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EP08 - why travel can be therapy with Emma-Louise Trotter

When you listen to this episode of the podcast, you'll realise how much fun Emma-Louise and I had recording it. As the longest episode yet, it'll take you through every emotion possible - laughing so hard you'll have to clutch your stomach, shock and awe and tears of both joy and sadness. In fact, after recording, it took me many hours to wind down as our chat left me thinking and feeling so much. But I digress. I'm talking to my long-time internet friend Emma-Louise Trotter from lifestyle...


EP07 - travelling in Australia and exploring cities with Beverley Reinemann

It's a complete honour to be chatting to Beverley Reinemann from the award winning travel blog Pack Your Passport. Beverley has been a massive name in the UK travel blogging scene for many years, and in this episode we chat all about how she got started, and where her first travel adventures led her. From caravan parks in the UK to living and working in Australia for two years, we also get the gossip on some of Beverley's favourite city break destinations. We talk about how to get an...


EP06 - How to have an awesome UK weekend break with Claire Robinson

On this episode I get to chat to the wonderful Claire Robinson from the UK travel blog blog Weekend Candy. Claire's mantra is "two days - make them count", and I couldn't be more down with that sentiment. Like me, Claire fits her travels around her job and we chat about planning the perfect weekend escape, finding incredible places to stay and building trips around something historic (we are both nerds after all)! Another passion we share is gin, and Claire gives us the rundown of her...


EP05 - holiday disappointment and travel agent secrets with Queen Beady

I’m so excited to welcome Bee Clayton from onto The Travelust today. Bee is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger from Yorkshire, who spent many years in her early career working in the travel and tourism industry. This week I get the gossip on what life was really like as travel agent and Bee chats about some of her favourite holiday destinations. We talk about the UK’s forgotten hidden gems and how to deal with disappointment when travelling. And as an added extra, Bee...


EP04 - exploring Yorkshire and music festivals with Rhianna Bowe

This week I’m having a good old chinwag with Rhianna, a blogger, instagrammer and online lass from Hailing from Yorkshire, we chat about the impact of her Dad’s Navy career on her world perspective and childhood trips down south (including being excited at the hovercraft)! Rhianna talks to me about the joys of being at home and why backpacking and long term travel doesn’t fit with her lifestyle. We both get really excited about music festivals and how they fit into...


EP03 - Wellbeing on the road, South America and solo travel with Ellie Quinn

On the podcast today I’m talking to Ellie from, who always seems to be away in an exciting destination and takes every single opportunity to travel. We chat about spending the summer holidays in Wales as a child and growing up adventurous, which led to working at Camp Leaders in the USA in her late teens. That fuelled an unshakeable passion for travel which has seen Ellie go all around the world as a solo traveller, and we discuss some of her experiences about going...


EP02 - City break planning, New York and the magic of Disney with Sophie Cliff

I'm so happy to chat to Sophie Cliff on episode two as she is a city break obsessive just like me. I’ve been following her adventures on and getting amazing city break tips from her so I’m delighted that she’s sharing them with you all today. We get real about maximising your holiday allowance and travel budgets and talk about how Sophie plans her trips. Sophie has one of the most meticulous processes I've ever seen, so if you are looking to book a city break this year,...


EP01 - Expat lifestyle, the Middle East and family travel with Lucy Sheref

I’m thrilled to have Lucy Sheref from as my very first guest on The Travelust, as I’ve been reading her incredible travel tips and packing guides for years. On this opening episode of the podcast, we chat all about how being a baby ex-pat changed her perspective on travel and how going long haul is in her blood. Lucy tell us about how a perfect storm of life experiences led her to get packing and on the road and how everyone should visit the Middle East at least once. There...


Preview: Welcome to the Travelust Podcast!

Hello, I’m Sam Sparrow, and I’m passionate about travel - so passionate in fact that as well as writing about it on, I’ve decided to talk about it right here on this new podcast every fortnight. I’m going to be chatting to the people who have built their life around a desire to experience the world on their terms. As a travel blogger and wannabe professional city breaker I’m nosy, and we get deep into travel memories, favourite destinations and tips to make your next...