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A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!

A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!
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A group of true Disney Nerds discussing all things Disney!




Show # 250 A Virtual Walk Around Epcot’s 2018 Food and Wine Festival

Hi guys and welcome to the show. This week, armed with the Map and Menu for this years upcoming Food and Wine Festival, we take a virtual walk around Epcot’s World Showcase and hit some of the food stands we are most looking forward to. Take a walk with us and let’s get ready for Food and Wine together.


Show # 249 Ed Sees Rivers of Light…Finally

Hello and welcome to Show # 249 of the Disney Nerds Podcast. This week we take a look at Disney Animal Kingdom’s Rivers of Light night time show. This was added in 2017 as an addition to the new night time entertainment that Disney was adding to the Animal Kingdom. We recently saw the show and here is our recording from that night. Sam and Ed with both families at Rivers of Light. FYI, based on my reaction, I did a little homework and discuss some of the story behind the show. Headphones if...


Show # 248, Carol Stein, Rose and Crown Musician and Much More

Hello and welcome to show # 248. This week we are excited to bring you a fun conversation we had with Carol Stein, Pianist Extraordinaire. “Her travels as a musician have spanned the globe performing all over Europe, Asia, and the USA in such places as the Montreux Palace in Switzerland, The Bayerischerhof in Munich, The Oasis Lounge in Hong Kong to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Carol enjoys composing and spontaneous arranging of pieces during a live performance. She may take a...


Show # 247 Christmas in July Disney Media Event News

Hello and welcome back tot he show. This week Sam is back with another frsh report from WDW. The Disney Parks people had a great Christmas in July Media event that we were invited too. Sam got to go is on the show this week reporting on what he saw and experienced. Happy Holidays!


Show # 246 Classic Rewind: Stacey Aswad Interview

Hello and welcome to Show # 246. This week we bring you a classic re-run from early in our show history. From almost 200 shows ago we bring you a Classic Rewind with an interview Jimmy and Jen did with Stacey. This interview is great and Stacey is so nice and gracious with our questions.


Show # 245 Toy Story Land Trip Reports

Join us this week as Morgan, Sam and Ed let you know everything they saw, did and want to do again in the new Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.


Show #244 Sounds from the Parks

Hi guys and welcome back to the show! This week we will be bringing you three attractions from our latest trip to WDW. Two are what you would consider a non-E-Ticket ride, but I argue they are still both great. As for the last attraction, that would be considered E-ticket. Enjoy and headphones if you got them.


Show #243: Toy Story Land Opening

Walt Disney World Toy Story Land is here!! Come with us and “shrink” to the size of a toy and join in on the fun Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Andy’s other beloved toys are having in Andy’s backyard. Take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash, a roller coaster Andy has assembled from his Mega Coaster Play Kit, take a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers, a galactic play set that Andy won from Pizza Planet, maybe you can be the chosen one! Listen in to the Grand Opening Ceremony then take a trip with Sam and Ed...


Show # 242 The Hub-Bub Show

Join us this week as we discuss a number of issues in a small amount of time. We talk about our social media channels, our up-coming Disney Nerds preview of Toy Story Land and a little preview of Ed’s next WDW trip.


Show # 241 Taking a Trip to the Past at WDW thru Resort TV

Join us this week as we see what’s to do at WDW in 1983 and 1993. Do you remember back that far? Join us for a great trip to the past as we see what’s new and what’s changed in the parks over 10 years. Thanks for Listening and see you next week. Here are the Youtube Links: 1983 by RobFuz And the 1993 version: And here is the Link to Richar Gerth’s Facebook page.


Show # 239 Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios and Trip Reports

Join us this week as we review our great evening at SW Galactic Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We also hear some great new information and tips from Lisa and Sam’s trip reports. Thanks for Listening and Kungaloosh!


Show # 238 The Disney Movie Preview Show

Hello and welcome back to the show. this week we discuss all of the Disney Movies that are on the schedule for release. We then give you a tease of another list. Alist of about 50 Disney movies on the draing table, so to speak. Some great titles are coming our way. Thanks for Listening!


Show # 237 Journey into “Journey into Imagination with Figment”

Hello and welcome back to the show. This week we take a closer look at Journey into Imagination with Figment and it’s parent and grandparent attractions. To be clear, there are three versions of the Journey attraction. We started in 1983 with Journey into Imagination. The show then mutated into the Journey into YOUR Imagination which debuted in 1999. And then the current version was unveiled in 2002, Journey into Your Father’s brother’s third child’s imagination. LOL, only kidding the last...


Show # 236 News at Walt Disney World

Hello and welcome to show # 236. This week we had so many announcments from WDW that we wanted to bring some of them to you. Thanks for listening!


Show # 235 The Disney College Program with Our Disney Nerd Morgan

Hello and Welcome Back to the Show! This week, Morgan takes us through her experiences in the Disney College Program. We talk about the application process, the living situation, what work was like and the great friends she made. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week!


Show # 234 Sounds from the Parks: Disneyland Paris Edition

Hello and Welcome to Show # 234. This week we bring you a Sounds from the Parks show. A special Disneyland Paris version. Enjoy and thanks for Listening!


Show # 232 Flower and Garden LIVE Walk-Through

Hello and welcome back tot he show! This week we Join Sam, Lisa and Jimmy as they walked through Epcot and the Flower and Garden show. Wear your headphones for this one!


Show # 231 Elite 8 and DL Paris Trip Report

Join us this week as we choose our way through the Elite 8 of the DNP Attractions Madness tourney. Then we jump into the Maz family Disneyland Paris trip. We had a blast!


Show #230 2018 Attraction Madness Tournament Continues and a Special Easter Treat

Hello and Welcome to Show # 230 The 2018 Disney Nerd Attraction Madness Tournament Sweet 16. We start out this show with our Attraction Madness selections and then bring you a special treat, The Easter Parade from the early 90’s. We hope you enjoy and have a Happy Easter. Remember to the Disney Nerds Attraction Madness Voting page and cast your votes for the teams you want to see go all the way.