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Travel planning is fun! ...Sometimes the choices are overwhelming and you want professional advice. Find it here!

Travel planning is fun! ...Sometimes the choices are overwhelming and you want professional advice. Find it here!


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Travel planning is fun! ...Sometimes the choices are overwhelming and you want professional advice. Find it here!






New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating A Love Of Travel Along The Way

New Jersey To Wyoming | Cultivating a Love of Travel Housekeeping: (Megan speaking) I will am moving transatlantic from England to Virginia. Many of my previous guests have graciously hosted episodes of Travel Radio Podcast in my absence. I will be back mid August with some EXCITING NEWS. Thank you Katherine Parker-Magyar ( hosting this episode and roping your amazing mother into the project. You are both gems and I am...


Vienna: Christmas Market Planning For Families

Now is the Time To Plan Your Vienna Christmas Market Vacation NOTE: This is Megan writing a few insights on this episode for visiting Vienna, Austria over the Christmas Market ( season. Firstly, the activity links provided are for the do-it-yourselfers. In a time of tourist attractions...


Boston: Day Trips In And Around

Boston Road Trips And New England Day Trips Joan and Martin McEntee of join me on the podcast and YouTube channel to plot out four amazing routes to road trip this summer and fall. A point of comedy is that they are clearly from the UK and recording from Boston. I am clearly American and recording from England. It's a bit of a country swap and a pleasant surprise! In normal times Joan and Martin would be divine small group tours both on foot and via luxury vehicles. Now,...


Napa Valley, St. Helena's Boutique Vineyards & Hidden Gems w/ Lisa Redmon of Redmon Wines

Note from Megan Chapa: Today is the first of an exciting series of guest hosted episodes you will get to experience. My past guests have volunteered to create content for me so that I can make a transatlantic move this late summer/early fall. Content will focus on many drivable destinations in the US. I hope you will enjoy this series as my guests truly know travel well. They have all also made themselves available to you for questions or assistance planning your own trips. Feel free to tell...


Sandals Resorts: How To Choose The Right Sandals All-inclusive Resort For You

Sandals Resorts: How To Choose The Right One! Enter Valerie's Sandal's Resorts, Red Lane Spa Product, Give Away! Click Here. ( As you will be able to tell from this interview, Valerie Gossett, and I are BIG FANS of the Sandals family of properties. We also know that looking at the Sandals All-inclusive website can be overwhelming....


Douro Valley: Oporto & Northern Portugal Wine Regions Private Tours

Wine Tourism in Oporto and Northern Portugal, the Douro Valley Confession Time: There is always Portuguese wine on our table with dinner! It is also sometimes in our glasses other times of the day too! Portuguese wines are one of the greatest discoveries my husband and I learned about living in the UK. The Douro Valley is beautiful because of the vineyards and olive groves it’s famous for. Recording this episode was no chore for me as we are already eyeing this destination for ourselves....


Krakow, Poland: Beauty, Value and Vodka! Must Dos And Local Attractions

Title: Poland, Start in Krakow, Must Dos And Local Attractions,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:500,h:388,cg:true Guest Matty Kondrup (Matty K), shares why Krakow, Poland has captured a piece of his traveling heart. Shortly before the start of WWII Matty's grandparents fled Poland to the safety of America. His grandmother then joined the US Army, returning to Poland to fight on the side of the...


Jamaica Now! New Laws, Hotels, Decriminalized Cannabis and More.

What's New In Jamaica? ( The short answer is SO MUCH is new in Jamaica! Thankfully, I was able to get Irene Sauger on the program, Vacation Guru and JJG Group (Just Jamaica Group). Irene, gives us updates on the boring stuff in Jamaica, i.e. bans on plastics, new smoking laws and decriminalizing of marijuana possession. She...


River Cruising In a Post Covid-19 World with Pam Jarvis of Distinctive Voyages

Watch the video version of this interview with Pam's own River Cruise pictures here: Where can you travel after lock downs lift? What travel bubbles will effect my itinerary? Where can I go in Europe with the new regulations? Why might a river cruise be a safer choice for future travel? We attempt to answer these questions and show some great photos along the way. River cruising is already immensely popular. Post Covid-19 I expect River Cruising to become even more so. Today on the podcast...


Travel To Colombia. Is it Safe? Are there luxury options? Glamping, Beaches, Nightlife, Food and Exploding Games!

Travel To Colombia | Safety | Language | Destinations ( Photo by Flavia Carpio on Unsplash Morning! This is Megan having a moment of...


Surviving to Thriving, Walt Disney's Life | Success After Adversity and GIVEAWAY!

5/11/2020 ( Walt Disney survived the Spanish flu, WWI, the Great Depression and WWII. His life and determination to triumph in the face of adversity is a lesson for all of us today in 2020. For those of you in the travel industry, keep your chins up. This is a lesson from one of our own dreamers, Walt himself. WATCH THE VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH JEFF BARNES: ...


#traveldreaming Travel Industry Mix Tape and other destination jams...

Mix Tape For The Travel Industry ...and other destination based jams. Good hedgerows make for good neighbors... or so the expression goes. I would argue that it should be, "Good hedgerows make good neighbors but music has no bounds." This is what I found out a few weeks ago working in my Oxford in the garden. Suddenly, I heard my name. I turned around and there was my neighbor Charlie poking his head over the garden fence. Perched in the most precarious position, wobbling with large gadren...


Mongolia? Antarctica? Planning The Exceptional Sabbatical

Mongolia? Antarctica? Planning The Exception Sabbatical Planning an exception sabbatical with room to travel, rest, think and brainstorm is a daring game of Tetris. However, it can be done and done to maximize the benefits intended of sabbatical time. Susie Chau, Carpe Diem Traveler, is the master brick stacker for the job. At this moment, we are all inside, sheltering from Covid-19. It is giving lots of us time to pause and think about our next life phase. It may even feel like you are on a...


Autistic Children: TAKE THEM EVERYWHERE!

This episode earns a rating of DD. That is, "Dynamic Duo", "Determined Dames" or simply "Dina and Dee"! These two ladies joined the podcast to offer insights, suggestions and encouragement for persons who travel or want to travel with their autistic children. I hope these ladies are two new resources for you. All resources mentioned are below in the show notes! This episode is also for the rest of us who don't travel or live with autistic persons. We too will engage with them and need a...


Love Paris Travel Dare!

4/14/2020 Paris Dare... We Dare YOU Not To Love This City! Consider this your guide to LOVING PARIS! I hope this episode will keep you #traveldreaming! The level of immersion into French culture, cuisine, music, fashion and history packed into this itinerary will blow your mind. You will need to take pictures to recall everything packed into this trip. Oh, what is that? You don't take...


Nashville: Music Venue Insider Tips

Nashville, Music City Insider Tips! As Director of the Contemporary Music Center in Nashiville, Warren Pettit, knows musicians and venues inside and out. More importantly, he has low tolerance for mediocrity of the same. If you are lucky enough to be selected, for one of just 30 places each college semester, beware! He will ruin your tolerance for sub-par music and...


Project Chimps | USA ROAD TRIP!

Project Chimps - Not Wild But FREE! Pack up the minivan, this is a USA road trip worthy destination! Make it a multi-day stop with a hike on the Appalachian Trail (southern most trailhead is close by) and a stop at the largest Big Foot Museum in the USA. I asked my kids, "How would you like to put on a parade for chimpanzees at Halloween time?". I got one very excited "YES" and one absolute "NO". To be fair, the negative was a four year old that was not allowed to have ALL of the markers....


Aloha From Quarantine! Cruise Ship to Military Base

The Spirit of Aloha in Quarantine... (NOTE: This is information from an interview with Brian and Rowena Vasquez's first hand account. Medical advise and references for Coronavirus related matters should be derived from the WHO ( or CDC ( Brian and Rowena Vasquez, ambassadors of Aloha for Princess Cruise Lines, ukulele and hula instructors are locked in but not down. These two can be counted on for a smile or kind word not matter where they are. Brian...


Playa Please: Dominican Republic All-Inclusive Resort Reviews

In the Playa (brand) ... Family Of Resorts! Dominican Republic, Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resorts You know you want to visit the Dominican Republic. The blue waters and sugary sand are calling your name... BUT, GOSH DARN IT! Too Many Choices How do you sort through all the all-inclusive properties!? Picking the right one, or the wrong one, could make or break your vacation. This week I welcome back my recent guest, Michelle Tatum, to discuss her very recent trip to four Playa Hotels and...


Coronavirus News Resources

Coronavirus is a nightmare for the travel industry as the restrictions on travelers gets tighter and tighter. I've been fielding questions about where to travel, when it will be safe to travel and more. As a travel professional I consume a lot of programming on the Coronavirus. This episode of Travel Radio Podcast includes the resources I am sending to people when questioned, a couple podcasts I like and a news article that hypothesises the virus dissipating with the return of spring...