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Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield takes a look at the daily stories of mystery and justice, and examines some of America's most shocking crimes that we just can't forget. Mon - Thu 6p - 8p on HLN.

Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield takes a look at the daily stories of mystery and justice, and examines some of America's most shocking crimes that we just can't forget. Mon - Thu 6p - 8p on HLN.
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Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield takes a look at the daily stories of mystery and justice, and examines some of America's most shocking crimes that we just can't forget. Mon - Thu 6p - 8p on HLN.




The manhunt: FBI treating serial bomber as domestic terrorism.

(CNN) Law enforcement officials from New York to Florida are examining clues to find the person or persons who sent 10 packages containing what appear to be explosive materials to prominent Democrats, critics of President Donald Trump, and to CNN's New York offices as authorities classify the incidents as domestic terrorism. Three new packages were detected Thursday -- two intended for former Vice President Joe Biden and one for actor-director Robert DeNiro -- each bearing the same markings...


Hunt for missing girl after parents killed. Mystery after lawyer mom killed on vacation. Family mysteriously turns up missing & dead.

Two-thousand volunteers are combing several miles of rural Barron, Wisconsin, Tuesday in the hopes of finding clues in the case of missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs. As volunteers embarked on the ground search, they were told to keep their eyes open for anything that looked like it did not belong, like phones, weapons and clothing, said Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald. The death of a 61-year-old American tourist on the Turks and Caicos islands is being investigated as a murder, local...


Hunt for missing girl after parents killed. Journalist killed, dismembered with bone saw?

The 911 dispatcher's log from the morning that a 13-year-old girl went missing following her parents' murders in Wisconsin has revealed grim details about the ordeal and how quickly she may have vanished. Denise Closs, 46, and her husband James Closs, 56, were shot and killed in their Barron, Wisconsin home on Monday in a double murder that has shocked the nation. A Saudi operative put on journalist Jamal Khashoggi's clothes after his murder and walked out of the Saudi consulate and through...


Jealous lover murders ex over new woman? Hunt for missing girl after parents killed; Model mysteriously murdered driving in car

Stunning development: Killer just sentenced to life in prison New Twist: Cops reveal teen girl was home when parents killed New video to help unravel mystery surrounding model's death? via Knit


Hunt for missing girl after parents killed; Frat boy accused of rape set to walk free!

FBI: Teen girl snatched from home by someone likely with a gun Student charged with rape takes plea deal, gets NO prison time! via Knit


Billionaire beats coed, claims self-defense? Family autopsy reports to be made public? Man stabs wife 123 times, blames cold meds

Alleged victim speaking out tonight, says boyfriend beat her up Cops reveal hubby was 'obsessed' with 'American Psycho' movie Cops: Dad dumps kids in oil tanks, buries wife via Knit


Man chokes, masturbates on victim & walks free! Chris Watts to reenact killings for police? Beautiful pregnant postal worker vanishes. Accused girlfriend-killer gets bloody mugshot.

Justin Schneider plead guilty to a count of felony assault after he drove an Alaska woman to a dark street, threatened to kill her, choked her until she was unconscious, and then proceeded to masturbate on her face. Having already spent a year in home confinement and being sentenced to two years in prison with one year suspended, Schneider now has no time left to serve for the assault. Now, there is an effort to oust the judge for giving Schneider too lenient of a sentence, and for not...


Millionaire beats coed, claims self-defense? Source: Neighbor moved camera before murders. Murdered mom speaks from beyond the grave?

Erick Bretz, who has been charged with Domestic Battery by strangulation after allegedly attacking his girlfriend Melissa Gentz, is now claiming he only attacked her in self-defense. Bretz's attorney said that the alleged victim was actually the aggressor and that Bretz plans to sue Gentz for slander and libel after she released photos of her bruising. Plus, Chris Watts allegedly claims that his wife strangled their two young children before he went into a "rage" and strangled her too. With...


Shocking items in accused killer dad's cell? Heartbreaking blog from Shanann surfaces? New clues from bags of seized evidence? Cops: Killer dad blames kids' deaths on wife

New reports reveal that Chris Watts may have some surprising items in his jail cell. A blog that appears to be from the months Shanann was pregnant with her first-born, Bella, comes to the surface and gives us a closer look at who Chris and Shanann Watts were before they became parents. Could the bags that police removed from the Watts home contain the evidence needed to determine how - and by whose hand-the Watts children were murdered? via Knit


Tonight: New clues found in online videos? Did dad's work truck lead cops to bodies? Accused killer dad receiving fan mail in jail? Cracking the case of the Watts family massacre.

More clues emerge from inside the walls of the home where Chris Watts lived with his family before cops say he killed them all. Even more video footage has begun to surface from Shanann Watts' Facebook page, allowing us to dig deeper into the day-to-day dynamics of the Watts family. Plus, was Chris Watts' work truck equipped with a GPS tracking device? Could this help police piece together a timeline of what exactly happened the morning of the alleged murders-and the afternoon that Shanann...


Chris Watts on phone with wife's family. Family confronts accused killer on phone. What was discussed on secret phone call?

The formerly heroic family man has spent the last seven weeks in jail. Solitary - all alone in a cell - for 23 hours a day. But today - Chris Watts got to venture out to the phone banks. Chris watts had an important phone call. And on the other end of that call? The brother and the parents of the dead pregnant wife. via Knit


Stunning New Information About Dad's Alleged Affair

New Developments on Chris Watts: A source claims Shanann suspected Chris was cheating. Could the affair be the cause of the alleged murder? via Knit


Murdered mom appears to have no will. Autopsies now done: What do they reveal?

The autopsy reports for the three victims in the Frederick triple homicide case are complete, according to a notice filed Monday by the Weld District Attorney's Office. The notice was filed in accordance with last week's order by Weld District Court Judge Marcelo Kopcow to alert the court as soon as the autopsy reports for Shanann, 34, and her two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, were complete. In addition, Weld District Attorney Michael Rourke said copies of the reports were given to...


Chris Watts: Exclusive New Details

Exclusive new details in the case against Chris Watts, just what is it police have in their sights? A source confirms they are drilling down on the data from those apple watches they always wore! And just who is signing in to see Chris Watts as he shapes and molds his defense? Why both the public and the prosecutors are not allowed to know! via Knit


Exclusive new murder details in the Chris Watts case

Source: Oil tanks drained to get kids' bodies via Knit


What drove dad to allegedly kill his family?

Murdered mom's friend breaks his silence via Knit


Exclusive new details in Chris Watts case. Secret autopsies to be revealed soon? Accused killer dad to face more charges?

The darker details of this case hang in a kind of paper purgatory... Court documents stuck between the courts... The coroner... And the forensic pathologist who got a look at the Watts girls' corpses. But we've got exclusive new details from the people in Colorado... Who are even more impacted... The family members haunted by these murders... Who buried Shanann and her daughters just weeks ago, in North Carolina...And now find themselves back in Frederick... Where Chris Watts is accused of...


Cops: Dad kills family, puts kids in oil tanks

'Trace DNA' found on girls' bodies? via Knit


Watts Family Massacre: Crucial piece of evidence found by oil tanks that incriminates accused killer dad? Outrage tonight as new photos emerge of Elizabeth Smart's captor, Wanda Barzee, walking free.

New documents released in the Watts murder case tonight, as we dive into a timeline of what happened and when on the night of the killings. Could investigators determine who killed the Watts girls based on what their bodies look like? And will the crude oil that 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Cece were dumped in tell us anything about their deaths? Ashleigh and her expert guests answer your Facebook questions about cause of death and cleaning up the crime scene. Wanda Barzee, Elizabeth...


Shocking new evidence in Watts family massacre case: Footprint found on bag where bodies were found? Outrage as Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper, Wanda Barzee, walks free.

Is there a possible new "witness" to the Watts family murders? We look into whether an Apple watch could have tracked Shanann or Chris' movements the night of the killings. Plus, new details from the Colorado couple's friends after the accused killer dad was arrested. Did they have suspicions about Chris the night he stayed with them before his arrest? And we're learning 33-year-old Chris Watts actually spoke to his father multiple times in person before he was charged. Could Watts' dad be...