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Case Acquaint is a program which features cold cases, missing persons, and other true crime mysteries.

Case Acquaint is a program which features cold cases, missing persons, and other true crime mysteries.
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Case Acquaint is a program which features cold cases, missing persons, and other true crime mysteries.






Episode 37 The Murder of Evelyn Scott

Episode 37 The Murder of Evelyn Scott Plus lots of updates. Most who knew Evelyn Scott described her as a kind, vivacious socialite, but Evelyn's husband saw only one redeeming quality: her money. Listen to the tale of this legendary case which helped establish important...


The Disappearance of Cassandra Gross

Episode 36 The Disappearance of Cassandra Gross Cassandra Gross was just about to turn 52 years old. She had a supportive family, a dog she adored, friends who enjoyed her company, and was in a position to enjoy life. But she disappeared not long before a hearing in which she would be required to testify as a witness in an assault case of someone with a very long rap sheet of assaulting others and intimidating witnesses. What happened to Cassandra Gross and what type of person...


Introducing Minisodes! #1 MISSING Kiera Bergman

Mini - Sode #1 The Disappearance of Kiera Bergman In the early afternoon of August 4th, 2018, Kiera Bergman disappeared. Kiera's family doesn't know what to believe of the twisted stories by those close to Kiera in Glendale, AZ, where she had only been living for several months. Kiera Bergman is 19 years old, Kiera is biracial, she is 5’3” tall, she weighs about 145 lbs, she had black hair and brown eyes, and in most of her pictures, she is wearing glasses. We don’t know if she had...


Episode 35 MURDERED Damien Skipper and Arthur Noflin Jr.

Episode 35 The MURDERS of Damien Skipper and Arthur Noflin Jr. Plus updates on the Ramsey Street Rapist of Fayetteville, profiled in Ep 3 of the I-95 series, and a reminder about Ashley Meiss from Ep 25. Listen to this harrowing tale of deceit and loss from Baton Rouge, LA. Links: Bring Ash Home page: Veterans section of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Fayetteville Police Department and Ramsey Street Rapist...


Episode 34 DISAPPEARED Michele Hundley Smith and Anglea Whalen Hudson

Episode 34 Disappeared Michele Lyn Hundley Smith and Angela Whalen Hudson Late 2001 ended in turmoil, sadness, and confusion for two families in the Rockingham County, NC area. That year saw the separate disappearances of their loved ones, both mothers and both still desperately missed to this day. Their disappearances were never investigated with any sort of effort on the part of the only agency responsible for doing so. What happened to Michele Lynn Hundley Smith and Angela...


Episode 34 DISAPPEARED Michele Lyn Hundley Smith & Angela Whalen Hudson

Episode 34 Disappeared Michele Lyn Hundley Smith and Angela Whalen Hudson [...]


Episode 33 The Search for the Kansas College Rapist

Episode 33 The Search for the Kansas College Rapist One person is responsible for at least 15 attacks which resulted in over a dozen brutal rapes since 2000 in two Kansas college towns. After almost ten years, police decided the rapist must have "moved on" or gotten sick but they were wrong. The assailant turned up again in 2015, just as desperate to attack but now he knows the police have his DNA, so what's a rapist to do in this day and age with tools like the MVAC and high...


Episode 32 The Disappearance of Keith Davis

Episode 32 The Disappearance of Fisheries Observer Keith Davis Keith Davis was an observer, a biologist who took on the duty of observing fisheries around the world to report on compliance, safety, and more. It is a dangerous job, not only because work at sea is inherently treacherous, but also because observers are often considered a threat to the livelihood of many crew and captains. Despite his professional demeanor and long history of working well with crews on these vessels,...


Episode 31 The Murder of Grace Hayden, the Capture of Kevin Thomas Ford, and the Robeson County Connection

Episode 31 The MURDER of Grace Hayden The CAPTURE of Kevin Ford and the Robeson County Connection This is the story of the brutal rape and murder of an elderly woman in California, and the capture of her accused killer in the notorious Robeson County, NC. This killer escaped justice for over 30 years, but his terrible social skills got him a quick trip to the Sherrif's Office where his downfall began. Could Kevin Thomas Ford be responsible for any of the unsolved murders...


Episode 29 The Many Faces of Child Predator Joel Davis

Episode 29 The Many Faces of Child Predator Joel Davis This episode contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse which may be disturbing for some listeners. Please use discretion in deciding whether or not to listen. In late June of 2018, a 22 year old man was arrested and charged with federal crimes involving the sexual abuse of children and child pornography. He was just like any other perve looking for an opportunity to rape children, only this man isn't your average...


Ep 28 MURDERED Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, & Payton Medley

Episode 28 The Murders of Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, and Payton Medley Mike Bullinger is wanted for the murders of Cheryl Baker, Nadja Medley, and Nadja's young daughter, Payton Medley in early June of 2017, He had a two week long head start before the authorities began searching for him. Bullinger is 61 years old, and when he went on the run, he had gray hair, brown eyes, was six ft one, and about 240 lbs. He likes motorcycles, planes, hunting, guns, horses, and the outdoors. He...


Episode 27 The Murder of Paitin Fields Pt II

Episode 27 The MURDER of Paitin Fields Pt II In this episode of Case Acquaint, we will be discussing the case of Paitin Fields, a five year old child who was viciously raped and murdered in her own home. This is the second episode in a series about this case, and if you have not heard the first episode, we would encourage you to check out Episode 21, which was the first. No arrests have been made, not even a person of interest has been named. Paitin's autopsy was recently...


Episode 26 The Ogden Hi Fi Shop Murders

EPISODE 26 THE HI-FI SHOP MURDERS OF STANLEY WALKER SHERRY MICHELLE ANSLEY AND CAROL NAISBITT AND THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF ORREN WALKER AND CORTNEY NAISBITT The entire state of Utah was rocked in early 1974 when a horrendous series of events occurred. The violence and sadistic nature of the abuse and torture subjected to the innocent victims had a shattering effect on those remaining, and all of the victims' families. Hear how the unique reactions to the life-changing crimes...


Episode 25 MISSING Ashley Meiss

Episode 25 MISSING Ashley Meiss On March 17th, 2018, Ashley Meiss left her home for a run. She left everything behind and never returned. Ashley is an Army veteran, and she is reported to suffer from PTSD. Please help her family find her! Ashley is 30 years old, is physically fit and has short brown hair which is shaved on both sides. UPDATE: Ashley has BROWN eyes, and has worn colored contacts on the past. A gofundme page has been established to raise money to find Ashley! Find...


Episode 24 MISSING Akia Shawnta Eggleston & Baby Eggleston

Episode 24 Akia Shawnta Eggleston and Baby Eggleston May 7th, 2017 was supposed to be a day of celebration for 22 year old Akia Eggleston. She was eager to reveal the gender of her unborn baby at a special baby shower, and even though her pregnancy was high-risk with her baby in a breech position, she was busy readying herself to welcome friends and family to this joyous event. But Akia never made it to the baby shower she'd already spent hundreds of dollars to plan. She never made it...


Episode 23 MISSING Donald Cavanaugh and David Neily

Episode 23 MISSING Donald Cavanaugh and David Neily In the mid-2000s, two men suspiciously disappeared right after a local ranch owner becamed angered at each of them. The first, Donald Cavanaugh, disappeared in March of 2005. He was the uncle of the temperamental James Denoyer, on whose 20 acre Californai ranch several horses were languishing, and after securing 14 of Donald's horses, James decided he no longer had a need for the 63 year old heart patient. The second man, artist and...


Episode 22 MISSING Laureen Ann Rahn

Episode 22 Laureen Ann Rahn In the early morning hours of April 27th, 1980, Judith Rahn reported that her 14 year old daughter, Laureen, was missing. She was supposed to be enjoying a fun night with a friend, but after the friend went to sleep, Laureen disappeared. What happened to Laureen? There are more bizarre theories than one would ever imagine. Through it all, Judith has never stopped believing that her daughter is alive, and someday she will see her again. We are on all...


Episode 21 The Murder of Paitin Fields

Episode 21 The Murder of Paitin Fields April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! Early in the morning of November 13, 2017, a child was brought into the Emergency Room at the small Pender County Hospital. It was five year old Paitin Fields, and the Emergency room staff was told that she had been found unresponsive. It didn’t take long for staff to deduce they were not equipped to handle Paitin’s injuries, so after stabilizing her as best as they could, they sent her to...


Episode 20 The Murder of Teresa Sue Hilt "Tess"

Episode 20 The Murder of Tess Hilt Stanley and Mildred Hilt were very proud of their only child, and they had every reason to be so. Tess was a beautiful, intelligent, outgoing achiever. She had finished her Bachelor's degree in music education, and was just beginning graduate school at Northwest Missouri State University. Her life was taken from her violently in the early morning hours of August 3rd, 1973, and it remains unresolved to this day. Her murder shattered the lives...


Episode 19 The Murder of Wendy Madden

Our update for this week: Meta Valentine's accused killer has been charged! Thank you Fayetteville PD and Cumberland Count DA's Office! Listen to the update at the beginning of this episode. Episode 19 The Murder of Wendy Madden Wendy Madden was 23 years old when she was murdered and left behind a now-demolished little neighborhood bar. Can you help cold case investigators bring her killer to justice? Why would anyone want to hurt this beautiful young woman? Join us as we head North...