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EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP has been a subject of both intrigue and debate in the paranormal community for a long time. Are these captured recordings really the voices of the dead, trying to communicate with the living? Is it an instance where two different dimensions have merged for a short time, allowing interaction? Is it simply electronic interruption? Come under the Black Umbrella and listen to some clips captured by paranormal specialists and even a few capture by Brandon...


Cleveland Torso Murders

Before modern forensics came into play, getting away with murder was maybe just a little bit easy…especially in the early 1920’s and 30’s. If a killer knew where to hunt, finding victims was as simple as driving to the store. And while murder in of itself is horrible, there’s something to be said when the killer takes delight in dismembering their victims, and something else to be said when that killer(s) is never caught. In the 20’s and 30’s, Cleveland, Ohio was home to such a monster....


Sanatoriums and Insane Medical Practices

Before places such as Wavery Hills, Rosewood State Training School, and Bryce Hospital became paranormal hot spots, they housed the living. What started off as facilities designed to aid the sick, suffering, and mentally handicap, these good intentions did not last. In the name of medical advancement, many of the residents inside these facilities were subjected to inhumane torture, and procedures. It wasn’t long before death became the norm. Join us under the Black Umbrella as we go over a...


The Highway of Tears

Passing a billboard is nothing new to experienced drivers. They’re everywhere, and mostly filled with information that doesn’t concern our lives. But on a stretch of highway in British Columbia, Canada, taking heed to a billboard might just save your life. “Girls don’t Hitchhike!” “Killer on the Loose!” “Hitchhiking, is it Worth the Risk?” some might say. And these are not jokes. These are warnings for those travelling the Highway of Tears, where over thirty murders have happened, many of...


Medical Oddities

What if I told you there was a mental disorder that makes you believe: you’re already dead–you’re putrefying on the inside–you no longer have blood or organs left within–or you don’t exist at all, would you call me crazy? Come under the Black Umbrella with us and find out just what this disorder is, along with a few others. You might even find out where the legend of the wolfman was born. Warning: If you’re a hypochondriac beware. This episode might just trigger something inside, causing...


Vincent Li - Terror on the Trans-Canada Highway

Public transportation is a thing most of us trust in. Buses, taxis, ubers, people use them in everyday life. Tim Mclean was no different. On July 30, 2008, Tim boarded a Greyhound to return home after a day of work. Little did Tim know he would become the target of a man who had cut ties with reality. Supposedly under the command of God, Vincent Li savagely murdered Tim Mclean, severing his head and eating various body parts. The story is horrendous. If you dare, join the Black Umbrella...


Belle Gunness Part 1

In the early 1900’s, the town of La Porte, Indiana had a monster living in their midst. Reportedly anywhere between 25 to 40 people were brutally murdered at the hands of Belle Gunness. Victims included her husbands, boyfriends, and most disturbingly, her children. Listen, as Brandon and Courtney dive into the life of Belle Gunness and see who this monster really was.


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