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Criminology is a true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into some of the most famous cases in the annals of crime. Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will give you every details of these infamous crimes. Each season is a new case told over 8-10 episodes.

Criminology is a true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into some of the most famous cases in the annals of crime. Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will give you every details of these infamous crimes. Each season is a new case told over 8-10 episodes.
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Criminology is a true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into some of the most famous cases in the annals of crime. Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will give you every details of these infamous crimes. Each season is a new case told over 8-10 episodes.




The Murder in my Family Preview episode

Mike ‘Morf’ Morford co-host of Criminology invites you to check out his brand new true crime podcast, The Murder In My Family featuring a single murder case in each episode, and an interview with a family member of the victim. You can subscribe on iTunes right now at:


S2 Ep15 - The Golden State Killer

In this final episode of season 2 we take a look at the background and timeline of the arrested suspect Joseph J. DeAngelo. We have multiple interviews with people who interacted with DeAngelo, one man who worked with him for many years. He sheds insight on the man that he knew and tells stories of DeAngelo through the years. We have a fascinating interview with the Sacramento DA Anne Marie Schubert. And we unveil the long awaited post-arrest follow up interview with Paul Holes. An...


S2 Ep14 - The Original Nightstalker

In this episode we are focusing the last two murders committed in the EAR/ONS/GSK series. We are joined by family members who provide insight into the victims, the details of the crimes, and the aftermath. The connections between the East Area Rapist crimes and those committed by the Original Night Stalker are finally made. And we talk with detectives Larry Crompton and Paul Holes who provide valuable information. You can help support the show by going to An...


S2 Ep13 - The Orange County Killer

We start off this episode giving an update on the 2nd court appearance of the suspect Joseph J DeAngelo. Then we continue with the murders committed by the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. He strikes next in Orange County murdering a young couple named Keith and Patrice Harrington. We go into their backgrounds and the details of this horrific murder. Then, staying in Orange County, the EAR/ONS/GSK murders a 28 year old woman named Manuela Witthuhn. The authorities in Southern...


Introducing The Wonderland Murders

The Wonderland Murders takes you on journey back to the drug- and sex-fueled world of 1970s L.A. all building to brutal multiple murder just off the Sunset Strip. You can hear the first two episodes right now by searching for The Wonderland Murders on Apple Podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this, or visit


S2 Ep12 - The Diamond Knot Killer

A double murder occurs in an affluent neighborhood of Ventura California. The press would dub the suspect "The Diamond Knot Killer" because of the intricate knots he used to bind his victims. It wouldn't be until years later that police would figure out that the Diamond Knot Killer was yet just another nickname for EAR/ONS/GSK. We speak to one of the victims daughters who provides details and insight into the tragic murders. You can help support the show by going to...


S2 Ep11 - The Creek Killer

The East Area Rapist moves to Southern California and becomes known as The Original Night Stalker and later The Golden State Killer. We start to talk about the murders that this individual committed in Southern California. But at the same time we have new information coming in about the suspect Joseph DeAngelo. So we have to talk about that as well. This season was originally set to be a total of 12 episodes. But with the recent events of the arrest of DeAngelo, we are making plans to...


S2 Ep10 - The East Area Rapist Vanishes

The arrest of a suspect in this case has grabbed the world's attention like nothing we've seen recently in the world of true crime. And like all of you, we'll be glued to the events as they unfold. But, we still have a ways to go in our coverage of the crimes. In episode 10, we see the EAR attack back in the area of Rancho Cordova. We discuss the only attack in the series that took place in Fremont, which is in Alameda County. Then the EAR returns to Contra Costa County, but this time it...


S2 - Bonus episode - Suspect Arrested

A suspect as been arrested in the EAR/GSK case. We wanted to put out a bonus episode to talk about this unbelievable break in the case. We will cover this in more depth as additional details continue to come out. An Emash Digital Production


S2 Ep9 - The Homework

In this 9th episode of Season 2 we delve into more crimes commited by the EAR/GSK. We hear from a victim that has chosen for the first time to publicly come forward to talk about her ordeal. We hear more from some of the detectives that worked the case back then as well as those working it now. And we talk in depth about "The Homework", papers found near one of the crime scenes that many felt may have been dropped by EAR. You can help support the show by going to...


S2 Ep8 - EAR targets Modesto and Davis

Episode 8 brings with it more attacks by the East Area Rapist. He had terrorized Sacramento County. He had struck in Stockton. Many residents outside of this area were not as fearful, thinking it would not happen in their town. But when EAR attacks in both Modesto and Davis, the area of fear will widen dramatically. Is anyone safe from this madman? We preview an exclusive interview with an EAR victim that has never spoken publicly before. That interview is coming in episode 9. An...


S2 Ep7 - The Air Force Couple

In episode 7, we dive into some additional communication that may be from the East Area Rapist. There is a call we'll play that was made to the Sacramento PD. What may be the first written communication by EAR is sent to multiple outlets. And he continues to call and terrorize his victims. A good lead on this suspect comes into police and they set up a sting operation to nab him. We'll hear from one of the original detectives on how it played out. We also discuss the murders of Brian and...


Introducing Felonious Florida

Leave behind the beaches, the theme parks and the tropical breezes. This is the dark side of the Sunshine State. Listen to Felonious Florida on Apple podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this or go to


S2 Ep6 - EAR's Youngest Victim Speaks

The EAR is still on the loose and terrorizing Sacramento County. But he will move out of his home area and strike fear in Stockton, California. In this episode we talk to a number of people associated to the case. We speak with Detective Sgt. Ken Clark of the Sacramento County Sheriff's dept as well as Contra County investigator Paul Holes who is currently working the EAR case. But in a very special interview we get to hear from Margaret Wardlow who was the 27th and youngest victim of...


S2 Ep5 - Roots in Visalia?

The East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer has been terrorizing the citizens of Sacramento county. We talk about additional attacks to start this episode. There were a number of sightings of strange people in different neighborhoods, some posing as meter readers, some posing as census takers. Neighbors and victims continue to receive haunting phone calls. We talk to a man who in 1977 saw the East Area Rapist in his yard and actually came close to catching him. He takes us back to those...


S2 Ep4 - Tracking the MO of a Predator

The East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer continues to terrorize Sacramento county. As the attacks begin to mount it becomes evident that the specifics of each, as well as the descriptions of the attacker are similar. But the attacker does begin to add new elements as he becomes more and more brazen in his attacks. You can help support the show by going to An Emash Digital Production


S2 Ep3 - A Monster Terrorizes

The story of the East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer continues in this episode 3 of Season 2 of Criminology. The unidentified rapist continues to terrorize women all over Sacramento county. His tactics are brazen and oftentimes bizarre. Join Mike and Morf as we discuss the chronology of this monster, his crimes, the victims, and the effects on the community. We'll hear from the some of the investigators who handled the original case as well as the victims. We will also take a look at...


S2 Ep2 - A Victim Speaks Out

In this second episode of season 2 of Criminology you are going to hear from various people associated with this case. Jane Carson Sandler was the 5th victim of the monster and she joins us to talk about her experience and how her life was changed. You'll hear from Carol Daly and Richard Shelby who were some of the original detectives on this case. Their insight into how the investigation was conducted and the effect on the community is very impactful. And of course, we have to continue...


S2 Ep1 - The Epicenter of Fear

Criminology is back for Season 2! This season we will doing an in depth look at one of America's most infamous unsolved cases. This predator goes by many names: The East Area Rapist, The Golden State Killer, and the Original Night Stalker. This person is suspected of more than 100 home break ins and burglaries, at least 50 rapes, and a dozen or more murders. We'll be covering the crimes, the victims, and the clues using case documents and firsthand accounts. We talk with the investigators...


S2 - Introduction episode

This is the introduction episode for season 2 of the Criminology podcast. Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will unveil the topic for the second season and talk about what you can expect to hear as it unfolds. We also have a sample of the type of audio that you can expect to hear: Many hours of interviews have been done with cold case investigators, surviving victims, and victim's family members. Make sure you subscribe now so you don't miss a single episode!