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A podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood — or if Hollywood took it from them.

A podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood — or if Hollywood took it from them.
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A podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood — or if Hollywood took it from them.




Ep 11 Vampires' Delight

In the early morning hours of August 14, 2011, police were called to an apartment complex to investigate a reported assault. They arrived to find a man in the parking lot growling and hissing and wearing nothing but boxer shorts. When police attempted to restrain him the man took off running. As he tried to escape, he scaled two tall fences which, according to officers, he did with minimal effort. The man was cornered shortly after and taken into custody. Minutes before police arrived on...


Ep 10 The Max Headroom Incident

As people in Chicago gathered around their TVs for the nightly news, sportscaster Dan Roan was reporting the day’s highlights when the screen suddenly went black. Seconds later, a new image appeared on the screen. There was no sound and viewers were no longer looking at Dan Roan. They were now looking at a strange figure in a rubber mask, sunglasses, a brown jacket, tie, and white shirt. Behind the figure was a corrugated metal sheet moving up and down giving the amateur effect of a 3D...


Ep 09 Filthy Dirty John Meehan

25 year-old Terra Newell parked her car on the top level of her apartment building’s lot. Collecting her dog and purse, Terra exited her car and walked to the rear. The 5'2" tall Terra was immediately confronted by the 6'2" tall man who had been a few spots over only moments earlier. The large man put one of his hands over her mouth revealing a long knife in the other. He stabbed at her repeatedly, slicing deep into her forearm and another into her chest. She was able to knock the knife...


Ep 08 The Chameleon

One day in October 1997, several police stations across the US received phone calls from a youth center in Spain. The caller identified himself as the director of the facility and stated that a teenage boy from America was there asking for help. The police in the US put the caller in touch with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The caller from Spain went on to give a brief physical description of the boy and asked if there were any missing teenagers matching their...


Ep 07 The Man In The Bag

31 year-old Gareth Williams was, by all accounts, an incredibly private person who disliked office small talk and did his best to avoid social events. In 2001, Williams went to work for the British intelligence agency known as the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. Nine years later, Gareth Williams would become the focus of an extraordinary mystery. His intensely private life became very public when the government agent was found dead inside a padlocked duffle bag. Find more...


Ep 06 Sleeping Killers

From the mental disorder defense, otherwise known as the insanity plea, to the more common ones like self-defense, judges and juries are tasked with deciding if these arguments are believable. They listen to experts and witnesses, pour over exhibit A and exhibit B, and ponder whether or not there’s reasonable doubt. They do this for every case brought before them. Even more so, perhaps, for those few who claim they killed while sleeping. Find more information about this...


Ep 05 The Barefoot Bandit - Part 2

The story of the Barefoot Bandit continues. More stolen planes. More stolen speedboats and luxury cars. How much longer could he possibly elude authorities? Find more information about this episode: Follow us: Instagram @beyondbizarretc Contact us:


Ep 04 The Barefoot Bandit - Part 1

The legend of the Barefoot Bandit is the story of an epic crime spree involving hundreds of burglaries and millions of dollars of stolen luxury cars, planes, and boats. The crimes went on for years and crossed state and international borders. The crimes earned the Barefoot Bandit the unenviable title of FBI’s Most Wanted. But what makes the story legendary is that the Barefoot Bandit - was a teenager. Find more information about this episode: Follow...


Ep 03 Dude, Where's My Syrup?

Ahhhh maple syrup! The perfect addition to a stack of pancakes. Tapped from the good old maple tree, this sweet condiment is poured over millions of breakfasts every single day. Add to that the countless tasty treats and delicious recipes that use maple syrup and its popularity becomes crystal clear. With popularity comes demand and with every commodity comes a black market. Like moonshine during the dry days of prohibition, maple syrup is no different and with a value over 10 times that of...


Ep 02 The Deadly Clown Cold Case

On a grey rainy morning, a white car drove up the driveway to a house in a quiet South Florida neighborhood. The driver parked and casually walked to the front door carrying balloons and a bouquet of flowers. When 40 year old Marlene Warren greeted the stranger in the bright orange wig, red foam nose, and painted face, she smiled pleasantly. Marlene had loved clowns since she was a child. When the grinning stranger handed her the festive balloons and flowers, Marlene remarked, “Oh, how...


Ep 01 The Killdozer

On the afternoon of June 4 2004, the small mountain town of Granby, Colorado would bear witness to a destructive scene that would last over two hours and leave their streets in ruins. Find more information about this episode: Follow us: Contact us: