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A.I.M - Ep15 - Adolfo Jesus Constanzo (The Witch Doctor) - Part 1

From Mexican drug cartels and voodoo priests, to human sacrifices and polyamorous bisexual relationships, this is the story of Adolfo Jesus Constanzo aka THE WITCH DOCTOR! ------------------- Jump into the grizzlies at 14:05 ------------------- SOCIALS: ------------------- Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Alans Twitter: alancassidy2009 Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Mikes YouTube:


A.I.M- Ep14 - Huang Yong

It's 2001, and in China numerous young boys and men are seemingly disappearing into thin air. The police don't care, and so it's up to the local people to uncover the grizzly truth. -------- Jump to the grizzly's @ 7:25 -------- SOCIALS: -------- Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Alans Twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes YouTube:


A.I.M - Ep13 - Stephen Port (The Grindr Killer)

In the ever evolving era of online dating apps, do we really know who it is on the other side of the screen? For four men in 2014-2015 Stephen Port was every online daters worst nightmare. ------------------------- Jump to the grizzly's! Timecode: 8:00 --------------------------- SOCIALS: --------------------------- Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Alans Twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes YouTube:


A.I.M - Ep12 - Juan Corona (The Machete Murderer)

America, they call it the land of the free. The worlds most powerful nation, built by immigrants from the ground up thanks to the hard work and resiliience of those who sought out ‘the american dream’. Unfortunately however, not all who have stepped foot on the shores of America have been so lucky. In fact, in 1971, in Yuva City California, migrant workers seeking out a better life where faced with something quite the opposite as they fell into the hands of both a vicous murderer..and a...


A.I.M - Ep11 - Michael Swango (Doctor Death)

Between 1981 and 1997 hospitals in both the USA and later in Zimbabwe found that patients began dying under mysterious circumstances. It wouldn't be until over a decade later, that the grizzly truth of these deaths would surface. The culprit, was more deadly than any disease, but much like any virus..would attack indiscriminately, it's victims having done nothing more...than being in the right the wrong time. This is the story of Michael Swango (aka Dr.Death)...


A.I.M - Ep 10 - Paul Denyer (The Frankston Killer)

Melbourne, Australia, 1993. In the costal suburb of Frankston a monster hides in the depths of it's streets, one who would go to take the lives of 3 innocent women. However, is there more to this monster than what first meets the eye? Check out our new episode all about The Frankston Killer to find out! ------------------ SOCIALS: ----------------- Twitter: @murderlandpod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Mikes twitter: @itsmicjames Alans twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes Youtube channel:...


A.I.M - Ep 9 - William George Bonin (The Freeway Killer)

Between December 1972 and June 1980, authorities in seven Southern California counties recorded the violent deaths of at least 44 young men and boys, their bodies dumped on roadsides and down alleyways. While strangulation was the favoured mode of mrder, some victims has been stabbed with knves or ice piks, and their bodies bore the marks... of unspeakable torture. Could this be the work of just one man? Or did Caifornia have a much bigger problem on their hands? Let’s find we...


A.I.M - Ep7 - Part 2 - Herbert Richard Baumeister (The I-70 Strangler)

The epic finale to the crazy murder mystery around Herbert Richard Baumeister (aka The I-70 Strangler) In this episode we find out what happened to Tony after his poolside "playdate" and follow the ace private investigator Virgil Vandagriff as he solves not one...but two murder cases. ***Our Socials*** Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Alans Twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Mikes YouTube:


A.I.M - Ep 7 - Part 1 - Herbert Richard Baumeister

Part 1 of our first ever two-part episode! It's the early 90's and Indianapolis is struck by the strange disappearances of a number of gay men. The police don't care, and the only man who can solve the case is private investigator Virgil Vandagriff. Join us as we sit down to discuss our most intriguing story yet. ***Our socials*** Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Alans Twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes YouTube channel:...


A.I.M - Ep6 - Robert Berdella (The Collector)

"Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative" - Scream 1996 - Influenced by his favourite horror movie Robert Berdella created a world of terror between 1984 and 1987. His crimes are possibly some of the worst human kind has ever witnessed from a single human being. ***SOCIAL MEDIAS*** Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: Adventures In Murderland Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjames Alans Twitter: @alancassidy2009 Mikes YouTube:


A.I.M - Ep5 - Randy Kraft (The Scorecard Killer)

Between 1971 and 1983 the California gay community was terrorised by a string of gruesome murders. The killer was a man named Randy Kraft, but you might know him better as 'The Scorecard Killer'. **Cut to 5:00 to get straight to the grizzlys** >OUR SOCIALS


A.I.M - Ep4 - Fritz Haarmann (The Vampire of Hanover)

Between 1918-1924 the city of Hanover was terrorised by tales of a vampire. A vampire who would steal young boys in the dead of night, never to be seen again. However, there was nothing supernatural about these crimes, as this monster was in fact a man, a man named Fritz Haarmann. /SKIP TO THE GRIZZLY'S BY GOING TO 6:20:00\ **Check our socials on Twitter: @MurderlandPod and Facebook: AdventuresInMurderland**


A.I.M - Ep3 - Colin Ireland (The Gay Slayer)

EPISODE 3!! And today we're discussing Colin Ireland (aka The Gay Slayer). An utter monster who made a New Years eve resolution to become a serial killer and who would go on to kill 5 gay men over several months in 1993. ***Check our socials*** Twitter: @MurderlandPod Facebook: AdventuresInMrdrland


A.I.M - Ep2 - Peter Moore (The Man In Black)

In our second ever episode we're talking about Peter Moore (aka The Man In Black) A sick individual who terrorised gay men for 20 years in North Wales, finally culminating in a killing spree throughout 1995. If you wanna get straight to the grizzly's in this episode skip to 00:10:00 **Find us on our socials** Twitter: @murderlandpod Facebook: adventuresinmrdrland


A.I.M - Ep 1 - Dennis Nilsen (The Kindly Killer)

In this episode we discuss Dennis Nilsen, aka the Muswell Hill Murderer and the Kindly Killer, a sick individual who killed at least fifteen men and boys in gruesome circumstances between 1978 and 1983. Check us out on our socials Twitter: @murderlandpod