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PH - 133 | Paul Lam | Focus On Your Own Strengths

60 days Unlimited audiobooks for Free with Scribd Focusing on your strength has been something I've been working alot more and more and operating in my place. What I learned is that you're able to pinpoint where you work best at depending on what kind of learner you are. When you're able to maximize your learning that's when you gain the knowledge to change your life for the better. Tony Robbins once said "knowledge is only potential power" You still...


PH - Sunday Sessions | Micro Goals Part 2

A very popular episode I did in 2017 was an episode where I spoke about micro goals and making them into easy bite-sized goals to complete to move the needle forward on your life. This time I wanted to elaborate on that for 2018 and what things I've learned. Check out more episodes at


PH - 132 | Steve P Young | One Powerful Conversation

The host of The App Masters Podcast, Entrepreneur, Speaker! This week on The Path Hunters Podcast I have Steve P Young from speaking about his journey, his fears, sharing his insights and his thoughts on various topics. I personally had a fun and inspiring conversation with Steve as we both had a blast just chatting back and forth. Topics we spoke about. Steve's JourneyDatingFearsAppsDiving into more real and raw conversationsand so much more! Instagram:...


PH - Sunday Sessions

Sunday sessions about what I believe in, and to take a stand. Charity waters Campaign. Check out more content at Follow on


PH - 131 | Valerie Groth | Finding Your Purpose In Life

Charity Waters Birthday Campaign Valerie Groth is an executive coach and internationally acclaimed speaker who has received national attention for her innovative work as a social entrepreneur. She is also the nonprofit founder of Ryan Banks Academy, a nonprofit building Chicago's first boarding school for urban youth. Her book, The Power of the Possible: The Dire State of Inner City Education and One Woman's Revolution to...


PH - 130 | Cameron Mattis | Create A Side Hustle With Online Courses

Cameron Mattis is the head of sales and account management at Teachable. An ed-tech and online education expert, he's helped thousands of people and businesses create their first successful online courses. Get a free month trial with Teachable with this link For more information check out Instagram:


PH - Sunday Sessions

All you path hunters out there lately I've discovered a new company that allows you to listen to unlimited audiobooks for $8.99 a month as I found audible to be a pain because you're paying $15 for only 1 book or if you return it. Currently, on the trial version, I had to share this link Where you get can get a 2 month trial for free instead of 30 days! (and I get 1 month on my end) I don't make a commission or anything I thought I'd like to share the...


PH - 129 | Paul Lam | Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

This week's episode is a bit different today, I wanted to jump onto this week and inspire some of you and experiment as well on my new zoom h1 recorder. Mobile podcast recording will allow me to share my thoughts as I'm being inspired throughout the day, and that way I can share with you and bring you on the journey as well. I have a few ideas for the future with this, and it's to bring you along the day to recording what my day is looking like. Maximizing the full day. a few other...


PH - 128 | Traver Boehm | Man Uncivilized | New Age New Men

Traver Boehm is the author of Today I Rise, a TEDx speaker and men’s coach, currently practicing intentional nomadism. He is the founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement redefining the way around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both the Primal Masculine with the Divine. Topics Traver and I spoke about are: Check out the rest of the episode at Instagram:


PH - 127 | Paul Lam | Let's Down To Business

The first quarter of 2018 is done, and I had some time to think about what has happened so far up until now. Digressing everything about what the plan is, and where I'm heading to next. How real does it get from here on out, and how much more can I give, and touching base on the roots of why I do what I do. It's a constant reminder to humble myself on top of being confident to take my life into my own hands. Check out more at Instagram:


PH - 126 | Mike Giannulis | From Over 500lbs to A Life Of Abundance

Mike Giannulis is an entrepreneur & coach specializing in business growth and digital and direct response marketing. I run a small coaching & consulting firm helping businesses achieve maximum profits. In 2012, I was on a weight loss TV show called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I had him onto the Path Hunters Podcast to chat about his journey, his lessons, and his whole weight loss journey too. Check out more info at Instagram -


PH - Sunday Sessions

Learning different things from a different perspective has been definitely one of those things that allowed me to look at life in such well-rounded manner. I'm so grateful everyday for even being born in Canada and looking forward to many things to come as I continue to learn new things all the time. I hope you enjoy this episode check out more at Instagram:


PH - 125 | Noah Laith | How Coming Close To Death Can Change Your Views On Life

One simple story of a shift in mindset from a near death experience.


PH - Sunday Sessions

Resolve + motivation = Success That's what I've come to the conclusion after learning so much about myself by asking all the hard questions I had to ask.


PH - 124 | Kay Fabella | Empower A Woman & She Empowers The World

Kay Fabella is a storyteller and business strategist, who crafts words for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to pivot with purpose and connect with the people they were meant to serve. She's a world-recognized speaker, author and trainer who's been featured in international media like the Huffington Post and El País. She's also a co-founder of a bilingual brand + website agency, Brand in a Bottle. A Los Angeles native based in Madrid, Spain, she works in English and Spanish to create...


PH - Sunday Sessions

This Sunday episode I wanted to touch base on 2 tips on how to deal with self-doubt and overworking yourself. As most of you know I love talking about my own experiences as I'm going through this whole entire motion myself and this time around I wanted to touch base and tell you my experiences after being burnt out and really feeling the mental and physical strain, and what I plan on doing about it. I hope you enjoy this episode~


PH - 123 | Jake Heilbrunn | Off The Beaten Trail

Jake Heilbrunn is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, surf-loving nomad, and entrepreneur. He has spoken to over 12,000 people of all ages, sharing his story and inspiring audiences to live with purpose and follow their intuition. Jake's work has been featured in Psychology Today, The LA Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and gained recognition from renown leaders like Jack Canfield and Chris Guillebeau. He is currently helping heart-driven leaders land, deliver, and spread their talk so...


PH - My Life Long Mistake

The moment you step into your true self and re-invent yourself that is the moment you have true power over yourself. I've spent my whole life trying to blend in with my surrounding when I knew deep down at an early age that I was different but I didn't have the guts and courage to step out on my own until last year in 2017.


PH - 122 | Heath Armstrong | Who Cares What Others Think Just Do You

I had an opportunity to chat with a digital nomad that is in the e-commerce space making 6 figures, and we didn’t chat about that but more about his upcoming project the new sweet ass journal to develop your happiness muscle in 100 days. He was on episode 75 for The Path Hunters Podcast Today Heath comes on for another round with me chatting about his new project, and other topics as well. Topics we spoke about are:


PH - Black Panther Is Awesome

Black Panther, Is an awesome movie because they tied many topics and lessons into a superhero movie! Definitely should watch it!


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