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Host Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent and author on a mission to show you who the FBI is and what the FBI does by interviewing retired agents, her former colleagues, about their most intriguing and high-profiled cases, as well as fascinating but not as well-known FBI investigations. She also reviews how the Bureau is portrayed in books, TV, and movies. Photos and links to articles about the cases and topics discussed can be found at https://jerriwilliams.com/


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Host Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent and author on a mission to show you who the FBI is and what the FBI does by interviewing retired agents, her former colleagues, about their most intriguing and high-profiled cases, as well as fascinating but not as well-known FBI investigations. She also reviews how the Bureau is portrayed in books, TV, and movies. Photos and links to articles about the cases and topics discussed can be found at https://jerriwilliams.com/




280: Kyle Vowinkel – 2013 Alabama Bunker Negotiations

Retired agent Kyle Vowinkel reviews the 2013 Alabama bunker child abduction case, known as the Boy in the Bunker, one of the FBI's greatest hostage recovery operations. January 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the crisis event, which took place from January 29, through February 4, 2013 in Midland City, Alabama, when a man boarded a school bus, killed the driver, and took a five-year-old boy hostage. Having served for eight years on the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and, at the...


279: J Robert Chadwick – FBI Transformation, Strategic Execution Team, SET

Retired agent Rob Chadwick reviews Director Mueller’s Strategic Execution Team (SET) training initiative. SET spearheaded the transformation of the FBI from a law enforcement agency into an intelligence driven and threat focused national security service and was the largest training program in the history of the FBI. The generation of agents and analysts working in the Bureau, on or shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, took part in the training from about 2008-2010. Rob...


278: Neil Herman and Kevin Hallinan – 1981 Brink's Armored Car Robbery

Retired agent Neil Herman and retired NYPD Detective/Lt. Kevin Hallinan review the three-year crime spree in the New York metropolitan area that culminated on October 20, 1981, when 11 members of the Weather Underground, a radical domestic terrorist group, carried out a Brink's armored car robbery at the Nanuet Mall in Nyack, New York. Using high-powered weapons, the terrorist group stole 1.6 million dollars, and shot and killed bank security guard Peter Paige. During their getaway, they...


277: Michael Byrnes - Quadruple Homicide Crime Scene Search

Retired agent Michael Byrnes reviews the tragic 2017 quadruple murder of four young men in Solebury, PA, specifically the human remains search and recovery operation conducted by Philadelphia FBI ERT to assist local law enforcement officers. Mike oversaw team members from FBI, state, county, and local agencies as they identified and processed 6 separate excavation sites, ultimately recovering all four victims 5 days after commencing the operation. The murders were carried out by Cosmo...


276: Jonny Grusing – Serial Killer Con Man Scott Kimball

Retired agent Jonathan “Jonny” Grusing reviews his investigation of former FBI informant Scott Kimball, who has confessed to being a serial murderer. Grusing worked with the BAU, the FBI’s profiling unit, as a field coordinator and with numerous law enforcement agencies to bring homicide charges against Kimball and recover three of his victims from remote, mountainous areas. The details of Kimball's murders are horrific, revealing his deception, complete disregard for human life, including...


275: Richard Stout – Billion Dollar Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstein

Retired agent Richard Stout and investigative journalist Bob Norman review the case against Scott Rothstein, who convinced hundreds of wealthy investors to pay millions of dollars for fake legal settlements in the fourth largest Ponzi scheme in US history. In addition to economic fraud, the case also covered other illegal activities, including bank fraud, public corruption, organized crime, illegal campaign contributions, and pay-to-play politics. The case resulted in the arrest and...


274: Diane Harsha – Potty Training Child Exploitation Case

Retired agent Diane Harsha reviews an exploitation of children case where a man posed as a potty-training expert to take nude photos of a toddler for sexual gratification. Diane also talks about working in a small resident agency (RA) satellite office and the importance of relying on local law enforcement partners. She dedicates this case review to former colleagues from the Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office who were killed in the line of duty during a tragic domestic abuse call. Diane served...


273: David Kamel – Tale of Two Investment Frauds

Retired agent David Kamel reviews his investigation of two investment fraud cases while under the added pressure of indicting the white-collar crime subjects before his impending mandatory retirement date. The first case discussed was a multi-million-dollar advance fee scam involving multiple international victims living in Germany, Australia, and Nigeria who were defrauded by a retired Army colonel residing in the Dallas area. The second case involves an elder man who invested his life...


272: Mark Safarik – Family Annihilation, Mass Murders

Retired FBI profiler Mark Safarik reviews a family annihilation case that he conducted a behavioral analysis for during the investigation and provided expert testimony during the subsequent trial. The subject murdered his wife, their three young children, and his mother-in-law. Mark served in the FBI for 23 years, 12 as a senior member of the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and an expert in the analysis and interpretation of violent criminal behavior. Check out episode show...


271: Anthony Velazquez – Miami Police and Customs Inspector Corruption

Retired agent Anthony "Tony" Velazquez reviews a police corruption case involving three anti-drug police officers and a US Customs inspector who used their law enforcement positions to steal drugs and cash from drug traffickers operating along Miami area smuggling routes. During Tony's 1996 undercover operation, officers from the Hallandale Police Department in Florida accepted bribes to protect undercover agents who posed as drug traffickers and a Customs inspector accepted bribes to...


270: Oliver "Buck" Revell – The FBI and Politics, 1992 Presidential Campaign

Retired agent Oliver “Buck” Revell reviews the FBI Dallas Division's investigation into allegations of dirty tricks made during the 1992 presidential campaign primary involving the campaigns of President George H. W. Bush and candidate Ross Perot. He also discusses the important but precarious role of the FBI when investigating criminal matters with serious political implications. Buck Revell served in the FBI for 30 years. During his career, he assumed many leadership roles, culminating...


269: Michael Gibeley – Thwarted Anti-Government Murder Plot

Retired agent Mike Gibeley reviews his undercover role as a firearms dealer working with Edward McLarnon who was plotting to illegally purchase weapons to carry out a plot to murder government officials in New Hampshire and his ex-wife's husband. Mike served in the FBI for nearly 24 years and was an FBI certified undercover agent for over 20 years, working undercover operations across the United States and in countries around the world. Check out episode show notes, photos, and related...


268: Jalaine Ward and Joan Cronier – Nuwaubian Nation Cult Leader Dwight York

Retired agents Jalaine Ward and Joan Cronier review their investigation of cult leader Dwight D. York, of the United Nation of Nuwaubian Moors. York used his charisma to recruit thousands of followers. Several hundred cult members lived with their children on his 475-acre compound in Putnam County, Georgia where, for years, he sexually molested boys and girls, 3-18 years old. In 2004, York was convicted and sentenced to 135 years without parole. Jalaine Ward served in the FBI for nearly 27...


267: John Kuchta – 1994 DC Metro Police Headquarters Ambush

Retired agent John Kuchta reviews the November 22, 1994, ambush at the DC Metro Police Headquarters where a gunman killed Special Agents Martha Dixon and Michael Miller, and MPD Sgt. Henry “Hank” Daly. John survived multiple gunshot wounds to his heart, liver, kidney, lung, arm, and leg. For his actions, he was awarded the FBI Medal of Valor and U.S. Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Heroism in recognition of exceptional acts of heroism involving the voluntary risk of personal safety...


266: Martha Dixon Tribute, Line of Duty Service Martyr

On November 22, 1994, Special Agents Martha Dixon Martinez and Michael John Miller, and Police Sgt. Henry "Hank" Daley, were shot and killed inside the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Headquarters building. In this episode, one of Martha Dixon’s sisters, Monica Dentino, one of her brothers, Kevin Dixon, and six of Martha’s former co-workers, retired agents Icey Jenkins Craig, Bill Cole, Dan Reilly, Jeff Bedford, Jerry Bamel, and John Kuchta share loving memories about Martha and...


265: 50th Anniversary of Women FBI Agents –Panel Discussion

This special episode to commemorate the 50th anniversary of women FBI agents, features a lively and honest conversation with previous guests of FBI Retired Case File Review, Lauren Anderson, Judy Tyler, Gina Davis, Katherine Schweit, Jane Mason, Masayo Halpin, Julia Cowley, and Kathy Stearman. These retired agents talk about normally taboo "women’s issues" like biases and babies, and provide inspirational messages about being a female agent in the FBI. Check out episode show notes, photos,...


264: History of Women FBI Agents

July 2022 marks the 50 anniversary of women FBI agents. In this episode, active and retired agents share historical and personal stories about FBI Director Hoover's initial rejection and the Bureau's eventual acceptance of women as agents. Check out episode show notes, photos, and related articles. https://jerriwilliams.com/264-history-of-women-fbi-agents/ Buy me a coffee - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JerriWilliams Join my Reader Team to get the FBI Reading Resource - Books about...


263: Craig Arnold – Shooting Incidents, FBI Medals Program

Retired agent Craig Arnold reviews two shooting incidents he was involved in, one which resulted in saving the life of an FBI informant and another where, during a fatal shootout, he saved the life of a cooperating witness by taking the life of a subject. As a certified peer support counselor, Craig traveled all over the country to speak with and offer support to other FBI agents and police officers involved in shooting incidents. As the recipient of the FBI Medal of Valor, the FBI’s...


262: Jerome Lorrain and Joe Nicholson – Miss-A-Bama Murder

Retired agent Jerome Lorrain and former Safe Street Taskforce (SSTF) officer Joseph W. Nicholson review one of their kidnapping and murder investigations. In 2001, David Cannon abducted and bludgeoned to death Thomas Earl Beasley, III. Cannon and Beasley met at the Miss-A-Bama Saloon. Cannon became enraged after Beasley allegedly made a sexual pass at him. Beasley's body was later found floating in a pond in rural Alabama. The SSTF worked the case and made a crucial consensually recorded...


261: John Anticev – 1993 WTC Bombing, TERRSTOP, Informant Emad Salem

In part two of this two-part episode, retired agent John Anticev continues his case review of his operation of FBI informant Emad Salem, who infiltrated an operational cell of Egyptian Islamic radicals but fired by John’s FBI superiors while John was out on sick leave recovering from a brain tumor. Members of the cell were later found to be responsible for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC). After the attack, John re-engaged his source to penetrate a second operational...