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We are The Park Fanatics! Creators and Hosts of The Park Fanatic Podcast. We love to blab about theme parks, roller coasters, haunts, mazes, attractions, conventions, and more! Your hosts, Gabe and Garett, take you on a magical journey across the amusement park world every other week.

We are The Park Fanatics! Creators and Hosts of The Park Fanatic Podcast. We love to blab about theme parks, roller coasters, haunts, mazes, attractions, conventions, and more! Your hosts, Gabe and Garett, take you on a magical journey across the amusement park world every other week.
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Los Angeles, CA


We are The Park Fanatics! Creators and Hosts of The Park Fanatic Podcast. We love to blab about theme parks, roller coasters, haunts, mazes, attractions, conventions, and more! Your hosts, Gabe and Garett, take you on a magical journey across the amusement park world every other week.






Ep. 226 - Bob Gurr: The King Of Kong

On the Season 2 Finale of The Park Fanatic Podcast, we welcome Disney Legend, Bob Gurr to the show! Bob Gurr is known for his work as a Disney Imagineer, Ride Designer, and as the Father of King Kong Encounter at Universal Studios, Hollywood. The enormous 30 foot tall animatronic was a technological marvel at the time of its debut. Bob tells us all about how he designed the show, including the exploding helicopter and the legendary King Kong himself. Join us on this journey through theme...


Ep. 225 - Rick West's IAAPA Adventures

On Episode 225 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, our good friend Rick West of Theme Park Adventure joins us once again to discuss his adventures in Orlando during this years IAAPA Convention. In this XL sized episode, we talk about: Walt Disney World, Funspot, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and much much more. We also talk about what the coolest things on the floor of IAAPA were this year! If you are a fan of theme parks (which I would hope you are if you made...


Ep. 224 - Single Rider: The Haunted Mansion (With Guest Rick West)

On Episode 224 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, the boys sit down with Rick West of Theme Park Adventure and Midsummer Scream to talk about the classic Disneyland attraction, The Haunted Mansion. Since it's opening, the Mansion has consistently wowed guests with it's spooky fun atmosphere, it's incredible illusions, classic characters (The Hatbox Ghost, The Hitchhiking Ghosts, The Bride, The Ghost Host) and music. This is an episode not to be missed if you are a Haunted Mansion fan! We have...


Ep. 223 - Is It 2017 Yet? Mini Episode

On Episode 223 of the Park Fanatic Podcast, because of their unfortunate mishap with the last recording and how the guys did not want to leave everyone hanging; they recorded a mini episode! The guys cover a myriad of topics including Garett's Coaster Corner, Sinister Pointe Holiday Maze, Knott's Berry Farm new rides for 2017, the new drone show at Disney Springs in Orlando and a GREAT review by listener Jordan Driver all about Scareowinds!


Ep.222 - The Indy Haunt Halloween Spectacular 2016

On episode 222 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, we bring you our Indy Haunt Halloween Spectacular! Special guests Bishoy Ghobrial and Nikki Montoya join us to discuss all 12 independent haunts that we visited over the 2016 haunt season. Some of them are Pro-Haunts, some of them are Home Haunts, one of them is even an Escape Room. Check out the list of links below for all of the haunts included in this episode. We hope you have a happy and haunted Halloween, Fanatics! Sinister PointeField Of...


Ep. 221 - Knott's Scary Farm 2016

On episode 221 of the Park Fanatic Podcast, we bring you our full review of Knott's Scary Farm 2016! Knott's Berry Farm was the first theme park to scare their guests with a spooky, haunted event. 43 years later, the haunt is still running strong. This year, Knott's Scary Farm included 9 mazes, 4 independent Skeleton Key Rooms, 4 scare zones, and 2 shows. We bring you our review on absolutely everything at the event including the three new mazes Shadowlands, Special Ops: Infected, and The...


EP. 220 Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2016

On Episode 220 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, Garett sits this one out while Gabriel and his Wife Nikki recount their trip to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. This terrifying event carries the heavy hitters when it comes to intellectual properties. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Walking Dead, Halloween, The Exorcist, American Horror Story, Freddy Vs. Jason, and Krampus all invade the famous movie studio to bring terror to life for the many visitors of the theme park....


Episode 219 - The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor 2016

On episode 219 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, the boys bring you their 2016 review of The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor! This legendary haunt, located in Long Beach CA, has been scaring its attendees for over 20 years. Will you survive the 6 mazes that cover the haunted grounds? Garett and Gabe barely made it out alive to bring you their honest opinions on Circus, Intrepid, and Lullaby, as well as all the other haunted attractions Dark Harbor has to offer. We also talk about the recent removal of...


Ep. 218 - Fright Fest 2016 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

On Episode 218 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, Gabe and Garett delve into their experiences at Fright Fest over at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. Join us as we discuss and review everything Fright Fest had to offer this year. From the terrifying scare zones to the hair raising mazes and the NEW Suicide Squad Experience in the DC Universe, there was plenty to talk about when it comes to the large event Six Flags has pulled together for the 2016 year!They also talk about the...


Ep. 217 - The Top 10 Most Underrated Roller Coasters In California (with guest Sean Verheijen from California Coaster Kings)

On episode 217 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, we bring you the top 10 most underrated roller coasters in California! Special Guest Sean Verheijen from California Coaster Kings joins us to discuss every roller coaster you may have overlooked in the past. From Six Flags Magic Mountain to California's Great America, we cover all of the major theme parks throughout the state! We also talk about our upcoming plans for the 2016 Haunt Season. This is an amazing episode that the coaster fanatics...


Ep. 216 - Attraction Wars! The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror VS Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout (With Guest Extended Queue)

On Episode 216 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, we battle our friends from Extended Queue on our new segment, Attraction Wars! The closing of The Twilight Zone, Tower Of Terror at Disney's California Adventure has upset some die-hard fans. The all new Guardians Of The Galaxy, Mission Breakout, is set to replace the classic ride in early 2017. We invited Steven and Tiffany to battle it out over which Attraction is better suited for the Southern California theme park. Who wins? You decide! Vote...


Ep. 215 - The History Of The Roller Coaster

In this episode, we get caught up on the roller coaster world. We visit Garett's Coaster Corner again for some updates on InvadR, Mystic Timbers, Lech Coaster, Mean Streak, and Vortex. We also go over all of the recent Cedar Fair theme park announcements at Cedar Point, Worlds of Fun, Knott's Soak City, King's Island, Dorney Park,Carowinds, and Valley Fair. Not enough for you? Haunt fans rejoice! Gabe's Haunt Hut makes a return for some Halloween Horror Nights news. We then take you to our...


Ep. 214 - Screaming' for Midsummer Scream!

On Episode 214 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, the guys talk everything Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival! From July 30th-31st, The Long Beach Convention Center was the epicenter for all things Halloween. From the Hall of Shadows to the overwhelming amount of vendors, there was so much to talk about this event. Gabe and Garett talk about the major announcements made at the festival by: Six Flags Fright Fest, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, Knott’s Scary Farm and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor....


Ep. 213 - Terrifying Tales Of Haunts

On Episode 213 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, the boys have gathered tales from people who have worked in the Haunt Industry! From the monster to the maze designer, guests join the Fanatics to share their personal stories from working in haunted houses. Some funny and some interesting, this episode is packed with Haunt goodness! The boys also talk about the recent BREAKING NEWS that the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure Park is being re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy. Find...


Ep. 212 - Jeff Tucker From Knott's Berry Farm, 91 Reasons, and The Sixth Key.

On Episode 212 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, the boys sit down with Jeff Tucker! This man of many talents is the Host of 91 Reasons, Author of The Sixth Key book Series and Show writer/ Spokesperson for Knott’s Berry Farm. This action packed episode covers everything from Knott’s Scary Farm, Trapped, The Sixth Key Book Series, to his podcast series 91 Reasons. Learn about the behind the scenes stories of some of your favorite Jeff Tucker creations! Who knows, we might even have a guest...


Ep 211 - Florida Round-Up w/ Jim Terry from Wild Gravity Travels

On Episode 211 of the Park Fanatic Podcast, we sit down with Jim Terry from Wild Gravity Travels to get caught up on all things Florida. We cover all of the roller coaster debuts from Mako at Seaworld to Cobras Curse at Busch Gardens. Jim fills us in on the state of the Orlando theme parks after terrible tragedy that happened at the Pulse Night Club. We even visit the recent happenings at Legoland, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney World. We couldnt leave the haunt fans hanging. We sneak...


EP. 210 - A Walt Disney World Honeymoon

On Episode 210 of the Park Fanatic Podcast, we take a trip down to central Florida to talk about Gabriel and Nikki's trip to The Walt Disney World Resort for their honeymoon. These two Disney dorks were able to hit some of the biggest attractions while they were at the Happiest Place on Earth. Find out what their favorites were, what they thought of the Magic Band system and their amazing dinner at the exclusive Chef's Table at Victoria and Albert's Restaurant located in the Grand...


EP. 209 - Single Rider: The Timber Mountain Log Ride

On Episode 209 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, hop in the Single Rider line with us as we explore the Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm! This iconic attraction located in Buena Park, CA has been thrilling families since 1969. Over those years, millions of people have passed through its flumes. We start our journey by taking you through the ride itself, walking you through each scene. After that, we tell you all about the history of the log ride and its creator, Bud Hurlbut. Did...


Ep.208 - Garett's Coaster Corner Mini Episode

Gabe was on vacation so Garett had some fun in this weeks mini episode. Garett takes you to on another coaster filled adventure as he catches you up on the recently opened roller coasters around the world. He also touches on arestoration of an older coaster as well as the first POV of a new one. Jump on board for a quick dose of theme park on this weeks action packed episode!


Ep. 207 - sWooZie's Confessions Of A Disney Employee

On Episode 207 of The Park Fanatic Podcast, we welcome YouTube sensation sWooZie to theshow to talk about his Confessions of a Disney Employee videos. After a year of working for the Mouse, he has many stories to share on his well craftedanimated videos. sWooZie talks about the behind the scenes, the making of his famous videoand the rest of his experiences at Walt Disney World. Truly an amazing experience and hilariousinterview. Garett also brings us another Coaster Corner where we talk...


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