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Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.

Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.
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Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.




Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo - Leaving the corporate world for the Mediterranean, India and a spiritual journey. TWM027

ABOUT NATALIE Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo is the founder of Miracle Mama, an online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers who are raising special needs children. Through coaching, community and connection, Natalie’s mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them. Natalie is also a writer and speaker, based in Melbourne, Australia. She love’s a good chai, mojito and getting out into nature. Natalie also has a background in corporate,...


Ways to move through Reverse Culture and Re-Entry shock. TWM026

WAYS TO COPE WITH MOVING HOME. Its that common feeling so many face, after returning home from the trip of a lifetime you arrive back home and, as if in a blink of an eye, it feels like your entire life has changed. Initially there is that excitement phase of seeing family and friends moves pretty fast and all of a sudden you thinking to yourself ‘what next?’ For sure everyone around you is asking ‘so, what are you going to do now?’ Links and show notes for this episode For links and...


Megan Norton - A global upbringing as a 'third culture kid.' TWM025

ABOUT MEGAN Having lived in 10 countries and 5 U.S. States, Megan is no stranger to global mobility and navigating change. She currently lives in the U.S. but travels frequently for work as an English teacher and independent education consultant. After completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to move to Europe. She hopped around a bit in her 20's from Austria to Greece and from Hungary to Poland. Megan completed a Masters in Europe and began her teaching career there. You can...


Michelle Legge - 3 years 'leggin it' on a motorcycle around Europe. TWM024

Slow traveling with only 9kg lead and taking time to do the things you enjoy. ABOUT MICHELE Michele Legge and her husband Ron are a West Australian couple in their 50s who decided not to wait until they retired to have a big travel adventure. They spent 3 years motorbiking couch surfing house sitting and slow travelling around Europe. Michele welcome to the show and thank you for joining me. LINKS Links for The Wanderlusters...


Mindset - Why its important for travellers. TWM023

Make a choice to achieve something, commit and stay consistent and manifest your success by focussing on your mind. What is Mindset? Mindset is a ‘way of thinking’ and opinions. This way of thinking predetermines your response to and interpretation of situations. How you perceive things. Travelling exposes you to an extensive array situations, people and circumstances that helps you to broaden your way of thinking and approach life with a more open mindset. Upon returning home its easy...


Dylan Bennett - A passion for languages and an addiction to culture shock. TWM022

Living and working in Spain, following love back home to Australia, moving to Shanghai and back to Australia again. ABOUT DYLAN Dylan Bennett was born in Darwin, Australia he has a passion for languages and an addiction to culture shock. He graduated as a teacher because it gave him the best chance possible to travel, have since taught in Indonesia, Spain and China. After finishing university in Lombok Indonesia and after a year teaching in Australia, spent the next 5 years moving every...


Mike Huxley - Travelling the world as a nurse, author and travel blogger.

Travelling to over 100 countries, Mike has been able to create a life exactly how he imagined. ABOUT MIKE Today on the show, I am speaking with Michael Huxley. He is the founder of Bemused Backpacker a UK travel blog he has spent several years abroad travelling to over 100 different countries. He is a published author, a qualified nurse and a world adventure. LINKS bemusedbackpacker.combemusedbackpacker@bemusedbackpack Links for The Wanderlusters...


What emotions you will face when returning from long term travel. TWM020

Top emotions you can expect to face Links Top emotions people face after returning home.The Wanderlusters hangover.Jo Parker - Shaping her life during 12 months in Wanderlusters Mind - Abby LewtasThe Wanderlusters Minds Hangout


Rocio Cadena - A travel writer from Mexico, now living in South Korea. TWM019

About Rocia Rocio is a Mexican-American writer and editor based in South Korea. She writes about all types and elements of culture, in-depth social issues, lifestyle and travel. She grew up in Mexico and at the age of 11 moved to Chicago. She spent a semester abroad studying in Italy at universe and has returned to Chicago on a several occasions but now calls South Korea home. Links is Rocio@this_is_rocio Links for The Wanderlusters...


Pip Honour - A wellness journey and a travelling adventure. TWM018

About Pip Pip Honour is a Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher. She works with women 1:1 and in groups to help them create more Confidence, Clarity and Calm in their worlds. Her work is grounded in the belief that transforming your mindset will create positive and lasting change. Pip went on a six month adventure spending 2 months in Europe - Italy, Croatia, France, Germany and Hungary, 1 month in South Africa, 1 month in India and 1 month in Sri Lanka before returning to Australia to...


What is Reverse Culture Shock TWM017

What you can expect and the different phases when your transitioning through Reverse Culture Shock. What is Reverse Culture Shock? Is a upsetting and disturbing feelings and emotions experienced by some people upon returning home from spending a significant time overseas. Links Reverse culture shock - what you can expect. Julianna Barnaby - Soul searching in Central Wanderlusters Mind - Abby LewtasThe Wanderlusters Minds Hangout


Hannah Morris - Humble beginnings to intercultural learning. TWM016

Dr. Hannah Morris is an international educator and world traveller passionate about assisting others as they navigate their own intercultural transitions. Her current work is based on her professional experiences abroad along with her research in higher education and intercultural learning and it has enabled her to combine the academic and practical knowledge of cross-cultural transitions to help students, families, and schools around the globe. Hannah was born with the travel bug. A...


Aimee Wilson - Trusting herself and following her passion of working with horses. TWM015

Aimee is a Life Coach, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Speaker, Sacred Space holder and super passionate about the power of working with horses. Aimee took off to work at a Summer Camp in the United States. She then travelled to London and returned to the States for another summer. Upon returning home she found her partner, her passion and started a new life. Aimee is now an Intuition & Embodiment Coach who encourages women to listen to their inner voice, unblock their fears, and...


Nikola Dóžová - Kenya, kayaking Europe to studying and consulting in digital marketing. 014

Nikola Dóžová is a lover great coffee, ultra marathon runs, books and nature. But most of all she love to do things in a different way. Nikola travelled solo around Kenya for six months, paddled 1000 Kilometres in a sea kayak, went to walk the Pyrenees and many many other adventures. Right now she is in Iceland finishing my master degree in digital marketing and is a passionate adventure and travel blogger. Links Links for The Wanderlusters...


Katy Grable - Growing up in Europe and returning to the U.S. at 16 years old.

Katy Grable was raised in a military family, and after spending the first few years of her life in Hawaii she then moved across the planet to Germany. Katy spent most of my formative years moving around the Germany and returned to the US when she was 16 years old. Her parents took every opportunity to travel with her when she was a child. They took weekend road trips around central Europe. She went to summer camps in Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as theatre camps in London....


Jo Parker - Shaping her life during 12 months in Denmark. 012

Johanna Parker is a heart-centred life, confidence and public speaking coach, international speaker and MC, life coach trainer, authenticity-advocate, travel junkie and founder of her personal empowerment business, Heart Sparks. Hailed by Women’s Fitness Magazine as a ‘positivity expert’, over the past ten years she has empowered thousands of young people and adults across not-for-profit, local government, education and community settings to become more connected to themselves, to...


Amanda Kendle - 5.5 years of teaching English aboard. 011

Amanda is a lifelong travel addict who has lived and worked in Japan, Slovakia and Germany before returning to her hometown of Perth, Western Australia. She runs a travel blog at and is the host of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, all about how beneficial travel can be for us in so many ways. She lives with her seven-year-old son and two cats and is always on the lookout for excuses to take her son...


Andrea Lewtas - Living in joy and helping others through holistic health. 010

Andrea is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga teacher and avid traveler. She is truly passionate about Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, travel and life in general! In 2016 she founded Ananda Ayurvedic Wellness, here it is her aim to help people overcome their health issues and enable them to live their life to the fullest potential. She grew up in a small beachside town in Victoria, Australia, and after travelling the world for many years, discovering herself and what this amazing planet...


Julianna Barnaby - Soul searching in Central America 009

Julianna is a travel blogger and creator of 'The Discoveries Of.' A travel writer who retrained as a lawyer and worked in London before going back to her original passion of travel writing. Julianna took the six weeks to spend time travelling in Central America and did a road trip up the West Coast of the US, before returning home to the UK. LINKS Links for The Wanderlusters...


Mel Cook - From Peru to Miami and falling in love. 008

Once known as shy Mel, she is now a girl full of swag who loves the opportunity to stay in shape. Mel is a body and lifestyle transformation specialist who loves life and loves inspiring people to achieve the body and lifestyle that they have always craved. Mel travelled for 4 month, a month in Peru and 3 months living in Miami. She spent her time training as a sprinter with an Olympic development coach, volunteering and working on herself. Links to connect with Mel Website:...