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A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!

A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!
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A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!




Show # 265 A Disney Nerds Review of Disney Early Morning Magic-Toy Story Land

Join us this week as Sam tells us about his quick weekend to Walt Disney World. We get to hear about the Disney Early Morning Magic-Toy Story Land experience and some updates on the Skyway and much more. Thanks for listening!


Show # 264 Sounds from the Park, Epcot Version

Join us this week for another version of Sounds from the Park. This week we bring you some audio from Epcot this past November. Between Jimmy recording and some great Live Streaming we got some great audio clips. Headphones recommended. Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Show # 263 The Disney Nerds 5th Annual Meet-up Re-Cap

Hey guys and welcome back to the show. This week we discuss some of the Destination D updates and then it's all about the trip. We all had such a great time! Thanks to all of you that came out to hang out with us. Another thank you to our friends from the Podcast and Live show who watched all of our great Live streaming from the parks! Check out the blog for some great show notes for this one.


Show # 262 Animal Kingdom Scavenger Hunt Audio

Join us this week as we bring you our Scavenger Hunt audio from our trip last week. Thanks for listening and keep the emails coming.


Show # 261 Making Music with Disney

Join us this week as we experience the Music of Disney. From 1953 we visit a great musical animated short. Then we zoom to present and hear a couple great acts from the Magic Kingdom. Thanks for listening and see you next week!


Show # 260 Inexpensive Disney Park Collectibles

Listen in as we talk about a couple of our cheaper collecting pleasures. From Penny Pressing to Popcorn buckets, we talk about some of the collecting done outside the stores.


Show # 259 Disney Raises Rates and Is It Worth It?

Join us this week as we discuss the recent Annual Pass rate hike and lay it out there. Can Disney Price us out of going to Walt Disney World? Listen in as we decide. What do you think?


Show # 258 A Disney Nerd Classic Rewind with Jerry Rees

Join us this week for a Disney Nerds Classic Rewind with Jerry Rees. We've had so many requests to hear this again. If you don't know his name I can guarantee you've seen a movie he directed or was involved in. I also guarantee you've been on a Disney Park attraction he directed. He's worked with so many people, from the great animators of Walt's generation to the great directors and storytellers of our generation and with so many awesome stars. This is a great interview, Enjoy. Thanks for...


Show # 257 Our Favorite Table Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Join us this week as we talk about some of our favorite Table Service Restaurants. Are they yours?


Show # 256 Sounds from the Parks: Extinct Attractions Edition

Join us this week as we take an idea from our Tuesday Night Facebook Live show and run with it Audiology like. Jimmy and Lisa, on the Tuesday night, Facebook Live show, compared extinct attractions to what replaced them and we're going to jump on that band-wagon this week. Listen in as we visit three classic extinct attrractions from EPCOT. Thanks for Listening!


Show # 255 Has it Been 5 Years Already?!?!?

Hi guys and welcome to this weeks show. It's our 5th year anniversary show! Whooooo Hoooooo! Join as we sit down and have a drink and talk about the last 5 years. Thanks for listening and being part of that!


Show #254: Epcot News and Rumors

More Disney, More Family, More Timeless and More Relevant! That’s what the Vice President of Epcot told us during the Epcot 35 celebration last year. So, what's been happening? Are the announcements form the D23 Expo last year going to happen? Guardians of the Galaxy, Ratatouille, China Circle Vision, Mission Space Green, Mission Space Restaurant and the Disney Skyliner... This week we take a look at the progress Disney has made over the past year... while most announced attractions are...


Show #253: Imagineering 60 Years of Disneyland (D23 Expo Breakout)

Just a few weeks ago tickets for the D23 expo 2019 went on sale, celebrating everything Disney the D23 Expo is a must for every Disney nerd. As we look forward to the D23 Expo 2019, it’s a perfect time to look back on previous D23 Expos. With so much to cover lots of audio gets left behind, this week we are sharing audio from the Imagineering Disneyland 60 Breakout session from the D23 Expo 2015. The subtitle, “Working with Walt” says it all. An interview with 3 Disney legends that...


Show # 252 Listening to Walt with the Disney Nerds - Awards and More

Join us this week as we Listen to Walt. There are a lot of interviews and guest shots of Walt and we are bringing these first person accounts of Walter Elias Diseny to you. This week we have a bit of an Oscars them along with the regular attractions, animation and animatronics. We do bring you a clip from Diane Disney and an incredible description of Walt's suite in Disneyland and how he spent time with Diane and her sister and then as a grand father with her kids. Very good information....


Show # 250 A Virtual Walk Around Epcot's 2018 Food and Wine Festival

Hi guys and welcome to the show. This week, armed with the Map and Menu for this years upcoming Food and Wine Festival, we take a virtual walk around Epcot's World Showcase and hit some of the food stands we are most looking forward to. Take a walk with us and let's get ready for Food and Wine together.


Show # 249 Ed Sees Rivers of Light...Finally

Hello and welcome to Show # 249 of the Disney Nerds Podcast. This week we take a look at Disney Animal Kingdom's Rivers of Light night time show. This was added in 2017 as an addition to the new night time entertainment that Disney was adding to the Animal Kingdom. We recently saw the show and here is our recording from that night. Sam and Ed with both families at Rivers of Light. FYI, based on my reaction, I did a little homework and discuss some of the story behind the show. Headphones if...


Show # 248, Carol Stein, Rose and Crown Musician and Much More

Hello and welcome to show # 248. This week we are excited to bring you a fun conversation we had with Carol Stein, Pianist Extraordinaire. "Her travels as a musician have spanned the globe performing all over Europe, Asia, and the USA in such places as the Montreux Palace in Switzerland, The Bayerischerhof in Munich, The Oasis Lounge in Hong Kong to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Carol enjoys composing and spontaneous arranging of pieces during a live performance. She may take a...


Show # 247 Christmas in July Disney Media Event News

Hello and welcome back tot he show. This week Sam is back with another frsh report from WDW. The Disney Parks people had a great Christmas in July Media event that we were invited too. Sam got to go is on the show this week reporting on what he saw and experienced. Happy Holidays!


Show # 246 Classic Rewind: Stacey Aswad Interview

Hello and welcome to Show # 246. This week we bring you a classic re-run from early in our show history. From almost 200 shows ago we bring you a Classic Rewind with an interview Jimmy and Jen did with Stacey. This interview is great and Stacey is so nice and gracious with our questions.