she would recommend a visit right now.


What We Wish We Got To Experience at Disney

Walt Disney once said, "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world." We can assume he would feel the same for Walt Disney World, and over the years, the theme parks have seen many, many changes to uphold this ideology. That also means some offerings will come and go before everyone has a chance to experience them. In this week's episode, the hosts discuss what they wish they could have experienced, but weren't able to. What...


Failed Disney Concepts: Attractions That Flopped

Disney is known for their ability to create magic, but any major innovator is bound to have a few flops. In this episode, we talk about attractions that fell flat in the eyes of many Disney World guests and how they could have been fixed.


Blue Sky USA: Reimagining Disney World's America

At Walt Disney World, the representation of the USA as a nation is limited to a historic view of colonial America. The Station 71 hosts decided to do some Blue Sky Imagineering to redesign Epcot's American Adventure Pavilion and Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square to give them more interesting theming. Do you like our ideas? How would you change these two American-themed areas?


Taking on the Disney College Program

Although the Disney College Program (DCP) may be temporarily suspended, we wanted to share with our listeners what the program entails and what future applicants can expect when the program does return. Featuring special guest, Allie, who was Kirsten's roommate during their DCP adventure, tune in to hear details on the application process, housing, perks, and more!


Superlatives: Sounds and Pools and Costumes...Oh, My!

What are your favorite sounds in Walt Disney World? What are the best pools? Worst Cast Member costumes? Find out all these and more in this fun episode full of superlatives!


Three-Year Anniversary Celebration!

We celebrated three years of Station 71: A Walt Disney World Podcast by livestreaming on YouTube, chatting with listeners and playing some trivia! Thanks to everyone who joined us to bring in our third year and congrats again to all our trivia winners!


Trailer: The Hyperion Review - Family Feud: Featuring "Station 71: A Walt Disney World Podcast”

On this special episode of The Hyperion Review, John & Steve are joined by friends and family as well as Mario, Beth and Brian from the "Station 71 Podcast." We had a ton of fun getting together with them, and playing some good old fashioned "Family Feud." We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it!