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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!


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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!




E312 Our AIM Renaissance and Our Cryptid Festival Year

In episode 312 we're suggesting you chew on Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts at your own risk. But we are recommending a cryptid festival road trip for any who'd like to partake! And we're starting with the topic of Em's story this week, the Van Meter Visitor, or as Christine dubbed them, a time traveling monster with headlamps. Then Christine covers the brutal case of the Connecticut River Valley Killer, an unsolved 70's serial killer we can only hope is identified one day. And shout out to the...


E311 Vaudeville Canes and Hand-Clap Games

Welcome to episode 311 where we're having a very Drew Barrymore moment and we're basking in it! We hope you enjoy our cool and crazed energy today as Em brings us tales of the Tower of London, a spooky call-back to 10 year-old Christine. Then current Christine covers the second part in her two part series on the case that originated Stockholm Syndrome. And are you telling us Lady Grey and Early Grey are married?? ...and that's why we drink! We're hitting the road again next month! Check out...


E310 The Town Shrieker and the Grape Escape

It's episode 310 and despite the movie-magic of our recording schedule we actually haven't recorded in a month! Tune in as we catch up on anxiety and nose piercings as well as all things creepy. First Em covers the wild history of the Banshee, who uses she/her pronouns, thank you for normalizing pronouns, Banshee. Then Christine breaks down Stockholm Syndrome for us and brings us part one of the case the term originated from. And get Ireland on the horn, because we've got some questions...


E309 A Haunted Doll Book Club and a Murder Comic

It's episode 309 and there continue to be no hinges to speak of in the new year! First Em kicks off 2023 with the many UFO encounters of Terrell Copeland in their home state of Virginia. Then Christine covers the tale of Cordelia Botkin, the first murder by mail and a story of people with way too much privilege. And be sure to tune in if you've ever wanted to know how the different alien close encounters relate to sea monkeys of the 90s... and that's why we drink! New year, new live show!...


E308 Trenchfoot Animation and Ballhootin' Through the Holler

Happy episode 308! We mean, New Year! We recorded ahead so we don't have any predictions for the new year yet but we're still bringing the creeps this week. First Em tells the folklore of the Dullahan, from the Irish Otherworld. Then Christine brings us murders along the Appalachian trail. And, for now, we are at peace in the Troll Hole... and that's why we drink! Don't miss out on our brand new, spooky live show: On the Rocks! P.S. Here's the link to the video...


Listener Stories: Vol. 75

Happy New Year!! We're still committed to not making any predictions because of how terribly that's gone in the past (it's a moot pursuit) but we're wishing all you boozers and shakers the absolute best this new year! We're also bringing you some of your own creepy submitted stories - no theme this time around, just general creeps, from a cursed Christmas ornament and a haunted plane to a Watcher House suspect and a celebrity mountain cult. And for February, we're calling everyone who ever...


E307 Secret Krampus and Creepy Cake

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Episode 307 is our official holiday episode where Em is bringing us a smorgasbord of creepy Christmas lore with Frau Perchta (Krampus's gal pal), Mari Lwyd, and Hans Trapp (a Christmas Scarecrow). Then Christine covers the brutal and tragic case of the murders of Ed and Minnie Maurin right before their own holiday party. And tune in for Christine's AP Music Theory class confessions... and that's why we drink! We're going back on tour! If you need last...


E306 Mailed Stale French Fries and Rogue Eyebrows

It's episode 306 and since it's earlier for us than usual and we just saw each other in person, we're a little extra unhinged! But we're here to bring you some holiday season creeps: first Em covers the Mackenzie Poltergeist and Greyfriars Cemetery. Then Christine brings us a very "Nightmare Before Christmas"-esque story with the extremely sad and perplexing Napa Valley Halloween Murders. And are we here to hook up Bumble BFFs who live next to cemeteries? ...and that's why we drink!


E305 An Onion of a Drink and a Real Life Fish Flop

Welcome to episode 305, where we're reading the fucking room! This week Em brings us a story we covered on Sinisterhood, the Greenbrier Ghost, the tale of a spirit who helped solve her own murder. Then Christine covers the chilling case of the stalking of Laura Black. If you take away anything from this episode, please let it be that "No" is a full sentence... and that's why we drink! If you or anyone you know is experiencing stalking or would like to learn more, please visit the Stalking...


E304 Hand Paws and Wisconsinners

In episode 304, Mommy comes back to get you... Em passes on a family tradition in the form of an out of tune song from traveling moms. Then they bring us the story of a Wisconsin werewolf, the Beast of Bray Road, the absolute last dog you want to cuddle. Then Christine brings us the lukewarm, we mean cold case of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, who's murderer was pretty obvious to everyone except the people set to solve it. Also, keep an eye out for Christine who just might come to find you in...


Listener Stories: Vol. 74

Happy unhinged Honda-days! Christine is channeling multiple demons to bring us another rendition of "Christmastime is here" but we're all about helping you celebrate any and all holidays you partake in! We've got some wild, spooky "home for the holidays" themed stories because 'tis the season for chill-inducing caroling trips, heartwarming haunted Christmas lights and a rock collector turned under-the-bed bone collector who's holidays have been haunted ever since. Merry Chremit to all!...


E303 A Pumpkin Head and a Biased Bisexual

In episode 303, the floor of Christine's lucid dream is covered in mouse traps set by Em! And what are your intentions for our daughter, we mean, aircraft because Em is covering a UFO sighting this week in the story of the disappearance of Fred Valentich, a gemini through and through. Then Christine covers the case of Mandy Stavik and the power of women and their instincts. And stay tuned to see if Christine's next lucid dream can reveal the note Em wrote for her that's hidden in their...


E302 An Elbow Eyebrow and an Asparagus Salad

It’s episode 302 and Christine has another ghost story she’s been waiting to tell Em on the podcast! Then Em brings us the dramatic, Victorian paranormal story of the Berry Pomeroy Castle, which could have been the first McMansion? Meanwhile, Christine covers the wild and plot-twisty story of Stacey Castor. And we’ve cried once and we’ll cry again that our Here for the Boos shows are over! We’ve been performing it for a 10th of our lives! …and that’s why we drink! Be sure to check out our...


E301 Jack-o-lantern Moths and Spooky Smiles

Trick or treat! We're trying to prove that it's always spooky season for us, so today Em is bringing us the history of Halloween traditions. Then Christine covers the wild, harrowing and empowering tale of Susan Kuhnhausen. And FWIW (for what it's worth), we think Mondays are out and Cabbage Nights are in... and that's why we drink! If you want check out one of many great self-defense programs with us, check out Gracie University,


E300 Bougie Ghost Hunting and Wafts of Fog Friends

It’s here, it’s happening, it’s our 300th! We can’t believe we’ve been here for 300 years, we mean episodes. We wanted to do something special to celebrate and since we’ve covered the Winchester Mystery House twice, once at the beginning of the podcast and once for the 200th episode, we thought, why not go record there in person this time! So today we’re coming to ya from Sarah Winchester’s carriage house and talking all things ghost and paranormal equipment. First Em gives us a rundown on...


Listener Stories: Vol. 73

Happy two days after our Atlanta costume contest live show (we mean November)! Christine has her celebratory headband on today and Em's costume hasn't even been mailed to them as we record this but we're just happy to be back reading your spooky stories. This month we've got trucker, road trip and vehicle related stories that give us quite the goosecam. And all of a sudden Em might have to learn how to cook a turkey... stay tuned to find out how that goes! And that's why we drink! Don't...


E299 A Lesson in Filaments and a Future Ghost Prank

Happy Halloweekend, boozers and shakers!! We can't believe we missed a Halloween/300th celebration crossover by one episode but we'll take it. Episode 299 is a spooky doozy in and of itself! On our favorite holiday Em lets Christine pick the paranormal topic in real time so she requests the haunted San Diego staple, Hotel del Coronado. Then Christine brings us a creepy cold case in the story of Jane Marie Prichard. And do you happen to know what Mothman's fanbase is called? We're going with...


E298 A Merch Bag of Dirt and the Latest Sensation for Jaded Lovers of Uncanny Things

In episode 298, the mighty have fallen... Christine has gotten Covid. But spooky season is lifting our spirits so this week we're bringing you two creepy tales to help with all that may ail you as well. First Em tells us terrifying tales of haunted coal mines both in the U.S. and abroad. Then Christine covers the disturbing case of Pamela Smart. Is the Maiden of Heavy Metal the new Bad Boy of Podcasting? ...and that's why we drink! Don't forget to join us this spooky season for the last few...


E297 A Halloween Holiday Gift and Justice for Book

Hello Hocus Pocus community: It's episode 297 and Em has some thoughts! Including giving all the awards to the actor and/or CGI artist behind Book. We also challenge you (and Blaise) to count how many times we say "lore" this episode because Em is covering the Selkies, a magical seal-folk who can shed their skin and turn into humans. Then Christine brings us the chilling but wildly resolved story of the abduction of Shawn Hornbeck, also known as the Missouri Miracle. And don't forget to tune...


E296 A Lemon Planchette Read-a-Long Graphic and a Material Girl Coffin

Welcome to episode 296 where Eva had a doctor's appointment so we're fending for ourselves, Lord of the Flies style! As promised, Em brings us the wild tale of Manresa Castle and we learn not to expect the toxic spirits to respect our boundaries. Then Christine covers the short but disturbing case of the Alexander family and the Lorber Cult. Tune in to join us for the mystery of why bells are ringing in Christine's neighborhood at 2:11pm est... and that's why we drink! Spooky season is upon...