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A podcast​ about travel, travel loyalty, casino and gambling lifestyle and casino loyalty.

A podcast​ about travel, travel loyalty, casino and gambling lifestyle and casino loyalty.
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A podcast​ about travel, travel loyalty, casino and gambling lifestyle and casino loyalty.








Episode 42 What is Discretionary Casino Comp

Today, we are talking about discretionary casino comps. For those that are not aware of what a comp is, that’s short for complementary and is a term used in casino environments to talk about items that you are given for free based on your casino play (or "action"). But what is a discretionary casino comp? Well, a discretionary casino comp is a comp that does not come out of your comp point balance. In this episode, we delve into exactly what discretionary comps are and give you examples of...


Episode 41 Interview with Brian Cohen of The Gate - Part 2

Today is part two of my conversation with Brian Cohen of The Gate. Brian is a special guest on the show that I’ve known for many years and has been an avid traveler visiting over 50 countries on six continents, as well as all 50 of the united states. He also writes for Travel Zork and has his blog, called The Gate. Today, we are talking about the frequent flyer travel community and how it can act as an incredible resource and opportunity pool. The travel community is the reason Brian and I...


Episode 40 "Opt-In" Promotions and What is a Targeted Promotion

Today, we are going to be speaking about opt-in promotions and targeted promotions. These are two concepts which are very similar that are popular in both the travel industry and also the casino industry. This episode of ZorkCast is inspired by an article that I recently wrote about a Caesars Tier Point Promotion and today we discuss what targeted promotions are, who they apply to and why companies decide to target their promotions. You will learn more about when to opt-in, how to opt-in...


Episode 39 Interview with Brian Cohen of The Gate - Part 1

Today on the show, we welcome a very special guest, Brian Cohen. Brian has been an avid traveler for years visiting over 50 countries on six continents and all 50 States in the United States. Brian is a frequent writer for the popular blog, The Gate, and has also written for Travel Zork. In this episode, Brian shares with us the lessons he has learnt from his many experiences abroad and how he has been able to implement them into business, as well as his relationships with others. He also...


Episode 38 Casino VIP Lounge access, should it be "free?"

Today on ZorkCast we are going to talk about Casino VIP Lounge Access. Should it be “free” Well, there has been a lot of talk recently about the changes and the Total Rewards casino loyalty program for 2018 and one of the changes announced before some of the other significant changes for 2018 was that Caesars would now be charging the vast majority of Diamond Total Rewards members for lounge access. For a long time, once you became a Total Rewards Diamond member you would gain access to...


Episode 37 Opportunity Cost of Miles&Points Part 2

Today, casino gaming expert and owner of Action Currency, Jeff B, returns as a guest on the show. This episode is a continuation of our last episode where we were talking about how Jeff got into miles and points, as well as opportunity costs and value of points. In this episode, we kick right where we left-off in Part One; into flight logistics, value for money and maximizing the full passenger experience. We talk about some of the best flights we’ve been on and how we were able to book...


Episode 36 Opportunity Cost of Miles&Points Part 1

Today, Jeff B. returns as a guest on the show. If you don’t already know him, Jeff is a casino gaming expert and also the owner of Action Currency and has written for TravelZork on the topics of currency, wine and luxury hotels. In this episode, we’ll be talking about Opportunity Cost. Opportunity Cost is the cost of an alternative that must be forgone to pursue a certain action or the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action. In this episode, we find out how Jeff got...


Episode 35 Credit Card Roulette

Happy Weekend Everyone! We decided to have a bit of fun on this Friday. Credit Card Roulette, have a listen! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Action Currency Jeff on TravelZork ZorkCast FaceBook Group Continue and Start the Conversation) TravelZork ZorkCast on Twitter ZorkCast on Instagram © 2017 ZorkCast © 2017 TravelZork


Episode 34 Hilton Honors Loyalty Program Quick Talk

I’ve been encouraging folks in the ZorkCast Facebook group to give me topics that they would like to hear about. Somebody recently asked about my experiences with the Hilton Honors Program, and so in this episode, we will be covering this topic. Today, I’m going to be giving a general overview of the Hilton Honors Loyalty Program. We’ll be covering different the status levels, the added benefits of being a Hilton Elite Member, suite upgrades and even Hilton’s convenient new check-in...


Episode 33 In Honour of My Mom Who Disliked Travel — On the 31st of October

Today’s episode is one of those rare times when I get personal. I love to share my stories, but I seldom share very much that involves my family, mostly because I try to be a little bit private about my life in some ways. Today is the 31st of October, which is Halloween, and it is also my mother’s birthday. It has been over five years since her unexpected death, and I always reflect and think about my mother a few times throughout every week, and I reflect about her on her birthday. The loss...


Episode 32 Developing Your Travel Loyalty Social Network

Recently on Cousin Vito’s podcast, episode number 59 I talked a bit about developing your travel loyalty and casino loyalty social network. We have an upcoming TravelZork event called ZorkFest which has a lot to do with that. ZorkFest is a one-day educational seminar that focuses on travel and casino loyalty. Here, we are going to have a bunch of sessions that are going to talk about maximizing your miles and points, optimizing your casino ratings, airfare and hotel shopping. Events like...


Episode 31 Guest Eric Rosenthal talking London Casinos - Playboy Casino and Empire Punto Banco - Part 3

Welcome to the longest ever ZorkCast episode! This is our third and final segment of the London Casino scene and today (or should we say the wee hours of this morning), Eric and I share our night out at the London Playboy Casino with you, from my flat at 4:48 AM. Our evening started off with a guided tour from Bunny Jenny and ended with another successful Baccarat (Punto Banco) game in The Dragon Room at Empire Casino. From food, to service, to Playboy memorabilia, to décor – here we give...


Episode 30 Guest Eric Rosenthal talking London Casinos EMPIRE CASINO - Part 2

Once again, we welcome Eric Rosenthal back. Eric is a casino loyalty expert and will also be one of the speakers at ZorkFest this December in Atlantic City. Eric loves talking about casino loyalty systems and in the prior episode we finished off talking about Empire Casino and the Icon Bar in London. Today on the show, we’re going to continue that conversation, talking about the casino area. When you leave Icon Bar, you go down an elevator to the main level and then you enter the main...


Episode 29 Guest Eric Rosenthal talking London Casinos - Part 1

Today on the show we have a special guest, Eric Rosenthal. Eric is a casino loyalty expert as well as someone who just loves casino loyalty systems, and he is going to be one of the speakers at the first ever ZorkFest event. He is a contributor to several gambling and travel related websites and podcasts and discusses all things Atlantic City and his passion for “Comp Harvesting.” Using his knowledge of casinos and the travel industry, Eric teaches people how to travel for free and maximize...


Episode 28 What Is An Advantage Player and Can You Really Beat The Casino?

Today on the show, we are joined again by casino gaming expert and owner of Action Currency, Jeff B. Jeff has written for TravelZork and in the previous episode, we tackled the concept of Casino THEO aka Theoretical Loss or “THEO,” for short. With all the latest news about the Vegas shooting tragedy, the topic of Advantage Player, better known as AP, has come up quite a bit, with more and more people realizing that being an Advantage Player is possible. Today, Jeff is going to talk a bit...


Episode 27 Talk about casino THEO Jeff B. - Part 1

On today’s episode, Jeff B returns as a guest on the show. Jeff is a gaming expert and also the owner of Action Currency. Jeff is going to talk a bit about Casino THEO. If you’re not sure exactly what THEO is, THEO is basically your theoretical loss to a casino. Casinos award comps based on a player's theoretical loss, or “THEO" for short. The theoretical loss is the amount of money a player is expected to lose based on the long run statistical advantage the casino has on the particular game...


Episode 26 Booking Mistake ("deal") Fares - Part 2

On today’s episode, we’re tackling Part II of Booking Deal Fares, otherwise sometimes referred to as “error” or “mistake fares.” In Part I, we went into a little bit of an overview as well as some nitty-gritty insights into these fare deals and how to hunt for the best potential deals. Now, in Part II, we are going to be looking at what are the best steps to take after you find a deal? What can you do to book these fares smartly, efficiently and ensure that you don’t come out on the other...


Episode 25 Booking Mistake ("deal") Fares - Part 1

Today we are going to be talking a little bit about booking deal fares, otherwise often referred to as "mistake fares". We're going to talk about what they are, how you book them, how you get them ticketed. First off, it's best to not refer to any travel mistake as a mistake. Refer to it as a “deal”, refer to it as a “flash sale”, but never refer to it as a mistake. Step number one is finding these deals. Stay tuned as we go over all the steps to booking the deal fares, how to find them, and...


Episode 24 So, You Want to PLAY CRAPS, Yes, You Do

So you want to play Craps? Well, if you want a great recreational gambling experience and you like to gamble Craps, also known as “Dice”, is a fabulous game. We are going to dive into some basic Craps strategy for people who are uncomfortable with taking the plunge and playing Dice. Now, it’s important to understand that there is quite a bit to this game even though none of it is really that complicated. In today’s episode, we are going to take it step-by-step and go over the rules of the...


Episode 23 : Casino Mistakes with Jeff B

Jeff, a casino gaming expert and also the owner of Action Currency. Jeff spends his time pursuing his passions, which include casino adventures, as well as trips that range from outdoor nature hikes to luxury hotel retreats. He is also a major foodie, and his interests span the world of wine, sake, luxury spirits, fine dining and unique dining opportunities throughout The United States. Jeff has also written for TravelZork on currency, wine, and luxury hotels. When not traveling, Jeff...