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PH - 141 | Mary Shores | How Unleash A New Version Of Yourself

Mary Shores is the author of Conscious Communications: A Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life. One powerful episode with Mary Shore that I had to share with all your path hunters Find more at Instagram


PH - Random Session | Path Hunters |

Where the human mind thinks it'll break, is far short where it's actually going to break. Focusing on the path and staying the course. You can get far in life if you are willing to.


PH - 140 | Sara Christensen | Kickass Masterminds & Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Sara Christensen, an serial entrepreneur from jumps onto The Path Hunters Podcast to talk about her journey to greatness. Topics we spoke about as well are: Check out more at


PH - Sunday Session | My Date Got Cancelled |

I spoke to a girl, and went on a date then she disappears! This episode is definitely a lesson that I wanted to share on this and why I'm so proud of what I did. check out more episodes at


PH - Sunday Sessions | Goal Setting |

For the longest time, I've known that goal setting really help an individual move forward in their life. The tough part is figuring out what kind of goal setting works, there are so many types and ways of goal setting. After diving into so many other podcaster's contents about this topic I think I found something that is going to work with me. I'd like to share that with you here today.


PH - Sunday Sessions | Sacrifice |

This sunday we're talking about sacrifice, and what it takes to build a life on your own terms, living well for the rest of your life. That means managing your time and sacrificing your 20s and 30s to live well for the rest of your life. Check out more at Instagram


PH - 139 | Paul Lam | Imposter

Imposter syndrome is a real thing among many entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and creators. check out what this episode is about


PH- Sunday Sessions | Commit To Mastery |

Committing to mastery, sacrifice, and aligning your values with your actions. Most of the time I can usually tell who really desires to change their life, and how serious they are. Listen to how I can shift that for myself. Check out more episodes at Instagram


PH - Sunday Sessions | Focus

Breaking things down to practical steps to move that needle forward in your life is important. Like many entrepreneurs, digital nomads and creators we tend to focus on too many things at the same but never really complete any of the projects we set forth. Today's episode I talk about something that I really had to focus on to see where I can start focusing on my life to move me forward. check out more at Instagram:


PH - 138 | Paul Lam | Stay Strong

Staying strong and not quitting is important and the reason why I'm talking about this is to remind everyone out there to keep going. You only live once and you might as well do your best to make it the best life possible. Check out more episodes at


PH - Sunday Session | An Endless Goal

Never ending growth


PH - 136 | Paul Lam | Find Your Why

Finding your "why" is important. From Apple to Harley Davidson each brand has a solid understanding of their "why" and by pinpointing this you'll be able to have loyal customers, people who understand your "why" will support you.


PH - 135 | Jan Keck | Why You Should Focus On The Money

" In order for you to be selfless, you have to be selfish first" - Paul Lam Today's podcast episode I spoke with my friend Jan Keck and catching up with him. His new business project is something I'm particularly excited for. I wanted to catch up Jan as he was on the podcast before in the very beginning and I thought it would be a great idea to catch up and record it at the same time. We spoke about: Jan becoming a father very soon. His new business...


PH - 134 | Paul Lam | The Matrix Way?

I had a conversation with my little brother about life as he's coming up in a time where he's finishing up school and about to embark on a new chapter of his life. With over $50,000 dollars in school debt, the normal way of thinking about this is quickly finding a job or maybe 2 jobs to work as quickly as possible to get out of debt, then move onto saving for your typical house or a new car? Another idea I had was why not embark on a travel adventure to learn more about the world and...


PH - Sunday Sessions | Imposter |

A deep conversation with a friend of mine that I'd like to share with all of you Path Hunters out there. While transitioning through a new life, my friend is having a hard time getting a hold of this new life, and wasn't able to believe that this life is happening. Listen to what I had to say to my friend. Check out more episodes at Instagram


PH - 133 | Paul Lam | Focus On Your Own Strengths

60 days Unlimited audiobooks for Free with Scribd Focusing on your strength has been something I've been working alot more and more and operating in my place. What I learned is that you're able to pinpoint where you work best at depending on what kind of learner you are. When you're able to maximize your learning that's when you gain the knowledge to change your life for the better. Tony Robbins once said "knowledge is only potential power" You still...


PH - Sunday Sessions | Micro Goals Part 2

A very popular episode I did in 2017 was an episode where I spoke about micro goals and making them into easy bite-sized goals to complete to move the needle forward on your life. This time I wanted to elaborate on that for 2018 and what things I've learned. Check out more episodes at


PH - 132 | Steve P Young | One Powerful Conversation

The host of The App Masters Podcast, Entrepreneur, Speaker! This week on The Path Hunters Podcast I have Steve P Young from speaking about his journey, his fears, sharing his insights and his thoughts on various topics. I personally had a fun and inspiring conversation with Steve as we both had a blast just chatting back and forth. Topics we spoke about. Steve's JourneyDatingFearsAppsDiving into more real and raw conversationsand so much more! Instagram:...


PH - Sunday Sessions

Sunday sessions about what I believe in, and to take a stand. Charity waters Campaign. Check out more content at Follow on


PH - 131 | Valerie Groth | Finding Your Purpose In Life

Charity Waters Birthday Campaign Valerie Groth is an executive coach and internationally acclaimed speaker who has received national attention for her innovative work as a social entrepreneur. She is also the nonprofit founder of Ryan Banks Academy, a nonprofit building Chicago's first boarding school for urban youth. Her book, The Power of the Possible: The Dire State of Inner City Education and One Woman's Revolution to...