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30 - The Kurim Case/Mauerova Family: You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family

A mother is manipulated by a psychopath into neglecting, and then committing heinous torture against her two sons. And that is only the beginning of the story. Try and imagine the most bizarre situation possible, take it a couple steps further, throw cannibalism into the mix, and then you'll have a tiny idea of what went on in the Mauerova family. Join us as we delve into the details of this truly twisted tale, in our coverage of the Kurim Case.


29 - The Murder of Amber Tuccaro - The Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Part 1

A topic that is not widely known or discussed, but has been a long-standing and constant problem within the US and Canada to this day, is the disappearance and murders of thousands of indigenous women. Many of these women go missing or murdered without media attention, without being put into a missing persons database, and most have not received the justice they or their families deserve. Today we discuss the story of Amber Tuccaro, a 20 year old mother from the Miksew Cree First Nations...


28 - The Disappearances of Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos

Today we’re discussing the disappearances of both Terrance Williams, and Felipe Santos. Terrance went missing in 2004, from Naples, Florida, where witnesses saw then-deputy for collier county Sheriff’s deputy Steven Calkins arrest him, and he was never seen again. Felipe cantos, went missing in 2003, after witnesses saw - you guessed it - Steven Calkins put him in the back of his patrol car, and yet again, he hasn’t been seen since. Join us as we discuss the bizarre stories this deputy told...


27 - Children of God/The Family Part 2: ( Heeeelp. The End.)

In our conclusion of our coverage of the Children of God/The Family/The Family International/whatever name they use to rebrand their horrible cult this year, we discuss the tenets of the cult as it evolved, the last years of leader David Berg's life, his wife Karen Zerby's rise to prophet after his death, and some of the extremely disturbing abuse that was commonplace within the cult. We will also talk about Zerby's son, Ricky Rodriguez, or Davidito, as he was known within the cult, who was...


26 - The Children of God Cult - Part One (Or, how much can we rage in one sitting?)

David Berg founded the Children of God under the tenets of "God is love"...and ended up taking his interpretation of god's love waaaaay past the point of sanity. Preaching that sex was how you showed love, the cult encouraged married couples to copulate with others in the cult, that women share the word of god with strangers by engaging in sexual relations, and even told parents that they should engage in sexual activity with their own children, and the children of others in the...


25.5 - Creepin' Up #4 - A Disney story that will scare the crap outta you, McDonalds drive-thru beatings, & sharing tales from our youths

In our fourth and final non-Patreon Creepin' Up, Shy tells a terrifying Disney tale, we discuss a McDonald's drive-thru beatin, an amphibian crazed man, and chit chat about our angsty youths. We hit over 50k downloads after recording this, thank you creeps, you're the best!


25 - Elisa Lam

When a 21 year old Canadian woman went missing from LA’s notorious Cecil Hotel, everyone suspected the worst. After she’d been missing a few weeks, the LA PD released surveillance footage from the hotel’s elevator that was extremely eerie and began to make the public wonder if something unexplainable had happened. When it was discovered that the young woman’s body had been submerged in one of the hotel’s water tanks, providing water to resident’s showers, and even a restaurant...the true...


24.5 - Creepin' Up #3 - Casey Anthony's dad hates her guts, Some preteens take their love of slasher films too far, a haunted cannabis shop...and some other bs

In this third edition of Creepin' Up, we discuss Casey Anthony's new relationship with a seemingly dumb suitor, her father's feelings about her existence, some pre-teens who wanted to drink their classmates blood, along with a ghostly weed enthusiast, and some other nonsensical business, and finish with a nice lecture bringing out the coach in both of us. Join us! Support the pod!


24 - Spooky Listener Stories!

In this super special spooky edition of Creep It Real, Ashley is joined by guest host & big time skeptic, Brittany (the creep) and we read tales of listener's personal experiences with the paranormal. Ashley will try to persuade Brittany to the dark side of belief, while she attempts to hang on tight to her skepticism. Hold on to your butts, this one will give you goosebumps! And maybe a laugh or two. Help support Creep It Real! Original artwork by: Courtney Clark -...


23 - Hinterkaifeck: A lot of suspicious folks, a family massacred, and THE worst first day at work ever

The Hinterkaifeck massacre is one of the most gruesome unsolved mass murders in history. A family is bludgeoned to death with an axe, one by one, by someone who had seemingly been hiding for days, maybe even weeks, in their attic. Was this a crime of passion, a brutal robbery, or something else? Join us as we discuss the most brutal massacre we've talked about yet. Support the pod Reading material for this episode: Footsteps in the Attic by Edward Childers Logo...


22.75 - Creepin' Up #2

In our second Creepin' Up, we answer some listener's questions, talk some biz about sex trafficking and missing women in the Chicago area, along with a LOT of irrelevant things that randomly pop into our mind. If you follow us on Instagram @CreepItRealPod, Facebook at, and Twitter @CreepItRealPod you will get the inside details of all things Creep It Real, so go do it! If you want to support the pod, please head over to all...


22.5 - Creepin' Up #1 - Brandon Lawson, Mitrice Richardson, Lauren Agee

Join us for our first Creepin' Up episode, where we'll be updating you on cases we've covered, things going on with the pod, and whatever random & creepy things we want to talk about that week. These episodes will be a little more laid back (once Ashley calms down), and will become Patreon exclusives in a few weeks, but for now, they're up for, ready your towels, ye creeps, we're about to spill some tea! On today's Creepin' Up, we discuss some recent updates to the Brandon...


22 - Skinwalker Ranch: The End

In the conclusion of our coverage of the Skinwalker Ranch, we discuss the findings of the scientific exploration of the phenomena by the team of PhD scientists which are a far cry from the coldly detached deductions you might expect. We also share more tales of horrifying experiences they had while occupying the ranch, and dive into a multitude of theories to try and make some sense of what goes on there. The implications of their research are mind-blowing, horrifying, and very likely go...


21 - The Skinwalker Ranch Of Your Dreams - Part Two

Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding area in rural Utah is host to a terrifying level of paranormal activity that goes back hundreds of years. Everything from horrid & unexplainable cattle mutilations, to ufos, poltergeist activity, large portals in the sky, and even mind manipulation. There are so many witnesses to these events that even the most hardened skeptic has to question if there is something bizarre going on on this land. Is it government experiments, alien interference, portals...


20 - The Skinwalker Ranch of Your Dreams - Part One

According to Navajo legend, Skinwalkers are a type of witch closely associated with underground gatherings. They are "wer-animals" and own an animal skin that is used to transform them into these animals. Any real animal can see through the skinwalker's disguise but even a human can recognize the unnatural creature. For some unexplainable reason even a well seasoned skinwalker cannot obtain the perfect animal gait or leave the proportionally correct sized animal tracks. While the Uintah...


19 - The Suspicious Death of Lauren Agee - Part Two

When Lauren Agee, a 21 year old college student in Tennessee, made plans with an acquaintance, Hannah Palmer, to attend Wakefest in July of 2015, she was excited to party and have fun with friends. Under the notion that the girls would be staying in a cabin on the lake, Lauren was surprised to find out upon arriving that they would be meeting up with Hannah's boyfriend and some of his friends, and they would all be sleeping outdoors, at a hard to reach campsite on a cliff side...and she was...


18 - The Suspicious Death of Lauren Agee - Part One

When Lauren Agee, a 21 year old college student in Tennessee, made plans with an acquaintance, Hannah Palmer, to attend Wakefest in July of 2015, she was excited to party and have fun with friends. Under the notion that the girls would be staying in a cabin on the lake, Lauren was surprised to find out upon arriving that they would be meeting up with Hannah's boyfriend and some of his friends, and they would all be sleeping outdoors, at a hard to reach campsite on a cliff side...and she was...


17 - The Disturbing Death of Magdalena Zuk

Alone in a foreign hotel, stripped of security and safety lies a young woman surrounded by strangers. No one us helping her but instead filming her fragile and erratic state. Magdalena Zuk thought she was going on a relaxing solo vacation but we dive into yet another hotel horror story. Suicide? Homicide? We'll let you decide.


16 - The Tragic Death of Kenneka Jenkins - Part Two

We continue to discuss the case of Kenneka Jenkins, a 19 year old young woman found deceased in an unused freezer of the Crowne Plaza Rosemont Hotel, where she had been attending a party the night prior. Rosemont Public Safety closed the investigation into her death within a month after her death, and we have some questions on why this was their decision. Audio heard in the opening of the show is the official audio in Rosemont Public Safety's Freedom of Information files on the Kenneka...


15 - The Tragic Death of Kenneka Jenkins - Part One

Kenneka Jenkins, a beautiful 19 year old woman living in Chicago, Illinois attended a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois the night before she went missing. After many attempts made by friends and family to search for her, her body was eventually discovered in a walk-in freezer in that very hotel. The circumstances of her death are extremely bizarre and questionable, and along with the inconsistencies in the official story, more questions are raised than answered. While the...