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011 - Marvellous MEXICO, must see locations | Jessica Kelly

I'm happy to share Jessica Kelly with you all. This week we cover the real Mexico. We talk about our experiences through Mexico and our favourite places. Mishel talks about her thoughts on Cancun and how that compares to other parts of Mexico. Must see places like Oaxaca and having a fabulous experience, living the Mexican life for a day. If you think Mexico is only 5 star, all inclusive resorts, then you must listen to this episode. It's so much more! Mishel and Jessica talk about being...


010 - Jumping Around The World | Miles Daisher

This episode we are extremely lucky to be joined by adrenaline junkie Miles Daisher. Miles is a professional Base Jumper and part of the Red Bull Air Force team. Miles was the first to hold the world record for the most amount of Base Jumps in a 24 hour period. Miles talks about the sport and how it has given him the opportunity to travel the world. Miles gets to see amazing landmarks in a unique way, from...


009 - Wheelie Good Travel | Jos Franciscus

This week we have invited the fabulous Jos Franciscus to join us to talk about travelling with a disability. Jos shares her story with intimate details and extreme honesty of how she travels. The fact that she is wheelchair bound has not stopped her from following her dreams of seeing the world. We hope that this episode empowers those that need it to follow their dreams. The facebook page Jos refers to is - ATCHAT We love to hear from you. withyoueverysteppodcast@gmail.com We have our...


008 - Hiking through PERU | Heidi Cheek

You've heard of Heidi Cheek mentioned in other episodes. This week she joins Mishel to talk about their experience hiking through Peru. It seemed like a beautiful sunny day, that quickley turned into a situation they both didn't see coming. Tour company recommended is: http://www.valentinspachamamajourneys.com/ Instagram - @withyoueverystep Facebook - @Withyoueverystep Twitter - @withyoueverystp We love to hear from you CONTACT US - withyoueverysteppodcast@gmail.com


007 - Australian Bush Ranger Ned Kelly with Bruce Johnson

With a growing interest in True Crime, the Dark Tourism industry is booming. I have invited historian and Ned Kelly expert Bruce Johnson to talk to us about Australia’s most notorious criminal, Edward (Ned) Kelly. Bruce shares his phenomenal knowledge of the Ned Kelly story in an unbiased way. He talks about why this Bushranger became Australia’s most wanted criminal of the 1800’s and what led to his demise. He is still to this day Australia’s most famous outlaw. Bruce recounts the events...


006 - Age is no barrier | Trish Rothville

Age is no barrier is an episode exactly about that, no barriers. Some women may find themselves alone later in life, due to divorce or through the loss of a partner. Trish Rothville explains how she travels and merged her passion for music with a love of travel. https://www.rrr.org.au/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.mishellee.com/ Instagram - @withyoueverystep Facebook -...


005 - The London Hustler with Author Amber Farrington

This episode we talk to the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The London Hustler - Amber Farrington - About how to Settle, Save and Socialise in London. Many Australians leave for a London life. It's not always the dream straight away. There are many obstacles to overcome, but once you do, living in London can be magical. Amber talks about her journey and tips and tricks from her book. If you know someone is leaving for a London life then this book is the perfect gift. Available at the Amazon...


004 - Galapagos Islands on a Budget.

Ever wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands, but thought it's out of your budget? MiShel and Helen explain step by step - a budget friendly way to see the Islands by staying on the actual islands. They talk about transport, day trips and even the shrunken head museum. Links to the accomodation mentioned in this episode below. http://airporthotelquito.com/ http://galapagosapartandsuites.com/


003 - The truth behind Animal Tourism with Ben Pearson from World Animal Protection

This episode we talk about a very serious issue. Unfortunately, this issue is funded by tourism. We talk to Ben Pearson, the Senior Campaigns Manager from the Australian branch of World Animal Protection to talk about Animal cruelty. Every year over one million Aussies visit Bali. Have you taken a photo with a Tiger? Have you sat on top of an elephant? Unfortunately, you have contributed to supporting animal cruelty. This episode is to inform you on why it's not okay. I did it many years...


002 - Raw and Honest with Joanna Curteis

My goal for this podcast is to inspire you to travel and give you information on how you can do it. We want to be real and we want to be honest. There is also a dangerous side to travelling alone. This episode we talk to Joanna Curteis. Joanna has travelled alone to many countries. Being a solo woman in certain Countries can be overwhelming. Joanna is very raw and honest, she talks openly about her dangerous experiences and how they could have been avoided. The point of this podcast is not...


001 - 30 Countries by the age of 30. Helen McCraw Interview

Today we speak to a fabulous Solo female traveller - Helen McCraw. Helen is a strong and Independent Brit. Her dream was to visit 30 countries by the age of 30. Today we will find out how she travels the world and her experiences and if she has made her dream come true. www.mishellee.com Instagram - @Withyoueverystep Facebook - @Withyoueverystep Twitter - @Withyoueverystp


0 - Introduction to With You Every Step | Travel Podcast

With You Every Step | Travel Podcast is hosted by MiShel Lee. MiShel is an Australian actress who has travelled the world predominantly solo. She will talk about all things relating to travel from a solo traveller’s point of view. MiShel gets raw and dives into the nitty gritty of travelling. We talk about all things relating to Travel and tourism. We hope this podcast will give you all the tools and tips you need to feel comfortable and confident to explore this amazing planet.