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A podcast made by hard-core True Crime fans. Somewhat grungy and grimy, we bring you stories from all the dark corners of the globe.

A podcast made by hard-core True Crime fans. Somewhat grungy and grimy, we bring you stories from all the dark corners of the globe.


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A podcast made by hard-core True Crime fans. Somewhat grungy and grimy, we bring you stories from all the dark corners of the globe.




150: Snowtown | Australia

In the month of July, we are celebrating Evidence Locker’s third birthday and our 150th episode. For the last episode in our Blockbuster series, we explore the true crime case behind the Australian Noir film, Snowtown. John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis committed a series of brutal murders in Adelaide between 1992 and 1999. The remains of eight victims were found in six acid-filled barrels in a disused bank vault in the small town of Snowtown, which is why the case is known as...


149: Munich (The 1972 Summer Olympics Massacre) | Germany

In the month of July, we are celebrating Evidence Locker’s third birthday and our 150th episode. With this in mind, we decided on a Blockbuster theme. This week we look into the true crime case behind Steven Spielberg’s film, Munich. Palestinian militant group Black September took nine 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage during the Summer Olympics of 1972. The world watched as events unfolded, and it ended in the death of all the hostages and a German police officer, as well as...


148: Memories of Murder (The Hwaseong Serial Murders)| South Korea

This week we explore the second case in our Blockbuster series. Before Academy Award-winning film Parasite, director Bong Joon Ho made Memories of Murder, inspired by the 1986-1991 Hwaseong Serial Murders. The film was released in 2003, with the hope of keeping the unsolved case alive. More than 30 years after the first murder, DNA evidence pointed to a man who was already in prison, serving a life sentence for killing his sister-in-law. Special thanks: SJ For pictures and more...


The Next Call - Phone Call with David Ridgen

Noel has a phone conversation with David Ridgen about his new podcast series, The Next Call. David, of course, is the creator of the popular podcast series, Someone Knows Something. The Next Call is his new investigative podcast, brought to you by CBC Podcasts. In The Next Call, David tackles unsolved cases through strategic phone calls. From the victim's family members to potential suspects, the investigation unfolds with The Next Call. The first case in the series is about the...


147: The French Connection | USA

In the month of July, we are celebrating Evidence Locker’s third birthday and our 150th episode. In the spirit of celebration, we decided on a blockbuster theme. To kick things off, we look into the true crime case behind the film, The French Connection, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Film Editing, and Best Writing in 1971. The French Connection was a real-life case, during which a team of investigators busted a drug-smuggling ring into the USA...


146: The Monster Butler | Scotland

Archibald Hall, also known as Roy Fontaine, used his position as a butler in aristocratic homes to gain access to valuable antiques and jewellery, which he stole and sold. He was a conman and a thief who, when things heated up, turned to murder. His flamboyant persona fooled those closest to him, and in the end, no one was safe in the company of the Monster Butler. For pictures and more information, join us on Facebook Want to support our podcast? Visit our page at Patreon For a full list...


145: Homicidal Somnambulist, Kenneth Parks | Canada

In May 1987, Ken Parks walked into a Toronto police station, covered with blood. He was horrified and confused and told the duty officer that he may have hurt someone. As it turned out, Ken was asleep when he beat and stabbed his mother-in-law to death. Because he was not awake when he committed the brutal crime, he was acquitted. His case made Canadian legal history and people are still divided on the issue. For pictures and more information, join us on Facebook Want to support our...


144: Slaughter in Tai Kok Tsui | Hong Kong

When Glory Chau and Moon Siu’s 28-year-old son invited them to his new apartment, they were delighted. They had had a disagreement about his future and thought the invitation was his attempt to make things right. Their son led them into the apartment block in Tai Kok Tsui just before 1 pm, but they never left the building again… Sponsors: Best Fiends - A world on your Mobile. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App...


143: The Bennington Triangle | USA

Between 1945 and 1950, five people vanished in the Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont. A 74-year-old hunting guide, an 18-year-old sophomore college student and a 68-year-old war veteran, an 8-year-old boy and a 53-year-old lady all disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Were the cases related, or was it a coincidence? The area has been dubbed ‘The Devil’s Triangle’ or ‘The Bennington Triangle’ and theories about what happened to these missing people are wild and...


142: Luis Vigoreaux, Burnt Alive | Puerto Rico

In January 1983, one of Puerto Rico’s most famous television and radio personalities was found dead in the trunk of his burnt-out Mercedes Benz. At the time of his death, Luis was going through a bitter divorce from soap opera star, Lydia Echevarría. It did not take law enforcement long to find their first suspect. The case was a media circus, and everyone watched as it unfolded, like a real-life, true crime-of-passion drama. For pictures and more information, join us on Facebook Want to...


141: The Murder of Monika Zumsteg-Telling | England

Michael Telling came from one of the wealthiest families in all of England. When he married Californian beauty Monika Zumsteg, they moved into an opulent estate in Buckinghamshire. The couple’s life looked like the stuff dreams were made of. Then one day, out of the blue, Monika left. Michael hired a private investigator to find his wife, to no avail. Five months later, 170 miles away from the Telling home, a motorist stumbled upon a grisly scene in the woods. Special Thanks to Sally and...


140: Lake Bodom Murders | Finland

In the summer of 1960, four teenagers went camping at Lake Bodom. In the pre-dawn hours, an unknown assailant attacked them inside their tent, slashing them with a knife and hitting them with a blunt object. Of the four, only 18-year-old Nils Gustafsson survived, narrowly escaping death. 45 years later, he was charged with killing his friends, but acquitted. To this day, the mystery of what happened at Lake Bodom on that sultry night haunts the people of Finland. Special thanks: Pahan...


139: Murder at a Rave (Mathilde Crogeunnec) | France

18-year-old Mathilde left home with her boyfriend, two cousins and three friends to go to Tek’Noz, a three-day festival on farmland in Brittany. The group looked out for each other and checked in constantly. But by Sunday morning Mathilde was nowhere to be found. At the same time, Gendarmes were hoping to identify the body of a young woman found at the edge of the woods. Once they made the link, the search for the killer was on. More than 40,000 people attended the teknival and finding the...


138: The ABC Killer (Moses Sithole) | South Africa

With the fall of Apartheid in South Africa, many rural women streamed to cities, looking for work. When police uncovered body after body in the veld outside Johannesburg and Pretoria, they informed the public they were dealing with a serial killer. All the victims had arranged to meet a man for job interviews and were never seen alive again. He struck in the areas of Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland, and was named the ABC Killer. Sponsors: Best Fiends - Engage your brain with fun...



Somewhat grungy and grimy, the Evidence Locker podcast brings you true crime stories from all the dark corners of the globe.


137: The Mysterious Death of Mariska Mast | Honduras

23-year-old Dutch teacher took some time off to travel through Central America. The highlight of her trip was to take a scuba diving course on the Caribbean island of Roatán, Honduras. For her last night on the island and she partied with her fellow divers. Afterwards, she went home with her Australian instructor. The next morning he and his flatmate dropped a badly injured Mariska off at the hospital in Coxen Hole and explained that she had fallen onto a tiled floor, face first. Sadly...


136: The Vigilante Killing of Ken McElroy | USA

After invoking fear into the community of Skidmore, MO for decades, the time had come for Ken Rex McElroy to face the music. When law enforcement failed to put an end to his constant intimidation and violent crimes, the townsfolk took matters into their own hands. 60 witnesses saw him being shot and killed outside a tavern in the middle of town, however, in an unprecedented act of solidarity, everyone refused to talk. To this day, the murder of the town bully has not been solved. For...


135: The Farm Gate Shooting of Scott Guy | New Zealand

31-year-old Scott Guy was shot at his farm gate on a cold winter’s morning in 2010. His brother-in-law was charged with the murder but acquitted. Who would want to kill this well-liked husband, father, son and brother? This case caught the imagination of the entire country and people followed the trial blow-by-blow as intimate details of the daily lives of the Guy family emerged. For pictures and more information, join us on Facebook Want to support our podcast? Visit our page at...


134: The Lust Killing of Yangjie Li | Germany

In May 2016, Chinese national Yangjie Li was months away from finishing her master’s degree in architecture in Dessau, Germany. On a mild spring evening when she went jogging, but never returned home. Two days later, her mutilated body was discovered, yards away from her front door. An investigation revealed that on the night of her disappearance, Yangjie had crossed paths with a couple, who had made a diabolical sex pact. Sebastian Flech and Xenia Lang lured Yangjie into their apartment and...


BONUS: JonBenét Ramsay - Beauty Queen | USA

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