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This is Curtain – a podcast where we pull back the blinds to shine a light on the darkest parts of our justice system and ask – who are the victims?Could an Aboriginal man who has served 25 years in prison for Murder be innocent?Hosts Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson

This is Curtain – a podcast where we pull back the blinds to shine a light on the darkest parts of our justice system and ask – who are the victims?Could an Aboriginal man who has served 25 years in prison for Murder be innocent?Hosts Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson
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This is Curtain – a podcast where we pull back the blinds to shine a light on the darkest parts of our justice system and ask – who are the victims?Could an Aboriginal man who has served 25 years in prison for Murder be innocent?Hosts Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson






The Insult of Having to Beg Betty for Pardon

Aboriginal man Kipper Billy was wrongly convicted of rape in 1861, in the state of Qld he was executed for a crime he did not commit. Now 150 years later he's finally been given the pardon he deserves, although true justice can never be done. This week we explore the issue of pardon in this context and the insult it is that Aboriginal people still have to beg the very family who invaded their lands for the right to be free.


Bowraville: Still Fighting for Justice

This week we examine the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal refusing an application by the NSW Attorney-General to retry the person police suspect of killing three Aboriginal children in Bowraville between 1990 and 1991. Despite the incredible efforts of the children's families, they've been failed again. Their demands for justice and the failure for it to be delivered rests on the shoulders of the entire Australian community, as well as the police and politicians. So what has to be done to value...


No Appeal if you're Aboriginal

This week we take a look at what is happening in Australia in regards to prisoners appealing significant sentences for murder were there is doubt over their guilt. For two Non-Aboriginal prisoners it appears justice will be served, one has already received compensation. For two Aboriginal men, the opposite is true


Three Cases for Truth and Justice

This week we look at new information about the extent of police corruption in Queensland, the overcrowding of Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre and another tragic death in custody examined.


No Justice, No Peace... For Aboriginal Women

In this weeks episode of Curtain we examine the shocking death of an Aboriginal woman in the Northern Territory that has gone unsolved and unpunished for more than four years. Amid dark clouds over the police's handling of the case, another life has been taken without any justice or outcry from the broader community. Also we examine the shocking new statistics on the rate of incarceration of vulnerable Aboriginal children.


Another Aboriginal Man Innocent Inside

When Curtain the Podcast began, we asked the question 'How many Indigenous prisoners in Australia are innocent?". Today we discuss the case of South Australia's Derek Bromley, who has been in prison for more than 34 years. He's always maintained his innocence, the two key witnesses have long since been shown to have no credibility and others have walked free... why not Derek?


His Image Goes Viral

Just over a week ago we shared a recent image of Kevin Henry, allowing the public to see his face for the first time in 27 years. The response was overwhelming; this week we explain why, answer many of the questions that were raised by those who saw it and ask for your help to free and innocent man.


Who is Committing the Crimes?

This week on Curtain the podcast, in just the past week three more examples have emerged of police targeting Aboriginal people. Firstly in the attempt to imprison the cousin of Ms Dhu, again for unpaid fines, despite all that has happened to the family and the situation you'll hear. A WA Snr Sergeant has struck with a vehicle a young 18 year old leaving him in hospital and the community of Palm Island has been awarded 30 million dollars, after the QPS was found to have breached the Racial...


Gene Gibson and the Interview Room

This week we examine the case of Gene Gibson from Western Australia who was wrongfully convicted and finally released after five years in Prison. What is occurring in the interview rooms of Police Stations around the country that continue to send innocent people to prison.


From Inside The Community

This week a special episode of Curtain focuses on Domestic Violence, the failures of policy, police and the community to protect Aboriginal women and children. Hear about why this is going on, how its being tackled and the voices of the Aboriginal Women you need to listen to when the podcast ends!


Why the Two Reports?

Welcome to episode 50 of Curtain, hosts Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson detail a new study about exonerations that has direct relevance to the case of Kevin Henry. Then for the first time new forensic information can be revealed and a second report that further highlights the misconduct of authorities and innocence of Curtain is disclosed


New Documents Revealed

This week Martin and Amy detail some of the new information that has been uncovered in relation to Kevin Henry's case. There are further issues of police failures, new witnesses that we've interviewed and more questions that are finally answered.


A Week That Demands a Royal Commission

From the World's leading Human Rights Organisation to some of the best Medical minds on the planet, we learn what we already know. Aboriginal people are being treated appallingly in prisons across the country. From more Deaths in Custody, to Children in Solitary Confinement and the sexual abuse of disabled prisoners the horror continues. A Royal Commission must be called and that's only a start


Invasion Day

Welcome to an Invasion day special of Curtain the podcast. Host Amy McQuire reflects on what the day means to her and the broader Indigenous community, while also discussing some of the findings of her recent travels around Australia of horrific events and massacres. Afterward Martin Hodgson has a challenge for you to undertake this invasion day, a 20 square kilometre examination of the past and present treatment of ATSI people where you live and runs you through the events of the area that...


2018 A Year When Justice Needs You

Welcome to 2018 and the first instalment of the podcast for the year. In this episode we detail what we have planned for the year to come, how we will be bringing justice for Kevin and Lynda and also the work we will be doing to expose the wrongs committed against Aboriginal people around the country. But as we expand, we need your help and your contribution to our patreon push becomes even more important


Islands of Injustice

This week host Amy McQuire is away on assignment, but Martin Hodgson delivers a special Human Rights Day episode on the island prisons that have been part of Australia's history and why acknowledging the injustices committed against First Nations people will help us understand the horrors of Manus and Nauru.


The NT Royal Commission

A special episode of Curtain looks at the findings of the royal commission into youth detention and we have scathing words for what has largely been celebrated as a successful process. Find out why these new recommendations are destined to fail and the alternatives that should have been proposed


Proving Innocence in Australia

This week we look at the cases of those proven innocent and those seeking to prove their innocence, including Kevin Henry. We examine the role race plays in the process and the way dodgy forensics, often influenced by race, can convict the innocent and control the media narrative.


The Forensic Race For Reed

This week on Curtain we bring you an update from Rodney Reed's latest hearing in Texas. The similarities to Kevin Henry's case cross the boundaries of race, innocence and dodgy forensics. Finally we reveal a case about to explode in Australia that will blow the lid on all of these issues and helps highlight why innocent men like Kevin and Rodney are still imprisoned.


A Gun To The Head

This week the most explosive allegations in the case of Kevin Henry. An Aboriginal man who has been locked up for a quarter of a century for a murder he says he did not commit says police held a gun to his head and threatened to “dispose” of him off the top of a mountain if he did not confess to the crime.