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024 - Christmas Special | Troy Larkin

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! This week Troy Larkin returns to share the Christmas cheer to you all. ****WARNING**** This episode is not suitable to listen to with young Santa lovers around. ****WARNING**** Troy Larkin is an Australian Actor who has Mishel in stitchers. They discuss Australian Christmas traditions. The way their families celebrate, including in depth chats about Santa. The differences they have noticed when they have spent a Christmas abroad. They also explore other traditions from...


023 - US Flight Attendant | Jason Kueper

This week on With You Every Step we are joined by Jason Kueper. Jason is a flight attendant for a major US airline. Have you have ever thought about a career as a flight attendant? If YES, then this episode is for you. Jason explains the hiring process, tips on how to stand out and what they are looking for during the intense training sessions. He tells entertaining stories from his flights, from Celebrities who have a fear of flying to mistakes Jason has made. His passion for his job,...


022 - Machu Picchu | Herlin Apaza Tumpay

This episode we welcome back Herlin Apaza Tumpay, a historical guide and Machu Picchu expert. Herlin returns to give us an in depth chat on Machu Picchu. He explains why they believe they built the ancient city on top of a mountain. The theories behind the ways of the Incas. When it was rediscovered and why it was abandoned. He also explains the structure and brilliant systems they have in place to keep this UNESCO site still standing through earthquakes and hundreds of centuries. They...


021 - Travelling with an illness

This episode Mishel opens up about her hidden personal struggles with health and how she travels to accomodate her issues. Mishel is honest, real and very emotional about her journey. Most people have no idea about the struggles she has been through. She talks about the struggle of finding the right Doctor, getting a diagnosis and how she manages travel. The planning involved in long trips and why she is OCD with so many things while travelling. Thank you for listening. Please SUBSCRIBE...


020 - Birthright to Israel | Sasha Kerdel

This episode I am joined by Sasha Kerdel. Sasha went on a Birthright tour to Israel. Sasha explains the interview process, how one is eligible for a Birthright tour, what it is and what it includes. It blew my mind! She talks about her experiences with the Western Wall, floating in the Dead Sea and a journey that took her on a spiritual opening that connected her to her Jewish history. This is not an episode about religion, it's about a journey one can take through Israel to learn and...


019 - Peruvian Tour Guide | Herlin Apaza Tumpay

We are so happy that we could have Herlin Apaza Tumpay join us on With You Every Step. Herlin is a tour guide throughout Peru, including the famous Inca trail and Machu Picchu. He explains how he became a guide, the training involved and why he loves what he does. He also gives some great tips on how to prepare for the Inca Trail and what to expect once the hiking begins. Herlin works for http://www.valentinspachamamajourneys.com/ He explains why it is so important to choose a local...


018 - MiShel's PRE Travel Tips

MiShel gives details on how she prepares for a big trip. This episode is all about the steps MiShel takes to ensure a safe, issue free holiday. She talks about how she plans a big trip, packing and preparing her house for some alone time. If you have time, we would love you to leave a review. Please SUBSCRIBE as well. Please keep all the amazing feedback coming. We love to hear your thoughts, questions and topic requests. withyoueverysteppodcast@gmail.com HAPPY TRAVELS!! Instagram -...


017 - European Bus Tour Driver | Didier Sequeira

Didier Sequeira joins the Stepper team to talk about his job. "Is the greatest job in the world" Didier states. Didier has been a Bus tour driver throughout Europe for the last six years. He has driven for tour companies such as Contiki and Busabout. Didier explains how to become a driver, the responsibilities of the driver and why he thinks it's the greatest job in the world. He also has some great stories for us too. Mishel talks about why she believes that Busabout is a great way to...


016 - Miles Of Love - LGBTQI Travel | Bess Hepworth

This week is an episode that has been requested from my Steppers. This is a topic that I am not qualified to speak about. So I have invited Bess Hepworth, founder of Planet Ally to talk about travel for the LGBTQI+ community. Bess is the lead organiser for the MILES OF LOVE conference, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong on 2 - 5 Novemeber 2018. I believe that this is an episode that everyone should hear. I can openly say that Bess has taught me a lot and shocked me with some...


015 - Secrets of Hong Kong | Troy Larkin

The fabulous Troy Larkin joins the Stepper team to talk about Hong Kong. Troy is an Australian Actor who lived in Hong Kong for 3 months for work. Troy created and performed shows for school students while exploring the exciting autonomous territory in South Eastern China. Troy's stories are exciting and informative. Troy explains how to get to the "secret bar", also where you can hike to see wild monkey's, and find a prestine beach away from the tourist locations. We can't forget all the...


014 - I joined a CULT - THE BURN ZONE | Renee Linnell

This week Mishel is joined by American Author Renee Linnell. Renee's book The Burn Zone - A memoir is out today in Barnes & Noble (for US residents) and on Amazon internationally. Renee’s story is a fascinating one. Her love and passion for travel started at the young age of 15, when she took herself off to Costa Rica and hitch hiked around the island solo. Over the years she travelled / Surfed the world alone, with others and for her professional modelling career. Renee has visited over...


013 - East Africa | Heidi Cheek

This episode Mishel asked Heidi Cheek to return to talk about East Africa. If you are an animal lover then East Africa is for you. Seeing the big 5 in the wild does not compare to seeing animals in a zoo. They discuss the Ngorongoro Crater and it's nature beauty. Hiking to see wild silverback gorillas in Uganda and relaxing on the stunning beaches of Zanzibar. Mishel's recommended hotels in Zanzibar are Amaan Bungalows and the Z hotel. https://www.thezhotel.com/ Don't forget to...


012 - Cruising the World | Bruce Johnson

Have you ever been on a Cruise Ship? This episode will make you want to jump on a Cruise Ship. Bruce Johnson returns to talk about his passion of Cruising. Bruce has been on 11 different cruises and he shares some really amazing tips. Bruce talks about the booking process, how to get a great deal and things to consider when choosing which cruise ship to go on. Keep on cruising! Happy...


011 - Marvellous MEXICO, must see locations | Jessica Kelly

I'm happy to share Jessica Kelly with you all. This week we cover the real Mexico. We talk about our experiences through Mexico and our favourite places. Mishel talks about her thoughts on Cancun and how that compares to other parts of Mexico. Must see places like Oaxaca and having a fabulous experience, living the Mexican life for a day. If you think Mexico is only 5 star, all inclusive resorts, then you must listen to this episode. It's so much more! Mishel and Jessica talk about being...


010 - Jumping Around The World | Miles Daisher

This episode we are extremely lucky to be joined by adrenaline junkie Miles Daisher. Miles is a professional Base Jumper and part of the Red Bull Air Force team. Miles was the first to hold the world record for the most amount of Base Jumps in a 24 hour period. Miles talks about the sport and how it has given him the opportunity to travel the world. Miles gets to see amazing landmarks in a unique way, from...


009 - Wheelie Good Travel | Jos Franciscus

This week we have invited the fabulous Jos Franciscus to join us to talk about travelling with a disability. Jos shares her story with intimate details and extreme honesty of how she travels. The fact that she is wheelchair bound has not stopped her from following her dreams of seeing the world. We hope that this episode empowers those that need it to follow their dreams. The facebook page Jos refers to is - ATCHAT We love to hear from you. withyoueverysteppodcast@gmail.com We have our...


008 - Hiking through PERU | Heidi Cheek

You've heard of Heidi Cheek mentioned in other episodes. This week she joins Mishel to talk about their experience hiking through Peru. It seemed like a beautiful sunny day, that quickley turned into a situation they both didn't see coming. Tour company recommended is: http://www.valentinspachamamajourneys.com/ Instagram - @withyoueverystep Facebook - @Withyoueverystep Twitter - @withyoueverystp We love to hear from you CONTACT US - withyoueverysteppodcast@gmail.com


007 - Australian Bush Ranger Ned Kelly with Bruce Johnson

With a growing interest in True Crime, the Dark Tourism industry is booming. I have invited historian and Ned Kelly expert Bruce Johnson to talk to us about Australia’s most notorious criminal, Edward (Ned) Kelly. Bruce shares his phenomenal knowledge of the Ned Kelly story in an unbiased way. He talks about why this Bushranger became Australia’s most wanted criminal of the 1800’s and what led to his demise. He is still to this day Australia’s most famous outlaw. Bruce recounts the events...


006 - Age is no barrier | Trish Rothville

Age is no barrier is an episode exactly about that, no barriers. Some women may find themselves alone later in life, due to divorce or through the loss of a partner. Trish Rothville explains how she travels and merged her passion for music with a love of travel. https://www.rrr.org.au/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.mishellee.com/ Instagram - @withyoueverystep Facebook -...


005 - The London Hustler with Author Amber Farrington

This episode we talk to the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The London Hustler - Amber Farrington - About how to Settle, Save and Socialise in London. Many Australians leave for a London life. It's not always the dream straight away. There are many obstacles to overcome, but once you do, living in London can be magical. Amber talks about her journey and tips and tricks from her book. If you know someone is leaving for a London life then this book is the perfect gift. Available at the Amazon...