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Season 2 - EP02: Interview With Comedienne Clara Bijl

Salut! My apologies it has been a long while since the last episode. Initially this was going to be a YouTube french food vlog but technical difficulties prevented me from releasing it. But we have the amazing french comedienne Clara Bijl who now lives in the Bay Area talking about her life as a working artist and we dive into tasty french crepes at Brittany Crepes in Berkeley...bon appetit and enjoy the show!


Season 2 - EP01: Vive La France!

Bonjour! After a week of no Wifi, cell service (broken) and many baquettes, we are finally here with our first episode of Season 2! My french has improved this year (according to my mother-in-law) and I have excited to learn more cultural nuances about the French. This episode we talk about spending a couple of days in Paris with the kids, an interview with a Berkeley francophile and artist and a ride around the Seine River on the Bateau-Bus...enjoy and a bientot! - the Happy...


Episode 14: Bonnes Vacances & Interview with Playwright Reg Clay

Bonjour! It has been awhile since the last episode. Summer has arrived and we are packing soon for our France vacation. In this episode we interview Reg Clay who is a musician, actor, playwright and the host of "The Yay" podcast! He talks about his start in the theater world and his new play "Four Men in Paris" which premieres in October of this year. We hope you enjoy this episode and listen for upcoming adventures in Europe... Bon Vacances! - The Happy Negro


Episode 13: Podcast with Singer-Songwriter Tracey Ann

Greetings and Salut! It has been a minute since the last show but I promise we have more in store. This episode features the words and music of my good friend and musician, Tracey Ann who has released her new album "Magic Invisible Jet Plane" on my label Dreamtree Entertainment. We found a bunch of songs that she recorded awhile back and decided it was time to release them to the world. She also discusses a future children's album project that we will drop later this year. Magic Invisible...


Episode 12 (Not Eleven): How To Learn and Speak French

Bonjour! This will be a very short but sweet return to the podcast. It has been awhile and I apologize for thinking this was episode 11 when it was actually number 12! In this episode we travel to a French meetup night at Bissap Baobab in Oakland. Ca. We discuss how adults are able to learn a language and what tools they can use to make the most of their travel. We also interview French teacher Floriane who has only been in the U.S. for less than a year. We expect more podcasts to come to...


Episode 11: Interview With Singer-Songwriter Tara Kemp

"Back in the days when I was a teenager..before I had status and before I had a pager...." The Happy Negro Podcast is PROUD to have our dear friend Ms. Tara Kemp on the show! Tara and I have known each other since the Warner Bros days when we wrote her hit gold-selling single, "Hold You Tight" and now we reflect on the good and not-so-good ol days…we also discuss her latest release “Paris In Spring” featuring Toni Tone Tony’s Dwayne Wiggins and her new label…stay tuned!


Episode 10: Happy New Year Episode

Welcome to 2018! This is our 10th episode and the FIRST one for the new year. We welcome our dear friend who is the accomplished playwright, dancer and actor Robert Henry Johnson to our show this week.The son of jazz singer Lady Mem'fis and guitarist Robert Gonzales, he was one of the first students to graduate from San Francisco's School of the Performing Arts. He attended the San Francisco Ballet School on full scholarship. In addition to founding the Robert Henry Johnson Dance Company in...


Episode 9: Interview With Singer Stellis Groseil (Niomoye)

Happy Holidays! We interview the amazing singer and musician Stellis Groseil who hails from the town of Rennes in Brittany, France. She has been performing around the region with her funk/pop band Cut The Alligator making moves and now she has ventured on her own with a new project, Niomoye. We discuss her affinity with American soul and the love of music in general...enjoy!


Episode 8: It Takes A Village (Interview with Dr. Dawn Williams)

On our 8th episode, we discuss the education system with my colleague, Dr. Dawn Williams. She is a French and Spanish teacher and has much knowledge in dealing with kids with PTSD and restorative justice. Dr. Williams' husband is also an actor and policeman and he is in a play at the Berkeley Marsh Theater called "Cops and Robbers" ( In the spirit of Autumn and the upcoming holidays I want to say thanks to Dr. Williams for her...


Episode 7: You Don't Look French (Interview With Kevin Smith)

Welcome to our 7th episode! Today we interview songwriter, producer, engineer and overall cool dude Kevin Smith. I met Kevin back in 1994 when I was working in the music industry and writing for Tara Kemp on Warner Bros records. Kevin and I co-wrote music for various artists in the Bay Area (Sakai, Midnight Voices) and I knew early on he had a huge French background. He speaks on growing up as a black American youth living in Paris with his mom. He is also the son of track star Tommie Smith...


Episode 6: Interview with Mark Greenside (author of "I'll Never Be French")

We are on our 6th episode! We have the pleasure of talking to writer, author and activist Mark Greenside who has written a book entitled "I'll Never Be French" on his travels and anecdotal failures in Brittany, France. The book is amazing, funny and a great read (also translated into the French language). He has also written a new book called "Not Quite Mastering The Art of French Living" which talks about living part-time in France, driving, shopping, etc. We are so proud to have Mark on...


Episode 5: This Woman's Work

Our 5th episode celebrates women! Specifically French women who live and work in the Bay Area. We start by talking with my wife Jennifer who was born in France but grew up in London. We also interview Marianne Vila-Irissou who is an administrator for French business school Inseec in San Francisco. Lastly we speak with Charlotte Attry, a journalist who develops American stories for French media. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 04: Francophiles, Francophones & Expats

On this episode, we will be discussing the latest NFL Boycott and protests, more about the French culture and an interview with an American family who decided to take a sabbatical and move to Paris and escape the chaos.


Episode 03: Trains, Planes, Boats and French Food!

On this episode, we discuss our most favorite subject: french food! We learn about the etiquette of shopping in the supermarket Carrefour, the fun of the outdoor food market and eating at the crêperie. We also travel to one of the many isles in the Golfe Du Morbihan, Brittany and discuss "ferme à table" (farm to table) with promoter and my wife's cousin Laura...bon appetit!


Episode 02: Off the Grid and WTF?!

Bonjour! In our 2nd episode, we discuss the CHAOS that is Trump...from Alt-Right to all things wrong as we interview French folks to get their opinion. I also have a discussion with my wife Jennifer as we end our vacation in Brittany, France and discuss being away from social media, etc. Merci beaucoup and enjoy!


Episode 01: A Fish Out Of Water

Bay Area singer/songwriter and francophile Will Hammond Jr., talks about his first time traveling to Paris and Brittany, french tradition, food and expressions with musician Drew Thomas (Transit of Venus) and a discussion with swim instructor Mimi Moungovan about how he overcame his fear of swimming in the Golfe du Morbihan.