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Derrick Todd Lee - Baton Rouge Serial Killer

All the signs, beginning in Derrick Todd Lee’s early life, suggested he needed help. From uncontrollable rage, torturing and killing animals, and stalking women, someone let Derrick slip through the loops. These proclivities eventually turned into a life of murder, as Derrick became responsible for the deaths of at least seven women. The crimes are brutal, and the trial disturbing. Please come under the Black Umbrella and find out the why and how.


Unexplained/Unsolved Murders and Disappearances that Happened on Halloween

Thought you had escaped Halloween? Not so fast, suckers. We’ve got one more episode in the tank for you. As the title suggests, we'll look into unsolved murders and disappearances that happened on Halloween. Did David Berkowitz accurately prophesy the killings of two people? Who kidnapped and murdered Cindy Song? Was Nima Louise Carter a victim of a serial killing babysitter? Was Chaim Weiss a victim of some brutal occult ritual? Join Courtney and her special guest as they give you the info...


History of Halloween Part 2

In this episode we continue the history of Halloween. We’ll discuss the symbols concerning Halloween, where they originated from, as well as costumes and spooky-demon summoning games that you can still play today! Be sure to check out our Tumblr to see Courtney and Brandon in their Halloween costumes over the years.


Story Time: Appalachian Folklore

Folklore is amazing. Stories of the Belva Mine Disaster, the Snallygaster, and the Dwaayo are just the tip of the iceberg. Join Brandon as he talks about these three tales of folklore and see if you can separate fact from fiction.


History of Halloween

The history and origins of Halloween are as rich as any other day of celebration. Whether you believe it’s a day where the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, or just a time to eat all the candy you can shove in your pie-hole, most of us can say we love Halloween. So get under the Black Umbrella as we talk about the history of Halloween and all the spooky-dooky stuff slammed in the middle.


History of the Jack O' Lantern and Stingy Jack

If there’s truth to the old saying that in every myth lies some facts, then there’s a possibility we have Jack O’ Lanterns because the devil is a moron. So now, people not worthy of Heaven and too slick for Hell walk in between worlds, carrying their candlelit pumpkins or turnips, hoping the scary things don’t get them. But that’s just one of the legends concerning the Jack O’ Lantern. So join us as we kick off October with some fun folklore.


John George Haigh: The Acid Bath Killer

When your nickname is “Acid Bath Killer” there’s hardly a need for an introduction. Meet John George Haigh, an English serial killer who disposed of his victims using a bath of phosphoric acid. Haigh started off small with petty theft and money scams. But after a few stints in jail, Haigh had the idea: if the victims aren’t alive, then there’s no one to turn me in.


Fred and Rosemary West: The Parents you Wished you Never Had

If you’ve ever wanted to hear a story that is completely made of W – T – F, then we have it for you. Meet Fred and Rosemary West, two English serial killers who tortured, murdered, and dismembered at least ten people. Some of the victims were the couple’s children. What started off as a life of prostitution (one of Rose’s clients being her father), Rose and Fred quickly went down a much darker road. So as you listen, just remember any time you’ve ever wished for new parents, becareful of...


Jeremiah Lexer: Frightmare Manor

Before it was known as Frightmare Manor, the home of Jeremiah Lexer and his extended family was probably a normal house, filled with the laughter of children, the hustle and bustle of farm life, and a general sense of peace. But that changed on July 5, 1902 at 3:25 A.M. Supposedly unprovoked, Jeremiah Lexer began a killing spree that claimed his entire family, which he heinously murdred with an axe, right down to his young grandchilren. After the rampage had ended, Jeremiah committed suicide...


Robert Berdella Part 3: The End

Thank Mr. Magoo, we’ve reached the end of the road of the Robert Berdella story. In this final episode, we’ll discuss Berdella’s arrest, conviction, and death, plus go into a little more disturbing detail of his torture methods. We’ll also play a clip of Berdella himself, speaking about how he feared for his life while being in jail, and no one cared.


Robert Berdella Part 2: The Murders

Injecting drain cleaner into the neck. Pouring amonia into open eyes. Using 7700 volts to keep victims awake after the torture had been too much. Rupturing anal cavities with a fist. These are all things Robert Berdella did to those he captured. This kind of torture is unreal and in some cases it went on for weeks. It’s clear Berdella was a monster, so come under the Black Umbrella and listen to how “innovative” Berdella was.


Robert Berdella Part 1

We’re still on serial killers and we’ve got a good one here. Robert Berdella, or the Kansas City Butcher, is next on the list. Found guilty of killing at least six people, Berdella had a propensity for rape, torture, dismemberment, and “rupturing cavities”. In the first of this two part episode, we’ll lay the ground work, and describe Berdella’s religious upbringing, his love for cooking, collecting, and especially his art…And by art, we mean he used duck’s blood to express himself. Enjoy.


Graham Young: Teacup Poisoner

There’s something to be said about people who hurt their family and friends. And by hurt, I mean poison them to near or actual death, while keeping a journal of how each victim reacted. Welcome to the life of Graham Young.


Conspiracy Theory: Reptilians are controlling the world

Did you know a secret society of reptilians are controlling your mind and basically the world? Well we didn’t either. But yes, welcome to the conspiracy theory concerning the reptilian underground, an ancient race of shape-shifting demigods that have been influencing society for thousands, if not millions of years. We’re going to dive straight into a pool of crazy and get soaked in it. Just remember, there are tons of people who believe reptilian overlords to be true. Will you be converted?


Extinction Events: How the world almost ended in your lifetime

Have you ever asked the question, has the world almost ended in my lifetime? Well, the answer is yes, it has...a lot. From narrow misses of comets, solar flares, diseases and humans almost nuking themselves on a daily basis, the fact we're all still here is a little surprising. In this episode we'll discuss some past and very recent instances, where if it wasn't for dumb luck, Jupiter, and one smart person in the midst of bunch of morons, the Earth would be bye bye baby. Prepare to increase...


Conspiracy Theory: Boston Marathon Bombing

The bombings that occurred during the 2013 Boston Marathon were tragic. Three people lost their lives and many more were severely injured. Information would suggest the chase and capture of the Tsarnaev brothers was cut and dry. But as with any event, there has to be some conspiracy involved. Was the bombing a false flag? Did we blame another country when, in fact, the United States was at fault? Was this an FBI drill gone wrong? Was the bombing something "needed" to help increase security...


Gilles de Rais - One of the worst humans ever

Most of us have heard of the heroine, Joan of Arc. But have you heard about her second-in-command, Gilles de Rais? Where Joan was viewed as virtuous and heroic, Gilles was a bloodthirsty deviant bent on gaining wealth by any means. The most heinous of those means was child sacrifice to the demon, Barron. It is estimated Gilles tortured and killed, (with a smile, by his own confession), up to six hundred children. Come under the Black Umbrella and get information overload on one of the worst...


Ted Kaczynski Part 2

In this second episode about the Unabomber, Courtney and Brandon will discuss those wounded and killed by Ted Kaczynski, his capture, and sentencing. Learn about the investigation, which lead to his capture and what’s happening to old Teddy Bear since his arrest.


Ted Kaczynski - The Unabomber

Ted Kaczynski is one of the bigger names in true crime. Dubbed as the Unabomber, Ted was responsible for the deaths of three people and injuring over twenty more with homemade bombs. Had one of his bombs functioned correctly, the death tally could’ve reached over five hundred. We’ll discuss Ted’s life, and how his genius level intellect was used for evil instead of good.


Charles Starkweather: Spree Killer & Inspiration

When you’re the inspiration for one of horror’s greatest villains, you know you’re a bad, bad human. Introducing Charles Starkweather, a spree killer, who racked up a total of eleven murders in the span of a couple of months. Many site Starkweather as the man who gave Stephen King the inspiration for some of his baddest villains, including Randall Flagg. Come under the Black Umbrella as we talk about what set Charles off onto his murder spree, his conviction and execution. Was he a product...