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The HHN29 Wrap Up

It’s our annual last look at Halloween Horror Nights for the season. Matt and Quint sit down and take a through look at Halloween Horror Nights 29 at Universal Studios Resort Orlando. They cover all ten houses, the five scarezones, both shows and much more in this HHN season finale!


HHN29 - The Last Night

One more HHN29 special before we get the gang together to record our final review episode. In this episode, Matt records his final night at HHN29. From driving to the park to the very last note played in Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe, and everything in between!


Special Episode - Dark Horizon Point of No Return Instant Reaction

This is a special episode featuring the newest Haunt to come to Orlando - Dark Horizon Point of No Return! In this episode episode, Matt and Shelby attend the opening night of Dark Horizon and record their instant reaction to the 3 haunted houses, 2 stage shows, and of course the 4 bars! For more information on Dark Horizon Point of No Return including dates and tickets, please visit: And follow Dark Horizon on Facebook at:...


HHN23 - Part 1 - Houses

Our year by year look at Halloween Horror Nights continues with Halloween Horror Nights 23! In this episode we look at the 8 houses that made up the 2013 event: Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City The Waking Dead: No Safe Haven Evil Dead The Cabin in the Woods An American Werewolf in London Urban Legend: La Llorona Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance and Havoc: Derailed


HHN29 - The 2019 Patrick Braillard Interview!

In this special episode, Matt and Hunter continue the ongoing HHN29 coverage with a special interview with Patrick Braillard, Show Director for Entertainment Creative Development at Universal Orlando live at the Universal Studios Radio Broadcast Center. Patrick us gives a behind the scenes look at what it takes to creating this memorable event for 2019, from idea concept to final attraction launch and everything in-between! Enjoy this special HHN29 episode with our special guest Patrick...


HHN29 - Spoiler Free Review

In this special, SPOILER FREE edition of COHHN, Matt review each attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 29 and his thoughts on the event and this modern era of Halloween Horror Nights as a whole.


HHN29 - Opening Night Instant Reaction

The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Night - HHN 29 Opening Night Instant Reaction It’s our annual “live from the park” opening night instant reaction episode for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019! Join Matt and Hunter as they make their way through every single attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 29 and share their thoughts just seconds after each experience! Hear their first impression as they enter the part. Listen to park of the welcome from Universal Studios Orlando and Creative...


The HHN29 Hype Episode

It’s finally here! It’s September 2019, that means it’s officially HHN season! With the event just days away, Matt and Quint sit down and go through the event map speculating what they’ll experience. All 10 hours, 5 scare zones, and the 2 shows! Along with that they share some listener hype messages and wrap it all up with their pre-event ranking list as we move into the absolute best time of the year!


Jump on the HHN29 Hype Train!

Our HHN29 Hype Train episode is fast approaching, and you can jump on board now! Leave us a message on you hype level for HHN29, what you’re most looking forward to this year, our anything else about HHN@9 you want to say! We’ve 3 ways to get us a message for our HHN29 Hype episode: Our voicemail page on our website At our voicemail phone line: 321-252-8503 or email us JUST ADDED:our HHN29 Hype Message Form Jump on...


HHN29 - Halloween Marathon of Mayhem Instant Reaction

In this episode Matt, Quint and Johnny give their instant reaction to the 2nd show add to Halloween Horror Nights - The Halloween Marathon of Mayhem Lagoon show! Along with their instant reaction, the trio talk about the event overall and give their spur of the moment hype list on the 10 houses for this years event.


HHN29 - Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses Instant Reaction

In this episode Matt gives his instant reaction to the last house features at Halloween Horror Nights 29 - Rob Zombies’s House of 1000 Corpses. This single house instant reaction begs the questions - how many more corpses can Matt’s house hold?


HHN29 - Scare Zones

In this episode, Matt, Karen, Quint, Johnny and Hunter give their instant reactions to the Scare Zones coming to Halloween Horror Nights 29: Zombieland Double TapRob Zombie Hillbilly DeluxeAnarch-cadeVanity Balland Vikings Undead But that’s not all, we also talk about the return of The Academy of Villains with their all-new show “Altered States”.


HHN29 - Graveyard Games - Instant Reaction

Matt, Quint and Johnny are back, 23 hours later, giving their instant reaction to the addition of the original house “Graveyard Games” to Halloween Horror Nights 29. Along with speculating on what they might experience, they also toss around some idea on the Facebook Messenger enhancement to this attraction.


HHN29 - Jordan Peele's Us - Instant Reaction

Jordon Peele’s “Us” is coming to Halloween Horror Nights 29, and Matt, Quint and Johnny give their instant reactions - and that will be interesting since 2 of them have never seen the movie? Which 2? And are they at all interested in this house? Those answers and more in this episode!


HHN22 - Part 2 - Houses and Horror Unearthed

It’s part 2 of our coverage of Halloween Horror Nights 22 from 2012. Seven houses (one less then HHN21) in all! The first “AMC’s The Walking Dead”, followed with the Video Game / Movie “Silent Hill”. Then we Rock our with “Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare”. We jump over to sin city with “Penn & Tell New(k’d) Las Vegas”. After the we hit a “Dead End”. Then take a stroll through a medieval church in “Gothic”. And finally pay reverence the monsters that started it all with “Universals’s...


HHN22- Part 1 - Legions of Horror and Shows

Our coverage of our pasts years of Halloween Horror Nights continue with 2012’s Halloween Horror Nights 22. The icon error is behind us and the IP era begins. And with that, an interesting experiment - scarezones are out and here come the roaming hordes known as “Legions of Horror”! Five themed hordes of scareactors take to the streets. An idea so different, our coverage begins with trying to wrap our heads around it. Then to wrap up Part 1, we cover something much more familiar - the...


HHN29 - Killer Klowns From Outer Space - Instant Reaction

In this episode Matt and Johnny share their instant reactions to the addition of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” joining the HHN29 line up with all new haunted house attraction!


HHN29 - Ghostbusters Instant Reaction

In this episode Matt, Quint, Karen, and Hunter give their instant reaction to the official announcement that Ghostbusters is coming to Halloween Horror Nights 29 at Universal Studios Orlando Resort! The 1984 Classic Film will be brought to life, and opinions are divided in this reaction. It’s a thorough look at this addition to the event. And a new feature to the show - listener recorded reactions!


Special Episode - COHHN GGH - 2 Podcasters Walk Into a Bar

What happens when the leads to 2 two podcasts that follow Halloween Horror Nights, Theme Parks, and pop culture in general share a few beers? 2 hours commentary, speculation and catching up on the latest things in all aforementioned subjects. Matt from the Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights and Hunter from Grim Grinning Hosts sit down and talk one one on the upcoming HHN season, the latest from the Orlando Theme Parks, and a lot about big monsters! All while sampling the latest beers from...


HHN29 - Yeti: Terror of the Yukon Instant Reaction

It’s our instant reaction episode to the addition of “Yeti: Terror of the Yukon” coming to Halloween Horror Nights 29! Matt, Quint, Karen and Johnny discuss what they think they’ll see, what they hope they’ll see, and in some cases what they absolutely won’t see. Ever.