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TBR 19 - A Strong Family in Madianna, The Gambia

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I read one of my earlier blog posts. The story that I share in this post is one that I reflect on from time to time. Especially whenever I'm faced with a difficult situation. Because this story is about an unfortunate event that happened to my host family in The Gambia during my Peace Corps. Though despite what had happened, they remained strong. And their strength made me stronger as well. Listened to what happened in this awesome episode! Check...


Episode 37 - Zero Xcuses with Kenyon Zitzka

Today I speak with Kenyon Zitzka, Navy Veteran and host of the Zero Xcuses podcast. This was a conversation that I was looking forward to, as I always like to speak with fellow Veterans and here about their service. After two decades in the Navy, Kenyon has had the opportunity to sail all around the world. And has been to Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and much more. He has also grown tremendously as a person along the way. Now drawing near his retirement, he has shifted gears a...


TBR 18 - The Craziest Foods That I’ve Eaten (So Far)!

In a recent episode I spoke with Talek Nantes from Travels with Talek. In our conversation we talked about the different foods that we've tried around the world. I addressed this topic more in depth in a blog post that I wrote not too long along titled, The Craziest Foods That I've Eaten (So Far)! And this will be the post that I'll be reading today. I hope you're not eating anything while you listening to this! Check out the original blog post:...


Episode 36 - Kid on the Road with Amanda Johnson

Today I chat with Amanda Johnson, creator and author of the travel blog, Kid on the Road. The topic of family travel has not come up very much yet on the podcast. So I was looking forward to speaking with Amanda and hearing about her experience thus far. And I was intrigued to find out that where as many, if not most, couples will choose to travel less after having a child. Both her and her husband felt that it was time to travel more once they learned that they were expecting their son....


TBR 17 - How To Get Fit For Upcoming Travels

Fitness is a very important part of my life. Once I have it in check, everything else just seems to fall into place. And when it comes to travel, fitness makes the experience more fun and enjoyable. In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I share a post that covers ways how you can get fit for your own upcoming travels. I hope you all like it! Check out the blog post for this episode: Thank you for listening! Don't forget to follow...


Episode 35 - Immerse Yourself in Travel with Talek Nantes

In this episode I'm joined by Talek Nantes, creator and author of the travel blog Travels with Talek. Talek is the epitome of the phrase 'Born Traveler'. With her first travel experience occurring when her mother moved from Cuba to New York City while she was pregnant with her. Since then she has covered a lot of ground! As of the recording of this podcast episode, she has a list of 110 countries that she has visited thus far! Much of her travels have involved getting off the beaten path and...


TBR 16 - How To Find Adventure In Your Own Backyard

This episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) is for anyone who might be feeling the post-travel blues! The article that I read was one that I wrote out of necessity when I faced the blues myself after returning to the US from England. It contains some tips on how you can find adventure in your own backyard! And help hold you over until the next time that you're able to head out and travel. I hope you all enjoy it! Check out the original blog post:...


Episode 34 - Above and Below with Morgan Smith

In this episode I'm joined by my friend and colleague, Morgan Smith. Morgan is a very well-rounded adventurer who likes to engage in a variety of activities. He's climbed on many rock faces in Texas and Mexico. He's explored caves in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. And he's logged many hours as a scuba diver. Many of which include shipwrecks and deep technical dives. Morgan also just so happens to be an archaeologist! One that I've had the privilege to work alongside recently. Though he has...


TBR 15 - Handling Snakes in Marrakesh, Morocco

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I'm taking it back to my time in Morocco! Morocco is one of my favorite places that I've been to so far. I'm also an animal lover, and I had an interesting experience during my visit involving snakes. I wrote about this experience in a blog post that I wrote a while back titled Handling Snakes in Marrakesh, Morocco. And this will be the post that I read in today's episode! I hope you all like it! Thank you for listening! Don't forget to follow...


Episode 33 - Travel Fearless with Katie Minahan

Today I'm joined by Katie Minahan, creator and author of the travel blog Just Chasing Sunsets. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to, because Katie and I have covered similar ground during our travels. Though she's originally from California, she lived in my home state of Michigan for six years. We also both had celebrated our birthdays in Ireland. Which was the first country that she had traveled to on her own. Today Katie tell us about her early travels. Discussing...


TBR 14 - 5 Safety Tips When Planning Your Trip Abroad

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I read one of my posts that offers some valuable travel tips. Though my blog and podcast is predominately about travel and personal development. There is another topic that I like to talk about as well; travel safety. I've picked up some helpful safety tips during my Marine Corps career, as well as my tenure as a Peace Corps volunteer. So in this post, titled 5 Safety Tips When Planning Your Trip Abroad, I share some things that I've learned and...


Episode 32 - Boot Camp Stories with Ray Benedetti

Today I talk with my friend and fellow podcaster, Ray Benedetti. Ray is the host and founder of the OutrageoU.S. podcast. A show in which he discusses different issues that the U.S. is currently facing. Not too long ago I was featured as a guest. When I joined him and his other host, Matt Sams, to talk about first world problems (Episode 13!). Now we are flipping the script, and Ray is joining me to talk about another thing that we share in common. Not only is he a fellow podcaster, but he’s...


TBR 13 - The Purpose of All-Around Adventure

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I share a brand new post! In this one I talk about a rough patch that I've been going through lately as a blogger and a podcaster. Making me to think about my purpose for doing this in the first place. This has led me to reflect on a critical moment from my past. One that pushes me to continue to do what I do, even in the low times. Find out what that is in this post titled, The Purpose of All-Around Adventure. Thank you for listening! Don't forget...


Episode 31 - My Peace Corps Story with Tyler Lloyd

In this episode I talk with fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and podcaster, Tyler Lloyd. Tyler grew up in a rural community in Kentucky. A place that didn't have very many world travelers. But his curiosity eventually led him to venture out into the world. And he made his way to Australia, where he lived for six months. Following his stint as an expatriate, he began looking for new opportunities to travel abroad. Eventually choosing the Peace Corps for his next adventure. And after a...


TBR 12 - Being "Normal" After An Adventure

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I talk about what it means to be normal. I've always found the term "normal" to be subject to individual interpretation. I explored this topic more in-depth in a post that I wrote a while back shortly after returning home from my second stint as an expatriate. Which was an entire year living in England as a grad student. And this post is titled, Being "Normal" After An adventure. To see more from All-Around Adventure, check us out on these social...


Episode 30 - Brothers Who Travel with Zach Guerrero

In this episode I have a very special guest joining me! For I speak with none other than my brother, Zach Guerrero. While I was serving in the Marine Corps, and eventually the Peace Corps. Zach set out on his own path of travel and adventure. Beginning with a move to Michigan's upper peninsula. A place with expansive forests and beautiful national parks like Pictured Rocks and Isle Royale. It was around this time when Zach was pursuing his degree in environmental engineering. During his...


TBR 11 - 7 Tips For Going Up To Angels Landing

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I read a post titled, 7 Tips For Going Up To Angels Landing. Now I absolutely love visiting national parks. If I had to choose between nature and cities, nature wins pretty much all of the time. Zion National Park in southern Utah is one of my favorites. I got to visit the place last year. During my visit I completed one of the most dangerous hikes in the country… Angels Landing. For this post I share some advice and things that I learned for anyone...


Episode 29 - The Heart of Travel with Chelsea Glass

In this episode I chat with my friend Chelsea Glass, owner and operator of The Heart of Travel. Chelsea's story begins eight years ago at age 19. When she off on her first solo international travel experience to Guatemala. At the time she knew very little about Latin America and didn't know how to speak Spanish. Though one thing led to another and eventually she became fluent in the language, made valuable connections, and has come to call Guatemala home. With her passion for travel and all...


TBR 10 - How To Choose Clothes to Travel More Safely

In this episode of The Blog Readings (TBR) I share a post that offers some helpful travel tips. In recent episodes I discussed travel safety quite a bit with several of my guests. Therefore, the post I read today will cover this very subject more in-depth with some practical applications. And that post is titled; How To Choose Clothes To Travel More Safely. I hope you all like it and find it insightful!


Episode 28 - True Authenticity with Steven Kuhn

In this episode I speak with Steven Kuhn. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to, because upon connecting with Steven I noticed a couple of things that we shared in common. We're both U.S. military veterans, and we both earned our Master's degrees in the UK. Though he served in theArmy, whereas I served in the Marine Corps. Also he earned a Master of Business Administration degree, and I earned a Master of Arts in Field Archaeology. Though Steven's story goes much...