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Crime explained to someone who knew very little about crime until he was on the receiving end of one...

Crime explained to someone who knew very little about crime until he was on the receiving end of one...
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Crime explained to someone who knew very little about crime until he was on the receiving end of one...




10 Holiday gangsters

Matt went to Turkey in 2013 to perform standup comedy to holiday makers for a summer season. He was there with three other comedians. After 6 weeks, it didn’t work out. Matt tells the story of what he thinks happened. This is followed by a conversation with two former criminals who give their opinion on what was going on and it is scary. Matt will never know the truth and has no real desire to know, but it makes very interesting listening. Was it all a well organised scam? Or something else?


9 Picking up dead rats (Part 2)

Part 2 of a conversation with a guest from Cornwall. The conversation continues from last week. We talk about people who actually live the life vs those who pretend, people who do well in prison and how to run a prison shop. We also discuss staying out of jail and settling down. Thankyou for listening! Please like and leave a comment. THANKYOU


8 Picking up dead rats (Part 1)

This week's guest talks about organised crime in Cornwall. Are Cornish criminals soft bumpkins who are terrorised by a balloon on a stick? In part 1 of two parts, we talk about his journey into crime, the network of good blokes, the logistics of robbing a drug dealer and violence in prison. Thankyou for your support. Please keep sharing and liking the podcast. It really is appreciated.


7 The Polite Car

A funny story about a car that was bought at an auction and landed this week's guest in trouble. This is followed by an interview in which we talk about levels in crime, looking the part and the importance of front. How a nice guy gets involved in Crime and copes when he knows deep down that he's not really suited to it!


6 Stop! Hammer time.

Jon Gould has a huge reputation. In this episode we talk about his extremely violent career. Everything from chasing men who were armed with chainsaws, to a shoot out in the Middle East and the pride he takes in being a family man. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and SHARE on social media. It really is appreciated.


5 The rattle

This episode is a conversation with a former heroin addict who became a dealer and then tried to kill himself when he messed up a drug deal and cost his suppliers money. We talk about the life of an addict, dealing heroin and what it takes to climb the ladder as a drug dealer. He is very honest about being an addict for ten years. It is insightful and hopeful. He now works in a rehab unit as a counsellor.


4 Breaking the chain

The third generation of men in his family to go to jail, today's guest describes his son as a “straight goer” who has nothing to do with crime. The chain of crime has been broken and this is the story of growing up with parents who were in and out of prison in Scotland. Making the decision to move to London, we discuss the art of hoisting as well as robbing banks in the late 80's and early 90's.


3 The fear of fear

Ex-policeman and Judo Champion, Andy Costello has turned his life around. He was fired from the police and then after a downward spiral, went to jail for taking violent revenge on a man who punched his daughter. He now runs a very popular MMA gym in Exeter. He talks about being on both sides of the law, revenge, controlled aggression, dealing with fear and chess boxing. Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE


2 The Coward's way out

Brendan admits to being a coward. In fact, he has always been very happy to be known as a coward and a non-fighter amongst criminals. He prefers running away to getting involved in confrontation and in this episode, you will hear how he joked his way out of a number of situations. He talks about comic timing and demonstrates it perfectly!


1 Why would I want to own a gun?

Dave Courtney became known to the public when he was asked to do security at Ronnie Kray's funeral. He speaks about why being a criminal is not a good career move and how crime has changed with the increase in Eastern European criminals.