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Your monthly window on the best of travel radio shows from Australia and around the world. Hosted by Ren Zwiers on Australia's Gold Coast.

Your monthly window on the best of travel radio shows from Australia and around the world. Hosted by Ren Zwiers on Australia's Gold Coast.
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Your monthly window on the best of travel radio shows from Australia and around the world. Hosted by Ren Zwiers on Australia's Gold Coast.




New York, Russia, Denver, Alaska, Mexico and Dining in the Dark

1: Geoff Harrison visits the Wellington Hotel in New York. 2: Graeme Kemlo from Travel Writers Radio in Melbourne chats with correspondent Kristan Henning about her recent Viking cruise to Russian destinations including St Petersburg. 3: David Gordon from Travelbites sends an audio postcard from Denver, Colorado. 4: Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull from Around the World TV in California chat with US author and adventurer Jerry Holl about his marathon bike ride from Alaska to the...


New York, Thessaloniki, Cheyenne, Zurich and Palazzo Versace

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Kahmal Quert of Molovos in Wellington, New York City. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Writers Radio) interviews travel writer Kevin Moloney on his recent trip to Thessaloniki, Greece. 3: David Gordon (Travelbites) visits Cheyenne, Wyoming in the US. 4: Arthur von Wiesenberger (Around the World TV) takes us on a visit to Zurich, Switzerland. 5: Mike Marr (Travel Writers Radio) visits the luxurious Versace Hotel on Australia's Gold Coast.


Iceland, Couran Cove, Switzerland, Stanthorpe and New York

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Frederick Sigbjornsson from Rekavic Excursions in Iceland. 2: Sue Ahearn from Travel Writers Radio visits Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island, offshore from Queensland's northern Gold Coast. 3: The Around the World crew in California interviews Matthias Kramer who is an expert on everything 'Switzerland'. 4: Sue Ahern discovers the Granite Belt, and the town of Stanthorpe, during her recent trip to south east Queensland. 5: Geoff Harrison is in New...


New York City Airporter, Paris Dreaming, Punta Mital (Mexico)

1: Geoff Harrison learns about the New York City Airporter bus service. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Wrriters Radio) chats with Katrina Lawrence, author of 'Paris Dreaming'. 3: Laurel House visits Punta Mital, Mexico (courtesy of Around the World Radio & TV). 4: Graeme Kemlo interviews Australian blogger Megan Jerrard.


Lapland, Burns Cottage, Novi Sad, Tim Macartney-Snape, Japan, Netherlands

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Eric Borg about Pure Lapland. 2: David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) visits Burns Cottage, Ayrshire. 3:Frances Beasley takes a trip to Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia. 4: Graeme Kemlo (Travelwriters Radio) interviews renowned mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape about ethical tourism. 5: Max Hartshorne from visits Japan. 6: Discover the delights of the Netherlands.


Air Canada, Macau, Colorado Tourism, Aussie adventurer Greg Mortimer.

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Air Canada's Maggie Bota White. 2: Arthur von Wiesenberger visits the Asian gambling hot spot, Macau. 3: The tourism delights of Colorado. 4: Veronica Matheson (Travel Writers Radio) interviews Australian adventurer Greg Mortimer who has had the latest Aurora Expeditions ship named after him.


Snow rugby; Vigo, Spain; funny airport codes, Kennedy Space Centre and Ovation of the Seas

1: Ian Balshaw presents the Snow Rugby concept. 2: Ren Zwiers visits Vigo, Spain. 3: Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull discover some humorous airport codes. 4: Geoff Harrison presents Kennedy Space Centre, Florida (USA). 5: Veronica Matheson chats with Captain Henrik Loy, master of Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas. Some segments courtesy of Around the World TV, Travel Writers Radio and Ski TV International.


Wengen, Whitehaven Beach, Trans Migrant, campervaning and Elves Hideaway

Geoff Harrison chats with Alan from Hotel Caprice, Wengen, Switzerland. Ren Zwiers visits Whitehaven Beach, rated the second best beach in the world. Author of 'The Trans Migrant', Kristi Duarte is featured in a segment from Veronica Matheson interviews campervaning specialist Lee Atkinson. Geoff Harrison visits the Elves Hideaway in Finland. Thanks go to our contributors, Geoff Harrison, Around the World TV and Travel Writers Radio.


The Hoff, Brittany Ferries, expedition cruising and The Art Ranch

1: Geoff Harrison interviews 'The Hoff' (David Hasselhoff). 2: David Gordon travels from England to France on Brittany Ferries. 3: Veronica Matheson chats with expedition cruising expert Peter Koller. 4: Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull learn about the US-based 'Art Ranch' from Laura Pettigrew. Segments (in order of sequence) courtesy of Ski-TV, Travelbites Radio, Travel Writers Radio and Around the World TV.


Falls Creek, travel apps, Fort Adams and a New York minute

TRA-266: Geoff Harrison chats with snow ski pro Hannah Strong at Falls Creek; Sue Ahearn and Graeme Kemlo discuss their favourite smartphone travel apps; Steve Marino takes us on a tour of Fort Adams (Newport, Rhode Island); Arthur von wiesenberger visits New York, the city that never sleeps. Segments courtesy of Ski TV International, Travel Writers Radio, Travelbites Radio and Around the World TV.


Trentino, Irish history, cruise guru and touring with the Beatles.

Episode 264, September 2017 1: Geoff Harrison chats with Elizabetta Gueterra about ski holidays in Trentino, northern Italy. 2: Travelbites Radio presents Newport Museum of Irish History manager Mike Slein talking about the facility on Rhode Island (US). 3: Graeme Kemlo of Travel Writers Radio interviews 'cruise guru' and regular contributor to that show Carolyne Jasinsky. 4: Around the World Travel TV hosts Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull, with Rebecca Brand chat with Ivor Davis...


TRA-263: African safari, Providence (Rhode Island), 1000 places to go, USA travel guide

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Amanda Nataii from African Scenic Safaris. 2: David Gordon (Travelbites) continues his exploration of Providence, Rhode Island. 3: Author Patricia Schultz promotes her book '1000 Places to Go' in this segment from Travel Writers Radio. 4: Max Hartshorne provides up-to-date details on travel to the United State (courtesy Aroundd the World Travel TV. The vidcast verson of this show can be seen on