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Two digital nomads bringing highly-produced audio storytelling to travel podcasts.

Two digital nomads bringing highly-produced audio storytelling to travel podcasts.
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Two digital nomads bringing highly-produced audio storytelling to travel podcasts.




Is Pot Culture Hurting Medical Marijuana [S5E2]

Before we go too far down highway 420, we need to stress that the two strongly support a comprehensive repeal of America’s stupid federal ban on cannabis. We’re also keenly interested in the good studies on the medical uses cannabis -- either the whole flower or isolated compounds -- might have on public health. 28 countries -- including the US and Canada -- have some form of medical cannabis law that ostensibly allows an authorized patient to spark up a spliff in the comfort of their own...


Is It Safe To Drink The Water In America? [S5E1]

Key Links Smart medical advicefromDr. Terry SimpsonSupport us on Patreon ---------- There's a common stanza for Americans who travel abroad: DON'T DRINK THE WATER. To find out why -- or even if -- that's a problem, we enlisted the help of one of our good friends, Dr. Terry Simpson. Prepare to be terrified back to the tap… unless you’re traveling overseas.


Sak Yant Wai Kru 2018: Thailand [Ambient Audio #1]

As a special treat to those of you who stay subscribe to our podcast, we’ll be releasing some special, long form audio over the coming weeks as we travel to Cambodia, China, Japan, and Korea before landing back in America. Today, you’ll hear a long-form ambient audio recording of one of the most bizarre -- at least by western standards -- religious events in Thailand. It’s called the Sak Yant Wai Kru. It takes place every year at a temple called Wat Bang Pra, which is about 50 km NW of...


20 Life-Lessons From 20 Different Countries [Season 4, Episode 30]

It’s almost impossible not to learn things as you travel. After traveling to 20 different countries as we’ve lived as expats for over 3 years, we’ve racked up quite a few memories and life-lessons we’ll take back with us to America. On this, the final episode of the 4th season of podcast, we’ll list the major life lessons each of us has learned from every single country we visited across three continents. Some might surprise you. Some might make you think. But all of it should make you...


Bizarre Foods From Around The World We Have Known [Season 4, Episode 29]

In the three years we’ve been traveling the world, we’ve eaten some weird food. But what’s the most bizarre food we’ve encountered. That’s the question we’re answering on this, the penultimate episode of Season 4 of our comedy/travel/advice podcast. (Don’t worry: Season 5 is right around the corner.) For Sheila, the answer was mashed potatoes covered in fish eggs she found -- and loved -- in Spain. Your challenge is to replicate the recipe the next time you sit down for a traditional...


Becoming Gigi and คุณปู่ [Season 4, Episode 28]

If you haven't heard the news, we’re going to be grandparents in the next few months. So of course, the most important thing we have to decide is the names we want this new kid to call us. Today on the program we’ll detail all the names we’ve considered, settling on a few we’d be happy with. We found a few lists of trendy names for grandparents, and a lot of them are just silly. Which we kinda like. Here are the ones what we’re considering, some more or less seriously than...


How Americans View The World [Season 4, Episode 27]

Listener Tiffany from Puerto Rico wants to know what we think about this racist, ignorant map that supposedly denotes how Americans really view the world. Now obviously, we don’t like it, and Tiffany wasn’t looking for us to confirm its accuracy. So we take it as a springboard to talk about the realities of terrible geographic knowledge that plagues American… and probably every other nationality. If you leave us a quick voicemail, we’ll play it -- with an actual answer -- on next week’s...


How Learning Thai Makes You Hate The English Alphabet [Season 4, Episode 26]

Recorded live on location at Save Our Souls after probably too many beers, Evo goes on a tear about the English alphabet. What predicated this outrage/outburst? Learning the Thai alphabet, obviously. (Don’t worry about the incorrect number of Thai consonants and vowels Evo says on the show. Did we mention he’d been drinking?) Linguists probably won’t care much for this episode. But pragmatists, realists, and anyone who isn’t a native English speaker but has learned this goofy language...


Why We Didn’t Get Rich As Travel Influencers [Season 4, Episode 25]

Today’s show was inspired from Maria, who asked the following: “I wanted to ask your opinion on [NAME REDACTED] travel writer's program. As a travel writer, do you think this program is a good investment?” Without any personal experience with the travel program in question, we decided to reinterpret her question as: “Should I pay good money to take travel-writing specific online course that promises to make me a travel writer rich beyond my wildest dreams?” In a word: No. In more than...


Estonian Cheese and Beer, It’s Why We’re Here! [Season 4, Episode 24]

When we booked a private Estonian sauna for a couple of hours in Estonia, we knew it was a perfect time to reflect on the best parts of our trip to Tallinn thus far. Even though there was beer involved (are you surprised?) we managed not to ruin our equipment as we recorded in the super-hot sauna or bubbling jacuzzi. But if you get hungry listening to us describe the fantastic beer, cheese, and bread we’ve had during our visit, don’t blame us. Instead, book a trip to Estonia! (No, they...


A Very Dive Bar Xmas in Estonia [Season 4, Episode 23]

We’re in Estonia traveling and really hadn’t intended to put out a show from the road. But on Christmas Eve, we were entertained by a drunken Finn named Miiko at one of Tallinn’s most notorious dive bar, Valli Baar. As our xmas present to you, we chopped the 48 minute rambling down to 5 of the better minutes. You wanted authentica travel stories? You’ve got one. Prepare to be entertained by a typical Finnish meat-eating man who’s way of life is under threat. It’s getting so a man can’t...


Evo’s Brush With Thailand Motorbike Crash Statistics [Season 4, Episode 22]

A not very funny thing happened on the way to pick up gifts for our supporters: Evo got into a motorcycle accident. As a passenger in an Uber in a very Thai neighborhood of Bangkok. How does a passenger in the back of a car find himself a player in a motorbike crash? Like we said, it’s not a funny story. Hopefully it has a happy ending. Got a question for us? Leave us a quick voicemail. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon.


These Are The Ways Thailand Has Tried To Kill Us [Season 1, Episode 25]

Full Show Script [move up side] EVO: I'm just going to come out and say it: There are a myriad ways that Thailand has already tried to kill us. And we've only been here for a month. SHE: We're here on an extended house-sit for an ex-pat French couple, Camille and Franck, while they're away on holiday. They've somehow managed NOT to die in the four years they've lived here, so Evo might be exaggerating the death-risk just a tad. EVO: Every time we go out on their scooter, we're...


Best Taxi in Thailand: A Police Truck! [Season 1, Episode 24]

Full Show Script [top secret] Evo: If you're following our blog, you've probably read the account of our ride in the back of a cop truck on my birthday. Never a dull moment with us, right? She: And chances are, you thought Evo was adding a few embellishments to the tale. Well... not this time. He really couldn't, because we recorded the whole thing. Evo: And we're sharing that recording with you today. No, this isn't us just narrating the blog post. This is the live event as it...


How We Traveled Europe On The Cheap [Season 1, Episode 23]

Full Show Script [simple creature] Evo: So... that was Europe. 7 countries visited in 129 days of travel. We could do the math to uncover how many miles we traveled, but there are some other figures we think you'll find more interesting. Ones that have to do with money, not distance. She: First, the cost of travel. Getting to and traipsing about Europe has to be expensive, right? Evo: Not really. When we added up the numbers, our big travel costs -- five separate trips by plane,...


Five Days To Fall In Love With Mallorca [Season 1, Episode 22]

Full Show Script [no speed limit] Evo: When we left you last week, we were on the island of Mallorca, wrapping up our epic tour of Spain. She: For the geographically challenged, Mallorca lies almost directly south of Barcelona, roughly halfway between Europe and Africa. Evo: Beware of salt-stealing pirates from Africa! She: Yes, everyone remembers your fascination with pirates from a few shows back. Can you get on with your commentary on Mallorca? Evo: Right, Mallorca. At twice...


We're Fortunate to Travel ... Without The Fortune! [Season 1, Episode 21]

Full Show Script [good stuff] EVO: It's June. Holy crap. That's almost five months of traveling the world. Doing exactly what we want to do every moment of every day, as we fully embrace our Opportunistic Travelers lifestyle. SHE: Every moment? What about the "moments" spent at doctor visits? Or the "moments" we spent camped out in the bathroom waiting for, uh, tummy issues to take their course? EVO: Well obviously not those parts. SHE: And what about the days you spent whining...


Castles, Castelleres, & Culinary Delights of Catalunya [Season 1, Episode 20]

Full Show Script [Friendly] EVO The coastline of Costa Brava --- all of coast of the Mediterranean, in fact -- is lousy with castles. Piracy was a big deal (like the Salt Stealing Pirates from Africa we mentioned on last week's show) just a few centuries ago. Fortifications to defend against attacks were built along almost literally every turn of the coastline. Amazingly, many are still visible today, in various states of ruin. SHE: A few weeks ago, we took a half-day boat tour out of...


Salt Pirates & Ancient Olive Trees - Traveling The History Of Ancient Spain [Season 1, Episode 19]

Full Show Script [Die in the desert] EVO: The Mediterranean sea is pretty salty, about 15% higher in salinity than the Atlantic. That's mostly due to evaporation -- the Mediterranean is very shallow and is connected to the Atlantic by only a tiny, 13 km wide channel between Spain and Africa. SHE: On the Spanish coast midway between Barcelona and Valencia, the Ebro river has been depositing silt and sand for countless years, creating a huge delta jutting out into the Mediterranean....


Thailand Makes You Wet! (And Why You'll Love Every Minute!) [Season 1, Episode 26]

Full Show Script [not helping]EVO: If you missed our last couple shows, opportunity has brought us to Thailand, a country we didn't know all that much about. Hard pressed to identify it on a map, we'd have found the general area, but probably confused it with Myanmar or Cambodia. That's not a fact that makes us proud, and we're working on correcting it. SHE: We had a lot of misconceptions about Thailand. Some of those misconceptions were rectified the moment we looked it up on a map....