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At home in the world.




We Planned Your First Trip to Chicago

Those who know it wouldn't dare call Chicago a second city, so it's no wonder it won the best city in the U.S. in our recently released Readers' Choice Awards. Listen in for intel on where to eat, stay, and play in Chicago.


Our Favorite Late Night Eats Around the World

Warning: Do not listen to this episode on an empty stomach. From fries to doner kebabs, here's what our editors eat after hours.


How to Find the Perfect Suitcase

Do you opt for the durability of a hard shell or the flexibility of soft canvas? Is a built-in battery a must-have or a frivolous marketing ploy? Does the way a suitcase looks matter more than how smoothly it rolls? These luggage questions spark iron-clad opinions in frequent travelers. So on this week's episode, we hit the proverbial baggage claim to look at the backpacks, rollaboards, and check-in suitcases that rule... And the ones that don't.


Where You Should Go This Fall

From Mexico to New York, here are some fall getaways we can't wait to take.


Things You Should Never, Ever Do in a Restaurant

We cover when it's ok to eat with your hands (steak, never; bacon, always), as well as how to navigate all the different utensils, how picky you're allowed to be, and our overall pet peeves. (Don't use flash photography. Just don't.)


It's Hurricane Season. Time to Plan Your Trip to the Caribbean

Every September, knuckles from Maine to Venezuela whiten with the approach of storm season, that 3-month window when the wide stretch of the Atlantic between Dakar and Antigua threatens to fling spirals of torrential rain and wind at our eastern coasts. In this episode, we give you tips on staying safe and protecting your vacation in hurricane zones, including how to choose a low-risk island and what to do when things go wrong. We'll revisit the classics, and update you on Puerto Rico, St....


We Planned Your First Trip to Boston

Historical sites, the best dive bars, and (of course) the Green Monstah: We cover it all.


Where to Go for Labor Day Weekend

Because we actually planned in advance this year...


How to Survive a Summer of Crazy-Busy Air Travel

Air travel this summer is going to be nuts: Some 246.1 million passengers will fly on U.S. airlines between June 1 and August 31—an average of about 2.68 million passengers per day, according to the recent forecast from Airlines for America (A4A), a trade group that represents the largest airlines in the U.S. Put more simply? That security line—and the one at your regular airport Auntie Anne's—is going to be longer than usual. Here's what you can do to minimize the stress of handling the...


What Makes a Hotel Great

Each year, we vet hundreds (hundreds!) of hotel openings around the world to produce our annual selection of the best of the new: the Hot List. We're not gonna lie, it's a sweet gig. But there's a lot more to the process than simply dialing room service, testing the fluffiness of bathrobes, and hoping the bartender in the (fabulous) lobby bar remembers that we like our Old Fashioneds with *one* piece of ice. On this week's podcast we unpack just what goes into the year-long process of...


Where You Should Go This Summer

Everyone has their summer vacation spot—the beach bungalow on the Outer Banks or the Jersey Shore, or the lake house in Michigan or Idaho where the whole family gathers every year. It's wonderful, it's nostalgic, it...gets old. What if you could convince the crew to visit, say, Isla Holbox in Mexico this Fourth of July, where there aren't any crowds or chain restaurants, the weather is in the mid-80s, and the hot new Punta Caliza resort just opened? Or maybe you plan that trip to Switzerland...


We Plan Your First Safari

Planning a safari can be overwhelming. So on this week's Travelogue podcast, some of our more seasoned safari-goers chat with a first-timer to talk the malaria threat (the farther south, the lower the risk), where and when to bring your kids, and how to book a camp where your plunge pools might double as elephant drinking holes. We also share some of our more, let's say, adrenaline-raising safari tales; you'll have to listen to find out at which camp an editor was joined by predatory...


What’s Happening to Our National Parks?

We called in some experts to school us on National Parks 101: What's the difference between a monument and park? How many are there of each? How long have we had them? Are any of our beloved parks under threat? What does it take to maintain a national park, and can we all help?


Weed Tourism: How Legal Marijuana Is Changing Travel

As of today—April 20, natch—recreational marijuana is legal in 9 states plus the District of Columbia. That gives everyone who *doesn't* live in those states a whole new reason to travel. And it’s birthing a new wing of the travel industry, too—one that’s spread roots through everything from food to hotels to souvenir shops. On this week’s podcast we take a long, deep hit of this nascent phenomenon. No doubt weed, now that it’s legit, will be big. But how will Big Weed change travel?


Sacred Travel in the 21st Century

Humans have chased higher understanding around the globe since before recorded history. We may not always recognize them, but those journeys continue today. On the heels of our recently released exploration of Sacred Travel (, we're talking about spiritual journeys, including those from our own experiences. What separates a “spiritual” trip from any other kind? How do we find something greater than ourselves—intentionally or not—when we get away...


Can You Visit Every Country in the World Without Burning Out?

We sit down with Jessica Nabongo, on a mission to be the first black woman to visit every country in the world.


U.S. Airlines Need to Do Better By Our Pets

Pet deaths on a plane are rare, statistically speaking, but any one loss is very real to a pet owner. And when a major airline like United seems to screw up repeatedly, we need to put them on notice. In this week's Travelogue podcast, we cover what you need to know about flying with an animal, be it a cat in a carrier in the cabin, a Great Dane in cargo, or an emotional support pig...well, anywhere.


Why Etiquette Is Crucial—Wherever You Travel

On the latest episode of the Travelogue podcast, we dive into all the ways you can be polite and impolite when traveling abroad, covering everything from hugging people in Britain upon meeting them (don't) to passing food with chopsticks in Japan (seriously, don't). Along the way, we talk about how English-speaking countries may be united in language but differ significantly in their etiquette, and how knowing how to tip in a country is just as important as knowing whether or not to tip at...


What We Get Right About Accessible Travel

This week, we're sharing the first episode of the new season of Women Who Travel, Condé Nast Traveler's second podcast. Hosts Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey chat with Alysia Kezerian and Julia Buckley about their experiences traveling with disabilities. Along the way, we learn how far we've come in terms of accessible travel, but also see how much work there is still to do.


We Planned Your Next Trip to Tokyo

Everyone has heard of Tokyo: its grander-than-grand fish market; its imperial palace; its extravagant street fashions. Being there is a fever dream that you don't want to wake up from. With this in mind, we decided to do a deep dive into the Japanese capital, which was voted the world's best city in this year's Readers' Choice Awards and is featured in our brand-new collection of City Guides on the redesigned—you know, ICYMI.