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Bob Talbot talks dolphins and whales

From his game-changing ocean documentaries to his iconic photography, Bob Talbot has shaped how we see and think about the sea – particularly when it comes to its wildlife, like dolphins and whales. No doubt you’ve already seen Bob’s Oscar-nominated IMAX film called Dolphins, and you’ll soon be checking out his latest doco, called Being Dolphin 4D, which gives viewers a dolphin’s eye view of life in the pod. You’ve seen his incredible photography in Time and National Geographic, and you’ve...


Paul Ojuara on Brazil's Marmosets & Burrowing Owls

For wildlife photographer Paul Ojuara, getting the perfect shot in Natal, on Brazil’s northeastern tip, can be an extreme sport. Paul’s hometown can be violent (to get to some areas, wildlife photographers need police escorts), and the animals themselves can be a little tricksy (prowling pumas, anyone?). But for architect-turned-biologist Paul, these challenges just fuel his passion for wildlife, in particular the common marmosets and burrowing owls he’s been photographing locally for...


Alastair Pollock & the Sharks of the Bahamas

You already know and love Alastair Pollock’s stunning shark portraits, because you saw Australian Geographic’srecent shark special and are obsessed as I am with his Instagram. In this episode, Alastair reveals how his underwater photography has brought him within touching distance of some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures. His tales of diving adventures will make your jaw drop as he shares what it’s like to swim amongst 450kg great hammerheads and tiger sharks, with nothing but his...


Tigers of Kanha with James Rogerson

In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic we catch up with naturalist and photographer James Rogerson, whose wild work has taken him everywhere from Finland to the Seychelles, across his native United Kingdom and Africa and, more recently, to the tiger stronghold of Kanha National Park, in Central India. During his time in Kanha, James got to know some of the reserve’s more famous wild tigers, including Munna, Chota Munna and Umaparni, so he’s got some fascinating stories about them....


Andre Bauma & the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park

In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic we chat to Andre Bauma, a legendary ranger, guide and wildlife rescuer who has devoted his life to caring for the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park, in the Congo. Rescuing wildlife in a region ravaged by militia and rampant poaching takes the heart of a giant – but Andre Bauma is as humble as he is a great storyteller. In this podcast, Andre reveals how his work on the frontlines at Virunga have taught him exactly how to communicate...


Dr Graham Lauridsen & Australia's cassowaries

In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic we’re speaking to Dr Graham Lauridsen, who gets up close and extremely personal with the southern cassowary – a giant, flightless bird that’s endemic to the Australian tropical rainforest. Known for being super aggressive and towering at 180cm tall, cassowaries are in the ratite family of birds – so they date back all the way to the Cretaceous period of 60 million years ago (yep, they’re pretty much living dinosaurs – and have the massive talons...


Suzanne Hillcoat & the Great Barrier Reef's Dwarf Minke Whales

Dwarf minke whales were only discovered in August 1981, so there’s still stacks to learn about them. We do know that each year they mysteriously appear on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, stay about a month, and then totally disappear again. We also know that they are incredibly curious, playful and actively seek out human contact. As a marine biologist studying the dwarf minke, Suzanne Hillcoat’s spent hundreds of hours in the water with these little giants to research their behaviour, and...


Spirit Bears of British Columbia with Jack Plant

Ever heard of a Spirit Bear? It’s also known as a Kermode bear – and as there’s only a couple of hundred of them in the wild, they’re one of the rarest creatures on earth. The only place you’ll find them is in the Great Bear Rainforest, in British Columbia, Canada. And what makes them so unique is that while they’re technically black bears, they’re actually white in colour, due to a recessive gene. During his time tracking these incredible creatures through the epic wilderness of Canada’s...


Whales of Sydney with Annie Skarratt & Jonas Liebschner

What it’s like to see the famous white whale, Migaloo, not once but twice? Or to be out kayaking in Sydney Harbour when a southern right whale brings her calf over to say hi? In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic, naturalist guide Annie Skarratt joins acclaimed photographer Jonas Liebschner to take you into thick of the whaley action right in the heart of Australia’s biggest city. Our humpback story is a happy one. When the culling of humpbacks stopped in the 1960s there were just a...


Cheetahs with legendary Big Cat expert Dr Laurie Marker

In this inspiring episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic, the legendary Dr Laurie Marker shares the fascinating tales of her life with cheetahs in both Namibia and her early days in the Unites States. From her close bonds with cheetahs called Chewbacca and Khayyam, to the incredible work she’s done to boost the wild population in Namibia, Dr Laurie has a stack of intriguing insights about these vulnerable but mesmerising big cats.


Orcas of the Salish with Paulo O'Connor

Naturalist guide Paulo O’Connor has had some pretty amazing orca encounters in the Salish Sea, on Canada’s west coast. Throughout his career, Paulo’s worked as a ranger and naturalist all over the world, from American Samoa to Churchill in the Sub-arctic, and countless wildlife hotspots in between. His many years working as a zodiac pilot and naturalist with the killer whales of British Columbia have given him a unique perspective not only of the area’s individual orca pods and their...


Shannon Wild & the Polar Bears of Svalbard

Award-winning photographer, cinematographer and explorer Shannon Wild is known for her close encounters with some of the world’s most endangered animals, and man does she have some stories! Shannon grew up in Queensland, where she discovered her passion for wildlife and photography at a young age. In the years since then, she’s travelled all over the globe to film and photograph everything from wild komodo dragons to big cats for National Geographic, and, as part of her work, she regularly...


Hervey Bay's Humpbacks with Vicki Neville

In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic we chat to the legendary whale naturalist Vicki Neville. Her expertise has seen her become widely renowned as The Whale Whisperer, and in fact a documentary of the same name was recently made about her adventures with the humpbacks of Hervey Bay, on Australia’s Fraser Coast. For the past 21 years, Vicki has spent a squillion hours both in and out of the water with these giants of the deep – and her stories of her close encounters will leave you...


Dereck Joubert & The Maasai Lions

Happy World Lion Day! No one knows lions like Dereck and Beverly Joubert. After all, they’ve spent three decades filming them in the wild, and they founded the Big Cats Initiative to help protect these incredible predators in 27 countries. Dereck and Beverly’s credentials are mega impressive: they’re National Geographic Explorers, multi-award-winning film-makers, TED talkers and conservation game-changers. But above all, they’re humble, bloody good people whose love for each other and what...


Legendary oceans expert Valerie Taylor on her life with sharks

Ever wondered what it’d be like to leave your diving cage and swim among hundreds of sharks in a feeding frenzy? Or wondered how you’d survive if your dive boat left you behind, with nothing but some hair ribbons and your smarts to keep you alive? In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic, Valerie Taylor’s real-life adventure tales will blow your mind. Still diving at 83, Valerie has spent a lifetime in the ocean. Her decades-spanning career as a film-maker and photographer alongside...


Douglas Smith & the Wolves of Yellowstone

Today, Yellowstone National Park in the United States is one of the very best places on earth to see wolves in the wild – and we can thank Douglas Smith for that. Twenty-three years ago, Doug and his team at the Yellowstone Wolf Restoration Project reintroduced 41 wild wolves back into the park, at a time when they’d been virtually wiped out across North America. Doug’s been with Yellowstone’s wolves ever since then and he’s seen the wild packs bounce back every step of the way – and the...


Welcome to WILD LIVES by Faunographic!

Get up close and personal with the animals you love ! This brand spankin' new podcast shares the real-life stories of wild animals and their people – naturalists, rangers, film-makers, photographers, adventurers and a whole lot more. Powered by Faunographic and hosted by Rachelle Mackintosh, each episode reveals deeply personal frontline stories as we get close to tigers, great white sharks, wolves, grizzly bears – and everything with fur, feathers and fins in between. From jaw-dropping...