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A podcast about the lesser known murders and crimes that have shaped the history of Colorado. Learn about dark tales from Denver and the murderous past of the Mile High City.

A podcast about the lesser known murders and crimes that have shaped the history of Colorado. Learn about dark tales from Denver and the murderous past of the Mile High City.
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A podcast about the lesser known murders and crimes that have shaped the history of Colorado. Learn about dark tales from Denver and the murderous past of the Mile High City.






The Murder of Al Kite

Al Kite answered his door in Aurora, Colorado in 2004, to let in a prospective renter who he had met before. He had just finished talking with his girlfriend on the phone and it was the last time anyone Al knew would speak with him. He was found two days later, tortured and murdered in his basement. The killer would live in his house for the weekend, sleep in his bed, wear his clothes and drive his car to the ATM to get cash from Al's account. To top it all off, the killer has never been...


Minisode: The Abduction of Christopher Abeyta

Bernice Abeyta put her son to sleep in his crib then woke up on July 5, 1986 to find the crib empty. The family has their own theory and the police aren't as keen to entertain it. It seemed like hope was lost until only a few months ago, a man came forward claiming that he might be Christopher. But he's the fourth person to ever do so and everyone is still left wondering, where is Christopher? And, I'm changing it up and adding some music! I'd like to thank Free Music Archive for their...


Colorado Cannibal Alfred Packer, Story from Denver Orbit Podcast

Today I tell the story as told on the Denver Orbit Podcast about Colorado Cannibal Alfred Packer. Alfred wandered into the woods with 5 men in the winter of 1874 and he was the only one to walk out alive. He was spending money from multiple men's wallets and telling conflicting stories about what happened to the 5 other men. Rumors began to spread about how Ute women saw him toss a human arm into the river at a campsite, how he looked well fed and healthy when he wandered out of the woods...


Historical Murders: The Lumber Baron Inn Murders and Haunting

On October 13, 1970, Kara Lee Knoche and her friend Marianne Weaver were brutally murdered in Kara's apartment in what is now the Valentine Suite of the Lumber Baron Inn. Their murder remains unsolved to this day. Reports of the spirits of the young women in the Lumber Baron Inn's Valentine Suite are a common occurrence. Can you spend a night in the Valentine Suite?


The Death of Morgan Ingram

Morgan Ingram was only 20 years old when she was found deceased in her bedroom on December 2, 2011. The police would determine that she committed suicide but her parents insist that she was killed by a stalker who had been stalking her for 4 months. They claim the stalker threw rocks at their windows, lurked in their yard, crept onto their roof and was capable of evading detection. No image of a stalker near Morgan's window was ever captured by the 18 wildlife cameras they had set up around...


Historical Murders: Jim Gordon, The Man Who Died a Dozen Deaths

Denver's first decade as an official city was rough and saw mayhem and murder during the initial years that there was no, or little, established law. Within one year the murder rate grew from 3 murders per year to dozens in a population that lingered around 1000. Jim Gordon's drunken and brutal murder of John Gantz in the streets in plain view of everyone out for a stroll was the last straw for the citizens of Denver who feared for their lives on a daily basis. By the time Gordon was...


The Black Widow: Jill Coit

On October 31, 1993, a hardware store owner from Steamboat Springs, Colorado named Gerry Boggs was found dead in his home. He was struck with a shovel and shot several times in the back. The first suspect to cross anyone's mind was the woman he was briefly married to, Jill Coit. By that time, Jill was very obviously unhinged and desperate for control and cash but investigators would soon uncover decades of bigamy, fraud, deceit, and another dead husband whose murder is still unsolved.


Historical Murders: Assassination at the Altar

Father Leo Heinrichs was shot during morning mass in front of a full congregation. The man who murdered him would turn out to be an estranged radical. Father Heinrichs was a champion for the poor and elderly and the painful extent of his devotion would only be revealed after his death.


The Bombing of Flight 629

The first ever bombing of a commercial airliner happened over Longmont, CO in 1955. The case was tragic and investigators paved the way for investigatory methods used to analyze plane crashes. They thought it was a malfunction, or possibly sabotage by a disgruntled union worker. The truth behind the bombing was far stranger than anyone could have imagined, and at the heart of it was the tumultuous relationship of a mother and son.


Historical Murders: The Happiest Man Who Ever Lived on Death Row

Joe Arridy was a mentally disabled man who was coerced into a confession and wrongly convicted for the murder of Dorothy Drain in Pueblo, CO in 1936. Despite the real killer already in custody in Pueblo, police continued to pursue the conviction of Arridy despite him having the mental capacity of a 4 year old. He spent his final years on death row playing with toy trains gifted to him by the warden. His case saw an unprecedented number of stays of execution.


The Murder of Alie Berrelez

May 18th, 1993 was one of the first warm days kicking off the start of summer in Colorado. Alie Berrelez played outside with her brother, only feet from their own front door. While their babysitter stepped inside briefly, Alie vanished. The case wouldn't be solved for nearly two decades.


Historical Murders: Poisoned Punch, Bonus Killdozer Discussion

In this episode I bring you a case of potential insurance fraud and an original Denver black widow from 1901. I also talk a bit about the Killdozer incident.


William Lee "Wild Bill Cody" Neal

William Lee Neal went on a killing spree and murdered three women in the Lakewood, CO townhome of his first victim in 1998. He strapped another woman to a mattress and she witnessed a brutal murder. His story is full of cons and deceit as he wrapped women around his finger by telling them what they wanted to hear. Listen to the tale of how he persuaded them into his murder room and how he tried to talk his way into making people believe he was a gentleman.


Historical Murders: The 10 Year Old Murderer

Anton Woode was just 10 years old when he fatally shot his hunting buddy and took his watch and gun. He left his friend bleeding out while on his back in the middle of a prairie. Anton would become the youngest person in the United States at the time to be convicted of murder. Was he a cold hearted killer, or was he the product of an age of child labor and a victim of circumstance?


The Murder of Nancy Pfister

Aspen's Golden Girl was found murdered in her locked bedroom closet. The story that unfolded about her life was full of fun parties, reckless abandon and plenty of drama. The story about her death was equally bizarre and many believe the full story still isn't known. I walk through the case, the many people in it and the unique circumstances that led to this the so-called conclusion in the question of who murdered Nancy Pfister.


Historical Murders: The Smiling Stepmother

In the second episode of the Historical Murders segment, I cover the case of Pearl O'Loughlin. Ten year old Leona O'Loughlin, daughter of a Denver Detective, was found dead in Berkeley Lake in 1930. Who murdered her and why? This case was sensational news at the time and sent Denver into a frenzy.


The 1975 Killing Season

1975 might have been the most gruesome year in Grand Junction's recent history. That year saw the arrival of a serial killer, a family murder and a home invasion that would not be solved for three decades. In addition to these crimes I'll be discussing the only unsolved case from Grand Junction that year as well as another case from Pueblo that is equally bizarre.


Historical Murders: Strangler's Row

The Denver Strangler lurked the streets of Denver in 1894 and killed three women. We look at Denver at the time and what the Tenderloin district was all about.


The Unsolved Hammer Murders

In January of 1984 a man mysteriously attacked several families in the metro area of Denver with no known motive. This man entered the home of the Bennett family and killed three members. He also killed Patricia Smith and assaulted several others. He then disappeared.


The Denver Spiderman

October 1941, a mysterious murder in the Highland neighborhood of Denver, CO leaves police baffled. A deceased man is found murdered in his home with all the doors and windows locked from the inside. This is the first ever recording for this podcast.