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Udon Making Class in Tokyo / Dordogne France

Another great AirBnB Experience, in addition to learning how to make Udon noodles, we got a great tour of Tokyo's Hino district. Donna's wish list takes us to the beautiful Dordogne region of France.


An Airbnb First Timer comes along on our British Columbia Road Trip

On this podcast we take our friend Marit on a British Columbia Road Trip. She has never stayed in an Airbnb and on this trip we make her stay in four. Wait until you hear her reaction. We stay in a charming and quaint Airbnb called "The Nest" in London-like Victoria, then continue up Vancouver Island to the bustling port town of Nanaimo. Here our Airbnb was located in the middle of a unique hostel. We take a ship over to the mainland and head due east to the wine region of the Okanagan...


Haunted Airbnb's, Cemeteries, and Genealogy

Donna calls in from the road, visiting small Midwestern towns and cemeteries on a genealogy trek with her parents and sister. She’ll share adventures from places most people don’t visit – including an Airbnb in Pendelton Indiana. With all this talk about cemeteries, we turned this into our Halloween special. We’ll share some creepy things we’ve experienced while staying in Airbnbs. Hear some eerie sounds coming from a fridge in Norway and how underwear mysteriously unpacked itself in the...


Shame Trash, Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, and Smoke on the Water in Switzerland

Our Bag of Shame Trash, Super Duper Host in Oaxaca, and Smoke on the Water near our Lausanne Airbnb in Switzerland.


Part 2 of LA to LA Road Trip - New Orleans, Breaux Bridge, and Lafayette Louisiana

A room in Cajun Country, Jeff’s Personal Crawfish Boil in Breaux Bridge, and having a blast in New Orleans French Quarter. Jeff and Donna learn about local music from Airbnb host Hugh in Lafayette, Lousiana, then head to Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capital of the world where Jeff enjoys a boil for one. Off to New Orleans Frenchmen’s street where Donna finds an Airbnb in the heart of the music and arts.


Arizona's Buddhist Temples, Tombstone Airbnb, and Naughty Time Shares

Okay, naughty might not be the most appropriate term to describe this Airbnb we tried in Sedona, but wait until you hear what we had to endure before getting our key. In Tuscon we get enlightened while staying in a Buddhist temple and nourished at a Michoacan restaurant. We walk the dusty streets of Tombstone. We didn't see Val or Kurt, but the places where Doc and Wyatt raised hell are still there. Come along, won't you?


Lima Peru, Kinsale Ireland and NY Lighthouse, Airbnb Beds

In Lima, find out why we chose the Barranco disctrict – great AirBnB hosts at a Spanish Colonial Mansion directed us to great food, beer, and human sacrifice. Then off to Kinsale, Ireland to room with an artist in her secluded waterside home studio. Was your bed too small at your last Airbnb? We have a few related suggestions for hosts, and Donna’s wish list takes us to someplace tall, luminous, and haunted.


Steinbeck's House in Monterey. Airbnb along a Venice canal. Wishing for a staffed houseboat in African jungle. Anaheim AirBnBs are not just for Disneyland.

Jeff and Donna find an AirBnB in Anaheim - Not for Mickey, but for a podcast conference. You’ll hear their suggestions for some cool podcasts. Off to Monterey to a former home owned by John Steinbeck now an AirBnB. Guest travelers and avid readers Jessica and Albert Thomas describe staying in a cottage where the legendary author wrote. Then to Europe where Jeff and Donna met up with family and enjoyed an AirBnB along a gondola happy rio. As a bonus they share how not to order a water taxi....


Bomb Shelter in Jerusalem; Cider House in Victoria BC

Ever wanted to spend time in a bomb shelter? Would you pay to sleep in one? Travel blogger Brian Cicioni shared what it was like to spend several nights in a well fortified, cozy room in Jerusalem. We also take a ferry from Port Angeles Washington, traverse the Straight of Juan de Fuca, then land in a charming neighborhood in Victoria British Columbia. While there we stop and pick some roadside blackberries, then head to Sea Cider Apple Farm and Tasting House. Owner Kristen Jordan shows us...


Episode 1 - Welcome! San Sebastian Stone House and Our Ideal Host

We choose a unique Airbnb just outside of San Sebastian, in a village called San Juan (Donibane in Basque). Our Airbnb was a converted stone barn - remodeled by our host Jone and including all the modern conveniences. Jone took us on a tour of San Sebastian and introduced us to it’s culinary Pintxos culture. On Donna’s AIrbnb “Wish List,” she picks out a Caribbean getaway in the heart of the Florida Keys that comes with beer!


Episode 2: Islay - Scottish Island of Whiskey, Wool, and a Whole Lot More

On Islay (pronouced EYE-Lah), we found an Airbnb in Bridgend, at the crossroads of an ancient island, off the coast of Scotland. During Medieval times the “Lord of the Isle” was proclaimed here, now, it’s more famous for it’s peaty (smokey-flavored) whisky distilleries such as Laphroaig . We take in some live folk music at the Port Charlotte hotel, and visit Islay Woolen Mill - an historic and charming treasure where kilts are made for Hollywood movies. On Donna’s “Airbnb Wish List” she...


Episode 3: AirBnB "Experience" of Food and Culture in our Home Town of Los Angeles

We talk “Staycations” in Los Angeles with Airbnb Experiences. Eat International with Andrew took us all over downtown LA for three days. We tasted foods from modern cuisine at Otium restaurant, then ventured through the international cultural areas of Olvera Street, Chinatown and Little Tokyo. Donna’s Airbnb Wishlist takes us to an artist's lake home in India with a Himalayan mountain backdrop.