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Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.

Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.
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Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life. In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for. Please enjoy the show.




Trust, focus, an adventure to London and owning her unique magic with Ellie Swift. TWM040

ABOUT ELLIE Ellie Swift is a Mindset & Marketing Coach, Social Media Strategist, writer and speaker for ambitious women who are ready to share their unique blend of magic with the world and TRULY be seen, so that they can connect authentically with their customers online (and grow their heart-centred businesses!) Ellie spent the last decade working in marketing in London, Sydney and Perth, achieving her goal of Head of Marketing Strategy for a private agency in Perth, Western Australia by...


The richness of travel, art and culture with Olympian Peter Van Miltenburg. TWM039

About Pete My very special guest on TWM Podcast today is one of my Coaches mentor and life long friend, Peter Van Miltenburg. Peter is a former Australian sprinter who specialised in the 200 metres. In 1984 he was the Australian 200 metre champion. He also went to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics where he competed in the 100/200 metres. Peter is a life member of the Anglesea SLSC where he still competes and coaches one of Australia's most successful beach sprinting teams. More recently he has...


Why you should never stop travelling. TWM038

THE WORLD HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER... Travel continually teaches us to grow and evolve. I say continually because sometimes we don't learn the lessons the first time round, or we don't fully pick them up and adopt them, or we lose them. Common lessons and learnings that people say they have gained from travel are to have an open perspective on life, how to be flexible, adaptable and capable of doing things you thought you couldn't do, how to be resourceful and look within rather than outside...


Fiona Peters - Following her dreams as a luxury lifestyle photographer. TWM037

ABOUT FIONA Fiona is a Luxury Lifestyle Photographer who travels the globe to exotic, tropical island destinations capturing the beauty through her eyes. She is an, adventure seeker, ocean lover, yogi and keen surfer. Influenced by her upbringing on a beautiful coastal town of New South Wales, Fiona began surfing at the age of 13. Her interest is in capturing Mother Nature at her best. When she's not riding a wave, you'll find her shooting the many beautiful stories that she feels so...


Cate Brubaker - An obsession for Germany to leading and helping others live a global life. TWM036

About Cate Cate is an author, teacher, and part-time nomad based in North Carolina, USA. For over 20 years she has helped all kinds of global souls successfully navigate international and intercultural transitions. She has lived, studied, worked and traveled in 36 countries on four continents and never says no to gelato. Cate moved to Germany at 16 to live with a German family and attend a German school for her senior year of high school, then returned for a year of college, then to...


Are you glorifying your travel memories? TWM035

How do you look back on your travel memories? The common thread is that you remember the good times. Most of the time, you forget the rest. The seemingly ‘bad’ and ‘challenging’ times turn into moments of ‘overcoming challenges’ and you look upon these with a positive outlook. On occasions I believe you glorify these memories. Making these memories seem even more amazing than they actually were, attaching the strongest and most amazing emotions to them. Links and show notes for this...


Kate Williams - Inspired by the world to a thriving wellness business. TWM034

About Kate Kate left New Zealand at 20 years old to study the world instead of going to university. What she learned was something that school could never teach, travel opened her eyes to a whole new way of seeing life. At 25 years old, Kate found herself (on the Gold Coast) booking a last minute, one way ticket to Melbourne, triggered by what she claims to be a 'quarter life crisis' on the search to find a "good" job. After a year or so in the corporate world, feeling like a square peg...


Gabrielle Nancarrow - Bringing women together as a birth doula after living in the fast paced New York. 033

About Gabrielle Gabrielle is a mum of two little girls and a birth doula. She grew up in Anglesea on Victoria’s Surf Coast and has lived in New York, Paris and Buenos Aires. She is currently back in Melbourne with her family and is close to launching a women’s space in the inner-west called Gather. Gather will be a place for women to come together and connect through the sharing of stories, thoughts and experiences. Gabrielle’s intention for the space is to bring connection back to a...


Habits to keep after your travels. TWM032

9 habits to keep after your Links and show notes for this episode For links and show notes from this episode click here or visit Connect with me on Instagram @abbylewtas and on Facebook @The Wanderlusters Mind - Abby Lewtas


Margot Andersen - 7 years in London and returning home to help others in repatriation. TWM031

About Margot Margot spent 7 years living in London before returning 'home' to Australia approx. 12 years ago. Whilst she loves being back and firmly believes she made the right decision to do so, the return journey was not quite as straightforward as she had anticipated. However it is these experiences that led her to start a network group called Insync aimed at helping repatriates reconnect as they return; as well as develop several career management and leadership programs in her...


Travis Barton - Bartending in California to travel, adventure and life coaching as a global citizen. TWM030

About Travis Travis Barton is an expert at taking people who want to be extraordinary to epic new heights, through what he calls, adventurous coaching for extraordinary people. Travis has personally worked with a variety of people one on one, from executives and CEO's, to athletes and actors, to other coaches and entrepreneurs, supporting and challenging them in a powerful space to move passionately toward their dreams and goals, holding them at their highest self, creating space for...


Igniting friendships when returning home. TWM029

What I have learned when reconnecting with old friends. One of the hardest things, I found when returning home from long term travel was re-establishing my friendship circles. There was a mixture of old friends, plus new ones and other friends I was meeting along the way. There were often times when I so desperately wanted to meet with an old friend and it just take off from where we left off, but instead I found that I was the one, pushing and driving and hoping the friendship would be...


Sora Surya No - Travelling intentionally, uncovering rituals and leading sacred circles. TWM028

Sora Surya No Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler. She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine. Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters and share the art of holding circle. She leads women through powerful...


Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo - Leaving the corporate world for the Mediterranean, India and a spiritual journey. TWM027

ABOUT NATALIE Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo is the founder of Miracle Mama, an online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers who are raising special needs children. Through coaching, community and connection, Natalie’s mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them. Natalie is also a writer and speaker, based in Melbourne, Australia. She love’s a good chai, mojito and getting out into nature. Natalie also has a background in...


Ways to move through Reverse Culture and Re-Entry shock. TWM026

WAYS TO COPE WITH MOVING HOME. Its that common feeling so many face, after returning home from the trip of a lifetime you arrive back home and, as if in a blink of an eye, it feels like your entire life has changed. Initially there is that excitement phase of seeing family and friends moves pretty fast and all of a sudden you thinking to yourself ‘what next?’ For sure everyone around you is asking ‘so, what are you going to do now?’ Links and show notes for this episode For links and...


Megan Norton - A global upbringing as a 'third culture kid.' TWM025

ABOUT MEGAN Having lived in 10 countries and 5 U.S. States, Megan is no stranger to global mobility and navigating change. She currently lives in the U.S. but travels frequently for work as an English teacher and independent education consultant. After completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to move to Europe. She hopped around a bit in her 20's from Austria to Greece and from Hungary to Poland. Megan completed a Masters in Europe and began her teaching career there. You can...


Michelle Legge - 3 years 'leggin it' on a motorcycle around Europe. TWM024

Slow traveling with only 9kg lead and taking time to do the things you enjoy. ABOUT MICHELE Michele Legge and her husband Ron are a West Australian couple in their 50s who decided not to wait until they retired to have a big travel adventure. They spent 3 years motorbiking couch surfing house sitting and slow travelling around Europe. Michele welcome to the show and thank you for joining me. LINKS Links for The Wanderlusters...


Mindset - Why its important for travellers. TWM023

Make a choice to achieve something, commit and stay consistent and manifest your success by focussing on your mind. What is Mindset? Mindset is a ‘way of thinking’ and opinions. This way of thinking predetermines your response to and interpretation of situations. How you perceive things. Travelling exposes you to an extensive array situations, people and circumstances that helps you to broaden your way of thinking and approach life with a more open mindset. Upon returning home its easy...


Dylan Bennett - A passion for languages and an addiction to culture shock. TWM022

Living and working in Spain, following love back home to Australia, moving to Shanghai and back to Australia again. ABOUT DYLAN Dylan Bennett was born in Darwin, Australia he has a passion for languages and an addiction to culture shock. He graduated as a teacher because it gave him the best chance possible to travel, have since taught in Indonesia, Spain and China. After finishing university in Lombok Indonesia and after a year teaching in Australia, spent the next 5 years moving every...


Mike Huxley - Travelling the world as a nurse, author and travel blogger.

Travelling to over 100 countries, Mike has been able to create a life exactly how he imagined. ABOUT MIKE Today on the show, I am speaking with Michael Huxley. He is the founder of Bemused Backpacker a UK travel blog he has spent several years abroad travelling to over 100 different countries. He is a published author, a qualified nurse and a world adventure. LINKS bemusedbackpacker.combemusedbackpacker@bemusedbackpack Links for The Wanderlusters...