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Ghost Cows, Gourmets and Pirates Haunt Here [Episode 26]

Key Links: Visit Lake Charles Lost Lake Charles _______ In this episode we chat with Adley Cormier, a Lake Charles native and historian. Adley shares some of the more colorful history, and legends that abound in Southwest Louisiania. Through him we meet some illustrious guests including coin rollers, cigar smokers, murderous females and even some baleful ghost cows. We also discuss Lake Charles’ pirates and slaves and why for a time, this area was a “no man’s land” that offered refuge to...


Truth or Dare [Episode 25]

This week we welcome back “Brian the Skeptic” to discuss our top 10 Supernatural Travel woo wanderer experiences. And we also discuss that time he ran into the Queen of England, by accident. Would you dare to stay at a haunted hotel? Get your palm read? Fall asleep in the middle of a group past life regression experience? Here’s the truth about some of the wackier experiences we’ve had, and a few dares we have yet to take. For more details:...


Mr DeSantis [Episode 24]

Key Links: Sandy O BrienFort Mifflin This week we are visiting with creative tour de force, Sandy O Brien. Sandy is a healer, an artist and an empath extraordinaire. In this episode we discuss her childhood experiences with a ghost in philly, her visits with a ghostbusting relative to Fort Mifflin, and the strange things that she experienced while working aboard the Queen Many. Some conversations are a journey, and a treat. For more details:...


They Weren’t Kidding When They Called This The Bone Church [Episode 23]

Key Links: Mike’s Road TripVisit Kutna HoraSedlec Cathedral Sedlec Ossuary This week, we’re visiting the Bone Church, AKA Sedlec Ossuary. This is a very unusual church, located just outside the Czech town of Kutna Hora. The Bone Church is the final resting place for the remains of somewhere between 40,000 to 70,000 individuals. What makes this cemetery/church so unusual is the macabre decor. A little over a hundred years ago, a decision was made to do something with all the bones that had...


Travel Bloggers Get Spooked [Episode 22]

Key Links: Bell Witch Cave via A Southern GypsyYork Minster via Greedy GourmetEat Pray Love Palm Reading via Temples and TreehousesKey West Ghost Tour via Round the World GuysGreyfriars Kirkyard via Wanderlust and LifeSupernatural Travel Tales Facebook Live at Greyfriars If you want the scoop on haunted places to visit - ask a travel blogger. In this episode I’m joined by my more skeptical husband as we review some woo travel stories from around the world. We’re tackling some big...


Ask The Bartender About The Ghosts at The Mission Inn [Episode 21]

Key Links The Mission Inn RiversideThe Food Lab RiversideKadi BakerMary Kings CloseGreyfriars Cemetery Damnation Alley From Scotland to So Cal, we’re talking about haunted historic destinations today. As a historic, luxury hotel, the Mission Inn has won all kinds of awards. But what makes the Mission Inn so magical is that the founder, Frank Miller, was an avid world traveler. Frank collected the essences of iconic European destinations. He came back from Europe with a head full of dreams,...


Boondoggles, Quicksand and an Abandoned Motel - Kooky, Spooky San Bernadino County Haunts [Episode 20]

Key Links San Bernadino CountyRoy’s DinerAmboy Crater CalicoBracken Fern ManorJoshua Tree National Park ---- San Bernadino County is huge. It stretches from the mountains of Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear to the deserts of Joshua Tree and the Mojave all the way to the Colorado River and the Nevada/Arizona borders. It’s not only the largest county in California, it is the largest county in the entire country. In this episode we travel from the mountains to the desert, tracing the steps of...


Paranormal Lockdowns & Ghostbusting in So. Cal [Episode 19]

Key Links: OC Ghosts and LegendsThe Bracken Fern ManorThe Queen Mary ----- You might be surprised to learn that Southern California is teeming with paranormal activity. The Queen Mary docked in Long Beach is known for hosting many, many ghosts, and the cities of San Juan Capistrano and Orange have legendary ghosts in residence as well. But that’s just for starters. OC Ghosts and Legends brings in their team of experts to investigate paranormal occurrences all over Orange County and...


Magical Mystical Ireland: Thin Places & Haunted Castles [Episode 18]

Ireland is a popular destination for American tourists looking to explore their own history and heritage. One trip is never enough though! It’s hard to even scratch the surface with a single trip to Ireland, particularly if magic and history are topics you are interested in. Repeat visits are encouraged. Today’s guest Jody Halsted has been traveling across Ireland for over a decade with her own family, discovering the most family friendly sites and activities on the tourist trail and off....


Haunted Hollywood [Episode 17]

Key Links: The Hollywood MuseumLive the Sweet Life ----- When Sugar signed up to take a tour of the Hollywood Museum on Mother’s day, she never imagined that this would lead to an encounter with Mommy Dearest. Things started going wrong the minute they entered the “blondes only” room in the museum which used to be Max Factor’s digs. And they only got worse when they got to the brunette’s room. In this episode Sugar recounts this haunted Hollywood encounter and we go on to discuss how...


What Color is Your Aura On Vacation? [Episode 16]

Radiant Human In this episode we chat with Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human about her art. Christina has imaged the auras of over 30,000 people, in a traveling exhibit that illuminates a more metaphysical approach to portraiture. From her website: Radiant Human is the portrait practice of Portland-based visual artist Christina Lonsdale. The prodigal daughter of an energy painter mother and a two-time commune founding father, Lonsdale was raised on mysticism at the dawn of the digital...


Jerusalem Syndrome [Episode 15]

Key Links iTravelJerusalemBlue Thread Marketing ---------- Today I chat with Mordecai Holtz, New Media Director at iTravel Jerusalem the official tourism site of the city. He’s also Chief Digital strategist at Blue Thread Marketing. Jerusalem is a magical mystical and miracle filled place for millions of people, all over the world. Multiple religions are rooted in this land, which has led to conflict. Where there is passion, there is often conflict. And yet, contrary to this, many people...


Queen Mary Ghost Gets Shoreleave When It Follows Guests Home [Episode 14]

Key Links: Buzzfeed Night On the Queen MaryDark Harbor Event Aboard the Queen MaryQueen Mary History Most Haunted Room for Rent Aboard Queen Mary ------------------ Sheri Jackson was the only one in her party that decided to stay up late and do the in depth tour of the Queen Mary. The tour lasted till 2 or 3 am and took participants deep into the bowels of the ship. There they would spend time in one of the most haunted areas of the ship. The swimming pool and the changing rooms are...


Angels and Diners in Midtown Manhattan [Episode 13]

Sometimes spirits brush up against us in the most unexpected ways and places. Is it an angel? A spirit? Or just a strange and inexplicable coincidence? Somehow these kinds of experiences seem more common outside of our daily routine, and our comfort zone. That was the case for Jana, who happened upon a very unusual waiter during a happy family trip to Manhattan. They went back to see the waiter again. But guess what happened? You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.


Don’t Do Downward Dog On Your Next Flight, Even if You See a UFO [Episode 12]

Key Links Traveling With MJ ---------- As a nervous traveler I have developed a personal routine when I board planes. I always wear a few good luck charms, and though I don’t really think that these things keep the plane aloft, I wouldn’t want to fly without them! It occurred to me that there’s far quirkier folk out there, which made me wonder about other people’s flying rituals and superstitions. What sort of stuff do other people do when they fly? So I asked my friend Mary Jo - who has...


Things Get A Little Wild When Its Time To Recharge These Special Thai Tattoos [Episode 11]

In this episode I speak with Evo Terra, a podcast strategist and ex-expat, about Sak Yant tattoos, and the little known Wai Kru festival he has attended several times. Sak Yant Tattoos are part of a revered tradition. The tattoos are very specific, and usually chosen by the artist. They impart special blessings, and protection to the recipient. They may also come with prescriptions for lifestyle changes, including diet and behavior modification. In the event that a tattoo’s charms become...


She Didn’t Expect Her Late Dad To Visit Her In Israel at The Western Wall [Episode 10]

Key Links DivaMoms@Diva_MomBook Link ----------- Lyss Stern had a close and loving relationship with her father. He was also particularly fond of her oldest son. The two of them bonded over a mutual love of baseball. When it was time for her son to be bar mitzvahed, Lyss planned ceremonies both in the US and abroad, in Israel. It was the trip of a lifetime - something she had wanted to do with her parents when she was younger. For both ceremonies, Lyss made sure that her son wore...


Tuned in, Turned Up Empath Travels [Episode 9]

Key Links: Supernatural TravelRouge18Rouge 18 on InstagramMcSorley’s NYC ---------- Empaths are very sensitive, and many claim to have the ability to clearly sense the energy of accumulated emotions and intentions attached to people, places and even things. While most people sense nothing, or just have a faint read on a room, empaths can be easily overwhelmed by their location, and the energy or “vibes” in a room. These “vibes” linger, not unlike a scent. The energy that empaths read can...


She Had to Pull Over, When the Sense of Death Overwhelmed Her [Episode 8]

Key Links: Supernatural TravelFort TiconderogaVisit Lake George ---------- It was a perfectly sunny day when Katherine and her husband set off on a drive to visit historic Fort Ticonderoga, but somewhere along the way, Katherine started to feel something wrong. She couldn’t quite place the feeling, but it made her uneasy. Incredibly uneasy. She began to panic, and insisted that her husband pull the car over. She had to get out, clear her head, catch her breath. But when she got out of...


This Haunted Petaluma Pizzeria Has a Perfidious Past [Episode 7]

ey Links: Queen Bee Latina Supernatural Travel ---------- Have you ever walked into a place and felt like you are being watched. Sensed sorrow? Or just picked up on a really bad vibe? In this episode I sat down with my friend Angela to hear about her unexpected experience when she went to meet a friend for dinner. Angela had agreed to meet her childhood pal at the a Pizzeria, in the Lanmark building. But from the moment she walked into the place she sensed something wasn’t quite right....