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72: A Bonanza of Coal and the Wrong Way to Impress a Girl

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between! Welcome to episode 72, in which we grace your ears at the Hollywood Improv, AKA Em’s birthday episode! Em covers the Black Star Canyon, the home of one of our audience members. Meanwhile, Christine googled Orange County murders and discovered the case of Daniel Wozniak, a dramatic dude with a great mustache who committed a terrible, terrible crime. Please consider supporting the companies that support us! Hello Fresh -Hello Fresh - Use...


71: Spicy Highways and the New Brazilian Evangelical Gay Church of Murderers

In episode 71, Em covers the Yuma Territorial Prison, Arizona’s first prison, built by its own inmates…and still haunted by them. Meanwhile, Christine covers the gruesome double-murder perpetrated by 18-year-old Suzane von Richthofen and her boyfriend. And that's why we drink! Go to to try a pair of Felix Gray glasses today! Havenly - Get 25% off your design package by visiting! Use promo code DRINK for $10 off your first FabFitFun box at...


70: Fall Out Walt and A Child Called Murder

It’s episode 70! Hear Em tell the story of Doris Bither’s poltergeist, which inspired the movie The Entity and reminded us of the merits of ectoplasm. Meanwhile, Christine tells the story of Belle Gunness, one of America’s earliest serial killers. Please consider supporting the companies that support us! Check out and use promo code DRINK for free shipping! Visit for 25% off when you keep all five of your items! Burrow makes the luxury couch, for real life! For...


Listener Stories: Vol. 17

You guys bring the creepiness in this listeners episode, where we read your murderous and ghosty submissions! This week's stories include a haunted painting, a Canadian murder, an "imaginary" friend, and more...


69: The John Wick Effect and Funky Politics

Welcome to a special episode full of burned torsos. Em covers the well-documented phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion and treats us to the following joke: “It was lit.” Meanwhile, Christine covers the batsh*t crazy case of Brazilian TV host Wallace Souza, who used his homophobic puppet to get re-elected, despite his murderous tendencies. Text DRINK to 303030 for a FREE trial membership of Beach Body on Demand! Visit for a 4-week trial PLUS postage AND a digital...


68: A Lazy River Cellar and a Buffett Tattoo

Get on board with the theybies! It’s episode 68\. Em covers the (redundant) Barnstable House in MA and Christine covers the disappearance of OSU med student Brian Shaffer in 2006\. And that’s why we drink. Go Bucks!


68: The Lazy River Cellar and a Cheeseburger in Paradise

Get on board with the theybies! It’s episode 68\. Em covers the (redundant) Barnstable House in MA and Christine covers the disappearance of OSU med student Brian Shaffer in 2006\. And that’s why we drink. Go Bucks (?)


67: The UK Office Alien and Too Many Days of Mutton

Thanks for editing episode 67, Eva! Imma say you did a great job, even though I haven’t prepared mentally or psychologically. You are helping us SO much big hugsQYQY


66: Snowflake Forest and the Bacon Society

We're in CrimeCon, so this is the first episode edited by the lovely EVA! Sit back and enjoy Em's alien-themed story about the infamous abduction of Travis Walton, followed by Christine's long-awaited topic, the even more infamous Robert Pickton and his Canadian pig farm.


Listener Stories: Vol. 15

Welcome to Listener Stories: May Edition! Buckle up for a wild ride - this month we've got alien abductions, a possession-turned-murder, an encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer, and more. And that's why we drink!


And That's Why We Drink Wine (& Crime)! The Crossover Episode.

UFF-DA! It’s finally here! We are so thrilled to get the gals from Wine & Crime on the show to discuss some “wine-adjacent” stories. Em tells the crazy story of a haunted Missouri winery called Belvoir, where you can find ghost orphans, ghost elders, and, of course, wine. Meanwhile, Christine covers the tragic murder of Nancy Lyon, whose husband Richard "Dick" Lyon poisoned her vitamins, soda, and WINE! Be sure to check out our appearance on Wine & Crime by checking them out wherever you...


65: A Gender-Neutral Wolf and Satan’s Center Mouth

Don’t make haste! It’s episode 65, and we’re we’re diving deep into the capture of the Golden State Killer, the murder of Mandy Steingasser, and the 9 Circles of Hell. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure, where Em’s ideal woman has long legs and steak. In this episode, closed cases are solved, and Satan’s got a triple chin. Abandon all hope, u who enter here. Head to for a free trial and use offer code DRINK to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain!...


64: Father Bob and Wronger Answers

Em covers the insanely haunted Borley Rectory, which is haunted by a nun, some headless horsemen, and a guy who was not only extra - he was 1863 extra. Meanwhile, Christine goes for a ~theme~ and covers three crazy locked room mysteries. Oh and if you wanna join our mahjong ring, let us know. CrimeCon Meetup: Broadway Brewhouse Midtown on Saturday May 5th at 8pm Central Time


63: A Good Old Canadian Gaol and the Summer of Like

Welcome to episode 63, in which we discuss ghosts, murder, and a guy named Chauncey, who may or may not be a Sim. Em covers the Ottawa Jail, which is now a hostel, and Christine covers the Robison Family Murders, which all began with a bridge party in the woods. Come meet us at CrimeCon 2018 this May in Nashville, TN! Get a surprise gift from us when using promo code “ATWWD”! Visit and enter promo code DRINK30 for $30 off your first week of Hello...


62: The Musical History Algebra Podcast and Emvis Returns

Hamilton fans, rejoice! Em covers the Morris-Jumel Mansion, which, aside from influencing the hit broadway musical that neither of us have seen, also includes several ghosts, such as a girl who barks in the walls, a soldier who climbs out of paintings, and a shadow that pinches and growls at you. Meanwhile, Christine discusses the disappearance and murder of Barbara and Patricia Grimes, a case that is still open to this day, despite the interrogation of a steamfitter, whatever that is, and...


61: A Human Lazy Susan and the Bloody Brunch

Listen. Are you ready for Em’s story? We're pretty sure you're not, but we’ll tell you anyway. It’s the Squirrel Cage Jail of Pottawattamie County in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Christine was SO ready, she kinda-sorta fell asleep during it, but only because wine. Once Christine wakes up, she covers the krazy story of Leonarda Cianciulli, who fed her favorite son some…questionable…tea cakes. Go to [DAILY-HARVEST.COM](DAILY-HARVEST.COM) and enter promo code DRINK to get three items FREE off your...


Listener Stories: April Fools' Day

It's April 1st, and that means it's time for us to read your listeners' stories! HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S.


58: and the Return of RicePudding9

It’s episode 58 and, as promised, the one and only Alex Schiefer is here to do a dramatic reading of our hand-delivered hate mail. Once we’ve kicked him out of the room, Em covers The House of 200 Demons in Gary, Indiana (Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, that’s the town that knew me when!). Meanwhile, Christine covers the infamous Richardson family murders that took place in Medicine Hat, Alberta in the year 2006, otherwise known as the heyday of MySpace, LiveJournal, and “American Online...


57: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Zombies and an Em-vis Impersonator

It’s episode 57! Em’s story - the urban legend of Russia’s 1940s sleep experiment - is bananas. In Christine’s words, “What the actual hell, Em.” Meanwhile, Christine discusses the ~timely~ case of the David and Louise Turpin, who held their 13 kids hostage for years in a California “house of horrors.” If we needed an excuse to drink, that would be it. Come meet us at CrimeCon 2018 this May in Nashville, TN! Get a surprise gift from us when using promo code “ATWWD”!...