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Welcome to Crue Trime where two crime obsessed best friends discuss all things murder and macabre. Join us every Monday for your healthy dose of true crime! EXPLICIT CONTENT | Cover art created by Shadrach Darger | Intro and Outro music created by Key Johnson | Twitter: @CrueTrime | Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast | Email:

Welcome to Crue Trime where two crime obsessed best friends discuss all things murder and macabre. Join us every Monday for your healthy dose of true crime! EXPLICIT CONTENT | Cover art created by Shadrach Darger | Intro and Outro music created by Key Johnson | Twitter: @CrueTrime | Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast | Email:


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Welcome to Crue Trime where two crime obsessed best friends discuss all things murder and macabre. Join us every Monday for your healthy dose of true crime! EXPLICIT CONTENT | Cover art created by Shadrach Darger | Intro and Outro music created by Key Johnson | Twitter: @CrueTrime | Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast | Email:






Necrophilia Meets America

Shout out to our listener of the week Rusty Blonch Jr! This week Mads tells us the story of "The Gorilla Man" aka "The Gorilla Killer" aka "The Dark Strangler". A kid from the early early 1900s who experienced a terrible childhood accident that made an array of behavioral issues even worse. At a young age, Earle went on to live of life of violence and rage leading to a life of grisly murder by strangulation followed by some dreadful necrophilia. Thanks for listening! Don't forget to rate,...


Acid Bath Murderer

Sorry we missed you guys last week! This week Sav tells us about Acid Bath Murderer, John George Haigh who rather than work for a living, found wealthy people to kill, rob, and dispose of in large acid vats. Twitter: @CrueTrime Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast Youtube: Crue Trime A True Crime Podcast Email:


Pee Wee Gaskins

TRIGGER WARNING THIS EPISODE : This episode contains brutal rapes/murders to young children and wanted to give the heads up to those who may need it! This week Mads tells us about Donald Henry Parrot better known as Pee Wee Gaskins, a man who is as small as you would think but not quite as Disney as you would think. With 15 confirmed murders and 90+, Pee Wee's story is long, sad, upsetting, enraging, and so much more. Twitter: @CrueTrime Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast Youtube: Crue Trime A...


Americas Fastest Serial Killer

Welcome to the short story of Benjamin Atkins. Serial Killer who had a rough start that led to a rough middle that led to a rough fuckin end. Targeting prostitutes, Benjamin went on a spree of sorts leading him to be considered Americas fastest serial killer. We love you guys, thanks again for all of your love and support and we hope you have a good week! Twitter: @CrueTrime Instagram: @cruetrimepodcast Youtube: Crue Trime A True Crime Podcast Email:


Herbie Loves Peanuts

This week we are back at it with Mads telling us about Herbert Mullin, a serial killer in California during the 1970s. A religious zealot trying to prevent Armageddon, but what if it was all in his head? This episode we talked a lot about mental health as its something we all deal with and a lot of us really struggle with, Our hiatus has been really beneficial for both of our mental health and we just want to reiterate now that we're back to please feel free to reach out to us on any of our...


Katherine Knight Must Have a Fucking WAP

WE FUCKING MISSED YOU GUYS!!! And we're back for real this time, so check out this weeks episode on Katherine Knight, a psycho Australian bitch with a wap that makes no sense. How many men did that WAP reel in bro? Too fucking many. How many of them ended up dying? Fuck if i know, listen to the episode O_o


Speed Freak Killers

This week Mads shares with us the story of the Speed Freak Killers, 2 meth addicts who went on long roadtrips/meth binges and made really horrible choices which unfortunately included murder. Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine started out as childhood best friends who developed into a team of killers with no consistent method or location. Also we're considering changing our weekly episode release to Wednesdays so if you have any strong opinions about the change, send us a message on any of...


The Hillside Strangler(s)

Sorry for the lack of episode last week guys! This week we get into the Hillside Stranglers, killing in California during the 70s. 2 cousins who did a lot of horrible things on their own but the things they would do together? Fucking yikes. Enjoy this weeks episode as we get ridiculously drunk and find out exactly what kind of awful shit these dudes were up to.


William (Bill, If Ya Nasty)

This week our listener of the week is all of you! We've had so much fun putting out the last 27 episodes and we're so stoked to have all of you on the other end, so thank you all! Mads tells us the story of classic American serial killer William (or Bill) Suff, a man who initially has us thinking hes some sort of stand up guy but then quickly loses that high status. The things leading up to this mans murders are shocking, the murders he commits are shocking, and we have just one very...


Winnie the Ruth Judd

This week our listener Alan recommended Winnie Ruth Judd, The Trunk Murderess, an early 1900s woman with tuberculosis and a baby obsession. As you can imagine some drama is bound to stir up when your secret love affair not only has a wife, but at least 2 other mistresses. Those other mistresses? Your best friends. Your best friends? Dead in some travel trunks. Travel trunks? Leaking and stinking up the train. Murder? Yes. Why? Listen to the episode! We love you guys, thanks for listening...


Gagging on the Pod

This week is part 2 of killers who fed people their victims and the story Mads shares had us gagging the whole way through. Leonarda Cianciulli, born in the late 1800s, had a tragic childhood and moving into adulthood things only seemed to get worse. Curses, palm readings, the deaths of 13 out of 17 children?? If your family had been cursed, would you kill people and bake their blood into teacakes to save them? Listen to the episode and let us know what you think! We love you guys, thanks...


Eat a Dick

This week we were inspired by Ellies request for Joe Metheny, a story about a human hamburger serving killer (mini episode coming later) that inspired the topic of killers who fed people their victims meat. Savs story is about Armin Miewes, a German computer technician in his 40s who happened to really want to try some human meat and of course what better way to do that than to post a request for a victim in an online cannibal chat room. Where the fuck do things go next? Check out the...


A Seriously Shitty Mom

Back from Cancun and drunk talking about shitty moms! This week Mads tells us about Diane Staudte, a woman with no shame and now basically no family. Not only does this woman end up murdering half her immediate family for reasons that baffle us, but theres so many unexpected twists so buckle up! We also want to shout out Nate and Aidyn, our listeners of the weeks, thanks for all of the support, you guys are the best! Dont forget to rate, review, subscribe, and check back next Monday for...


Casey Anthony: Queen of Shitty Moms

This week Savs covering the story of murderous mother Casey Anthony, suggested to us by loyal listener Kam! First we want to apologize in advance and let you guys know there will not be an episode the next 2 weeks as we will be taking a much needed break in CANCUN!! In this weeks story, Sav tells us about Casey Anthony and her 2 year old daughter Caylee who left their home one summer day and after a month only Casey returned claiming her daughter had been abducted a month earlier by "Zanny...


The West Memphis Three

This week we have Mads telling us all about the falsely accused teenagers known as The West Memphis Three, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr. The West Memphis Three were accused of murdering 3 young boys in their area, Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore. The boys bodys were found naked, bound, and bloody in a wooded area in West Memphis Arkansas leading investigators to for some reason believe this had to be the work of Satanists. How does police...


“Cover Joe Arridy”

This week was going to be 2 stories as usual, 1 from Sav and 1 from Mads but it seems our stories just keep getting longer and longer and no it’s not just because we keep getting drunk and going off on tangents 👀 So we’ve decided to split this heart wrenching episode of the falsely accused into another 2 parter, check back next week for Mads telling us about The Memphis Three! With that said, let us know what you like better, both of us sharing each episode or split up! dm/email us, info...


What’s Dahmer Cooking in Apt 213

We missed you guys last week but hope you had the most enjoyable holidays! We are back at it this week with Sav covering Jeffrey Dahmer. This episode could have gone on for hours based on all the fucking crazy shit Dahmer did in his life, however an hour seemed long enough to talk about this mans truly horrific crimes which were committed over the course of about 13 years in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Jeffrey Dahmer desired a body that wouldn't move, someone he could have complete control over,...


Dennis Nilsen Why The Fuck

This episode comes to you as another 2 parter with the topic of killers who keep body parts from their victims, ew fucking nast. This week Mads shares the absolutely horrific and awful details of the murders committed by Dennis Nilsen. Dennis Nilsen committed his crimes in London in the late 70s/early 80s, picking up gay men from bars and train stations and taking them to his flat to meet their fate in his floorboards. His murders were eerily similar to those committed by Jeffrey Dahmer who...


Heavy Hittin' Rapists Part 2

This week Sav shares the details of the crimes committed by Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, The Walk In Killer, The Valley Intruder, and The Screen-Door Intruder. Richard Ramirez committed multiple rapes, murders, and attempted murders across the Los Angeles California area between 1984 and 1985. Of the times he shot people directly in the face and head, it is absolutely SHOCKING how many of these people survived to tell the tale. Dont forget to rate, review, subscribe...


Heavy Hittin' Rapists Part 1

This episode is coming to you in two parts! Next week Sav will tell us about Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, but this weeks story is none other than Dennis Rader, infamously known as BTK (bind, torture, kill). BTK was not just a serial rapist but a serial strangler as well killing total ten people with an eleventh victim planned. From 1974 to 2005 Dennis Rader lived a double life, one side having a job, wife, and 2 kids while the other was binding, torturing, killing, and pursuing his...