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S1 Ep5: The Carriage Abductions - A True Crime Short

Two abductions, just months and miles apart. On Halloween in 1955, two year old Steven Damman disappeared from outside a store as he stood by his little sister’s carriage. And in the summer of 1956, one month old Peter Weinberger disappeared from his carriage as he lay sleeping. Two tragic kidnappings that made New Yorkers hold their children closer, and lock their doors tightly. Website: Facebook: Twitter:...


S1 Ep4: Grave Diggers Quest for the Truth - Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson is one of the most well known painters in Canada. He's often referred to as Canada’s Vincent Van Gogh. In 1917, Tom was an up and coming artist, living a life he loved, painting, fishing and camping in Algonquin Park, Ontario. What happened to Tom on that drizzly day that he paddled his Chestnut canoe away from the dock of the Mowat Lodge on Canoe Lake? A skilled canoeist, outdoorsman and fishing guide, Tom was never seen alive again. Was his death an accidental drowning, suicide...


S1 Ep 3: The Black Widow

Melissa Ann Shepard - Canadian Serial Killer On the East Coast of Canada, there’s an 83 year old woman who looks like a nice, little old lady. The kind that would bake cookies and deliver them to you with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. But, don't be fooled, Melissa Ann Shepard is anything but a sweet old woman. She's sneaky, conniving and a good actress when it comes to widowed men looking for love. This crafty octagenarian is a murderer and fraudster. And for the most part,...


S1 Ep2: Murders at Lover's Lane

In the summer of 1990, in Houston Texas, young lovers Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson headed to a remote area of the city, a place familiar to them as somewhere to hang out or go parking. It was locally known at the time as “Lover’s Lane”. That night would be the last night anyone saw them alive. The murders of Cheryl and Andy is a cold case that has never been forgotten. A brutal homicide. Website: Facebook:...


S1 Ep1: When Eleven Criminals Pulled Off the Crime of the Century

Secrets are hard to keep, especially when you have a large group of people. In 1950, eleven criminals planned and pulled off a heist of epic proportions in Boston, Massachusetts when they robbed a Brink's depot. A reporter for the Boston Globe called it... the perfect crime of the century. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @podcast_bas