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We are here to tell you all of the Rust Belt bedtime stories, from the macabre to the occult and beyond. Sit down weekly with Mark and Lena who will attempt to educate and entertain you on these peculiar and sometimes off putting tales from the area.

We are here to tell you all of the Rust Belt bedtime stories, from the macabre to the occult and beyond. Sit down weekly with Mark and Lena who will attempt to educate and entertain you on these peculiar and sometimes off putting tales from the area.
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We are here to tell you all of the Rust Belt bedtime stories, from the macabre to the occult and beyond. Sit down weekly with Mark and Lena who will attempt to educate and entertain you on these peculiar and sometimes off putting tales from the area.




Kids that kill

In this episode we hear the story about Gross Ginger Devil, Eric Smith, and which cohost almost had a playdate with him when younger. We also hear about 11 year old tantrum tot, Cameron Kocher, that got beat at a video game by a 7 year old girl. With his fragile male ego broken, Kocher stormed off and got his father's hunting rifle. The events that followed were truly horrific. Like our Facebook page and join the conversation Follow us on Instagram @byegohomepodcast email us at...


Chautauqua Serial Killer Part 2 / St. Clair Triangle UFO

In this episode we learn about another missing person tied to the Chautauqua Serial Killer and then we hear about the St. Clair Triangle UFO. Featuring special guest Detective Olivia Benson. with appearances by "Uhhh" & "Ummm". Like our Facebook page and join the conversation Follow us on Instagram @byegohomepodcast email:


Summit Street Mansion / Great Dayton flood of 1913

Local historians once called the old mansion on Summit Street “the house everyone wants to know about.” Lurid tales of ghosts, strange deaths, murder, slaves dying, Underground Railroad activity ... Rumored secret passages and the lengthy abandonment of the dignified cut stone house led to an abundance of stories. The Dayton flood of March 1913 was caused by a series of severe winter rain storms that hit the Midwest in late March. Within three days, 8–11 inches of rain fell throughout the...


Bonus Content: Lady Lemonhead calls in

Lady Lemonhead calls in to set the record straight. She tells Lena the story of what really happened and how she came to be the Mother of Melon heads.


The Chautauqua Serial Killer / Side effects may include DEATH

In this episode we explore the 1997 disappearence of Lori Ceci Bova. Lori went for a 2am walk one summer morning following an arguement with her husband. Lori would never be seen again alive or dead. Law enforcement has their suspicions, but their person of interest, and possibly the only one that knows what happened to Lori, died in their own tragic fashion. Muliple missing person cases in the area mimic the events of Lori's disappearance and it is speculated that it was all the doing of an...


The Monster of Big Blue pond & Susan Hallett the Parricide Extraordinaire

In this episode we hear about Susan Hallett. Living in Michigan, origanally from Jamestown, NY, this frumpy human toilet log got the brilliant idea to murder her Father, Step Mother, and her 8 year old Step Sister. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Richard Parrish and their friend, Aaron Hale, they traveled back to her hometown for what they thought would be the perfect crime. They ransacked the house searching for money and proceeded to shoot everyone, execution style, in the basement. What...


Hell Hounds of Goodleburg Cemetery and The Necrophiliac Pastor

In this episode, we hear a tale that took place in the picturesque town of East Aurora. Goodleburg Cemetery to be more exact. A doctor performing illegal and unsafe abortions disposes of fetuses, and the unlucky women that died during the procedures, in a near by pond. Hell Hounds, dead babies, clingy spirits...this story has everything. No one puts baby in a pond! Next we travel to Isabella county, Michigan. Pastor John D White seems like a normal God fearing man until his urge to murder...


House of Seven Secrets & The Ohio Melon Heads

In this episode we go back to where it all began. There is a long lost episode of “Bye, go home, no one loves you” that has been locked away in a vault and that vault has been subsequently dropped down the Money Pit on Oak Island never to be heard of again. However, one story was just too good to let go untold. We hear our cohost Mark’s first hand account of The House of Seven Secrets in Scranton, NY. We get transported back to his teen years when times were simpler and friendships were...


Pennsylvania ghost towns and the murder of Rhona Eiseman

Our 10th episode starts with a Q & A contest to determine who knows more about their mutal friendship, Mark or Lena? Is there ever REALLY a winner in situations like this? We visit Pennsylvania for some lore and urban exploration. The abruptly abandoned neighborhood of Lincoln Way is our first stop. Just outside of Pittsburgh, this valley of homes was left, as is, with home furnishings and personal belongings still in the houses. Very little is known about why everyone vanished, but we...


The show about local cryptids

In this episode, we hear about the Angola Horror of 1867 when a a train derails and sends passenger cars vertical. Passengers violenty fell to the bottom of train car, meeting their fiery demise, burnt by wood furnaces. Remember Engine, engine, number 9? I'd want my money back at least, but most definately I'd want my life back. Following this, we learn about the mysterious Pigman. Urban ledgend says Pigman is an axe weilding killer that sticks victims' heads on posts, but the true story is...


Run, Bucky, run & The Jackie Shireman cold case

In this episode we hear about local hide and seek champion and cop killer, Bucky Phillips. Bucky devised a way to escape prison that would make MacGyver jealous and led police on a 160 day cat and mouse chase. At one point Bucky earned a spot on the FBI's Most Wanted list right next to Osama bin Laden. Locals revered Bucky and would often be seen wearing "Run, Bucky, run" t-shirts. We then travel to Dubuque, Iowa to visit a small diner from the 1970s. We learn about Jackie Shireman's...


A 30% chance it's already raining UFOs & The Flatwoods Monster

UFO spotted in Buffalo...or is it? Local meteorologist confirms reports, but soon finds himself unemployed. Another meteorologist steps up, counterdicting witness reports and finds herself the new go to weather aficionado. Is she part of a government cover up? We then hear the story of the Flatwoods Monster named "Bashful Billy". In September 1952, a UFO crash lands and witnesses report seeing a green eyed monster with an unpleasant odor. Was Billy bashful because of cripling social anxiety...


Mommie blogger dearest & The Vet that got away

This week we travel over the river and through the woods to no one's house we know, because our first story takes us to Grand Island, NY. We meet 26 year old Brianna Valenti, a self proclaimed parenting guru and blogger, that when entrusted with someone else's child, she completely forgets the one thing that you should NEVER do to a baby. Is this millennial mommy auditioning for the new Bond film, because she apparently likes things shaken, not stirred. The subject of our second story won't...


Central Terminal & Paranormal Parsley

In this episode, we discuss the infamous Buffalo's Central terminal aka "the little train station that couldn't" and all the "alleged" hauntings with in. This is a popular ghost spotting site that was once featured on the show 'Ghost Hunters'. We then travel to Akron, Ohio to hear about the self proclaimed haunted restaurant, Sisters Century House. Here we learn about three ghosts, the last of which has a mildly bitter taste in their mouth from parsley, but it pairs well with a lemony dish....


Ladies Night!

We tell the tale of Gail Trait, mother of 4 and self proclaimed victim of a voodoo curse. Mommie Dearest has nothing on this possessed child killer. We also travel back in time to the era of human hog slopper and professional funeral crasher turned arsenic ambassador, Martha Wise. After all, you can't spell 'Funeral' without 'Fun'.


Sadie's babies & Mullets for Megadeath

We explore the story and case of The People vs Sadie McMullen. What is she throwing from the bridge? We also talk about Greg Ousley and how at the age of 14, he violently murdered his parents, but now he's really sorry.


It's raining pennies...and bodies

On this episode, we visit the story of Robert Leroy Wayne Jackson. A young man with everything to live for, mysteriously "jumps" from the observation deck of Buffalo's city hall, impaling himself on a flagpole half way down. We also hear the tale of Cherrie Ann Mahan. An 8 year old girl that disappeared in 1985 without a trace.


Welcome to the Rust Belt

In this episode we meet our hosts, Mark and Lena. Get some back story on how they met and what they bonded over. We learn about the Northern Michigan Asylum and its secrets. We also hear about the lore surrounding the extremely well preserved child corpse of Rosalia Lombardo.