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TFB #15 - Squabbles and Segments

In this high-end J fare of an episode, I debut two new segments and talk with Kyle Askine of the Due for a Win Podcast. We discuss why cash back cards are not to be overlooked in the credit card game. A big thanks to Kyle for joining me. Say hi to him out in Atlantic City when you get a chance. Support the show at More reviews and thoughts can be found at


TFB SE - Castle Hot Springs

In this special edition episode, I talk with Maureen, current resident manager at Castle Hot Springs resort in Arizona. We discuss the property's interesting history, some of its famous guests, and how they are preparing for visitors this fall. Having visited Castle Hot Springs in the summer, I was awestruck by the beauty of the landscape and excited at the opportunity to stay and relax in the mineral springs. I hope you get a chance to visit this amazing place! Links: Patreon...


TFB #14 - Point Valuations and Chase Transfers

In this episode, I take some listener review feedback and discuss how point valuations are calculated and when and how to transfer points from Chase's Ultimate Rewards portal to dedicated travel transfer partners. Join the Bunker crew on Patreon!


TFB #13 - Detroit

In this episode, I talk with Mike Geeter, a lifelong Detroit area resident and stand-up comic. We talk about his career in comedy, the Detroit comedy scene, and, of course, his favorite spots in Detroit. I know that for many, Detroit may seem like an odd vacation destination, but trust me, it's a city worth considering. It’s historic, it’s beautiful, and it has a lot going on. You’ll find world-class restaurants, fantastic cocktail bars, and exceptionally mediocre professional sports. It’s...


TFB #12 - Good Credit Cards for Casual Travelers and Points/Miles Newbies

In this episode, I talk about some good credit cards for earning miles and points for those who travel casually or are new to navigating the points and miles world. Let me know if there are any cards you think should be added to the list! You can support the show here: Patreon/TravelFanboy


TFB #11 - Vegas Trip Report

In this episode, I detail my recent trip to Las Vegas for the Zorkfest and 360 Vegas Vacation festivities. The entire weekend was a blast. I met a number of incredible people, learned a ton of great info, and drank some of the best bourbons around. Doesn't get much better than that. If you're on the fence about attending Zorkfest or Vegas Vacation, take a big leap over into "yes". Enjoy! To support the show, become a member of the exclusive Bunker: TFB Patreon Links: TravelZork 360 Vegas


TFB SE: Live From Zorkfest

In this special edition of TFB, we hear my performance at Zorkfest 2018's Podcaster After Dark event. A big thanks to the Zorkfest team for the great setup and fantastic weekend. Be sure to listen to other presenters, Vital Vegas and You Can Bet on That, as well. *WARNING* Yes, there is a curse word in this presentation, which breaks from my normal, clean format. It was after dark, after all. I'd listen post 10pm so it aligns with most sensibilities.


TFB #10 - New Orleans City Guide with Mark Bologna of Beyond Bourbon Street

In this episode, I talk to Mark Bologna of the Beyond Bourbon Street Podcast. Mark is New Orleans native and full of incredibly useful information for NOLA visitors. New Orleans is such a culturally rich and exciting city with a ton to offer. I’m so happy that Mark was able to sort us out and act as a fantastic tour guide. Links: Beyond Bourbon Street - Instagram Zorkfest Schedule


TFB #9 - Points and Miles with a Family in Mind

In this episode, I chat with Joe from He takes us through his strategy of acquiring and spending points and miles efficiently for family travel. We also discuss good family lodging and destination options. Zorkfest registration is still open and tickets are still available for the charity craps tournament and Podcasters After Dark. I hope to see you there! Use code ZorkFanboy for $10 off your registration fee. Show links: Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast Disney...


TFB #8 - Chicago City Guide

In this episode, I take you to my hometown of Chicago and discuss some of the best places to eat and drink for your next visit to this great summertime city. I get some help from fellow Chicagoan, Han, a fellow fan of baseball trips and good pizza. Other Stuff My guest appearances and what I'm enjoying now: The Bettor Life Podcast Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast Zorkfest- use code ZorkFanboy for $10 off!


TFB #7 - Getting out of Economy with Gilbert Ott of God Save the Points

In this episode, I talk with Gilbert Ott of God Save the Points about getting out of economy and into first class on a budget. Gilbert is a points and miles expert and leaves us with salient tips to elevating your travel experiences inexpensively. Relevant links: God Save the Points Travel Fanboy - Patreon Zorkfest Heat to for more tips, reviews, and trip reports!


TFB #6 - Mob Bar Crawl with Scott Deitche

In this episode, I chat with organized crime author Scott Deitche. As a fan of good cocktails and rich history, I loved hearing Scott's picks for some of the best bars with mob ties and a colorful past. Be sure to follow Scott on Twitter and pick up any number of his books, including Cocktail Noir and Garden State Gangland. TFB Patreon Page Show links: Zorkfest Charity Craps Tournament Bourbon and Branch Podcast Miles to Go Podcast


TFB #5 - A Guide to Ultimate Rewards and Amex Membership Points

In this episode, I discuss some ways to get the most out of your Ultimate Rewards and Amex Membership points. It's a fairly involved show, so I provided a transcript of the link below if you'd like to follow along. Thanks to all the Patrons for your continued support! Important links: Transcript Patron Access Vegas Confessions Vice Lounge Online God Save the Points


TFB #4 - Los Angeles Budget Guide

In this star-studded episode, I'm joined by Chris from the Faces and Aces Podcast to talk about, of all things, wait...LA? Chris is an LA native and provides us with some fun and unique things to do on a visit in this traffic stricken town. I also discuss the upcoming Zorkfest 2018 and 360 Vegas Vacation events that I'll be attending. Zorkfest 2018 Conference Tickets: Registration Use code zorkfanboy for $10 off your tickets! 360 Vegas Vacation: Itinerary


TFB #3 - Churning, Burning, and your Credit Score

Adam likes to take credit for everything, but this episode is about being cautious as it relates to burning cards. Knowing how your score is paramount to making good credit decisions. Burning and churning for bonus points works well for some, but is it for you? To become a Patron, head to the official Patreon page: For more reviews and tips, there's always


TFB #2 - Las Vegas on a Budget Guide

Of course, Adam returns to Vegas in the second episode. Provided is a guide on the best budget-friendly hotels, restaurants, and gambling conditions. Join Adam as he ventures up the Strip and heads downtown, exploring inexpensive options on the way. To become a patron, head to the official Patreon page: For more tips and reviews, there's always


TFB #1 - The Three Alwayses for Budget Travelers

In his triumphant and long-awaited return to podcasting, Adam discusses three must-dos for budget travelers as they plan their trips. For more, head to