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17 - The Disturbing Death of Magdalena Zuk

Alone in a foreign hotel, stripped of securry and safety lies a young woman surrounded by strangers. No one us helping her but instead filming her fragile and erratic state. Magdalena Zuk thought she was going on a relaxing solo vacation but we dive into yet another hotel horror story. Suicide? Homicide? We'll let you decide.


16 - The Tragic Death of Kenneka Jenkins - Part Two

We continue to discuss the case of Kenneka Jenkins, a 19 year old young woman found deceased in an unused freezer of the Crowne Plaza Rosemont Hotel, where she had been attending a party the night prior. Rosemont Public Safety closed the investigation into her death within a month after her death, and we have some questions on why this was their decision. Audio heard in the opening of the show is the official audio in Rosemont Public Safety's Freedom of Information files on the Kenneka...


The Tragic Death of Kenneka Jenkins

Kenneka Jenkins, a beautiful 19 year old woman living in Chicago, Illinois attended a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois the night before she went missing. After many attempts made by friends and family to search for her, her body was eventually discovered in a walk-in freezer in that very hotel. The circumstances of her death are extremely bizarre and questionable, and along with the inconsistencies in the official story, more questions are raised than answered. While the...


The Franklin Cover Up: Part Two - Just Burn It All To the Ground

In part two of our coverage on the Franklin sex scandal and massive cover-up, we discuss even more victim-witnesses telling you guessed it, the same exact dang story as all the others. We also discuss John DeCamp and his mission to get attention on the abuses these children suffered at the hands of some of the country's most prominent businessmen and politicians, and the sham of a Grand Jury that takes the victim-blaming cake, and their decisions that may leave you ready to just burn it all...