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Episode 14 - Can't Touch Us With Our Baked Makeup

The Amityville Horror has spawned 16 movies all claiming to be based upon a true story, but what really happened on that fateful day in 1974 when Ronald DeFeo Jr killed his entire family? Will we ever get answers to what happened in 1922 German Hinterkaifeck murders? These mysteries have created many fanciful tales and theories, some more sinister than others and some believe paranormal forces were involved. We also have the full comprehensive guide to how not to die from any paranormal...


Episode 13 - In Search Of Mrs Joseph & Smith Chips

Cold cases across many cities continue to rise, and there has never been a year since the first cold case unit was established that they have decreased in number. It is rare and as each day passes the chances of solving the case gets smaller, despite technological advances. So when they are solved it can bring closure or it could be too late for some families. In this episode we look at the case of Susan Schwarz, better known as the queen of hearts case, also the unusual disappearance of...


Episode 12 - Cyanide & The Reinert Rabbit Hole

The deliberate act of killing your own child it is difficult to comprehend, yet filicide is still the leading cause of child death globally. We cover the case of Ronald Clark O'Bryan, who became the man who killed halloween. Unfortunately his story was the catalyst for many urban legends, overshadowing that this man planned on killing his children for money. We also get taken in by the bizarre case of Susan Reinert, who was brutally murdered and her children never to been found again. The...


Episode 11 - The egg-cellent story of warlocks

Sometimes serial killers are viewed as lone wolves, not being able to connect with anyone else. The couple killers in this episode prove that sometimes killers also have companions and can form an intense bonds. For Michael (aka James Clifford / Bear) & Suzan Carson, this bond was over killing witches, hence their now famous moniker "The San Francisco Witch Killers". Australian couple David and Catherine Birnie also shared a similar cruel intentions, when they raped, bind and killed...


Episode 10 - Held Captive At The Credit Bank With Cake

Steven Stayner and Colleen Stan are both victims & survivors who were held captive for years by strangers on the street, though surprisingly they didn't seek freedom and struggled after their ordeal was over. These cases are both stories of tragedy and reminder of how brutal humans can be to each other, and how the human mind adapts to survive such situations through mechanisms such as Stockholm Syndrome.


Episode 9 - Seriously, it's always the parents fault

It is often said 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and while this can be said for some female killers, others kill for different reasons. It has also been found women killed in different ways to men, in different locations and have different motives. This doesn't make them any less horrifying the lengths female killers will go to. This is shown in the case of Jolly Jane Toppan, who hid her disturbing behaviour and crimes through her work. We also chat about the tragic case of Gypsy...


Episode 8 - Minisode: The short life of Robert Trimbole & hash-tips

Robert Trimbole, also often known as 'Aussie Bob' for his thick accent amongst fellow mob members was a successful businessman and crime boss in the rural town of Griffith. This small country town where Robert grew up has deep Italian roots, especially with Calabrian mafia. Griffith is also known for its citrus produce and produce of another kind: illicit drugs. Robert Trimbole became the 'Godfather of Grass' and was the man behind race fixing, contract killing, the 'Mr Asia' syndicate in...


Episode 7 - Con artists and blowouts are bad mmmkay

Leading a life full of deception, lies and cheating other people is bad enough. This episode we discuss con artists who went even further, killing those they had deceived. The original 'Dirty John' could be considered John Edward Robinson. This con man did it all, being a serial killer, kidnapper, forger and embezzler. we also discuss Cindy McKay, who also led a busy life, once being described as "Killer con artist, fake nun, corpse burner and mother of 6".


Episode 6 - Killing Kennedy's, Kissing Guns and Cats

Celebrities are often seen as a level above us all, though at the end of the day they are just normal people and can still commit crimes. This episode we discuss The Chappaquiddick Incident involving Ted Kennedy which not only altered USA political history, it also left a family grieving for their daughter that may have been saved, and shows us how someones status can also harm rather than help a situation. Also we look into the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson, at the hands of the music...


Episode 5 - Minisode: Mary Yoder, Apple Seeds & Insulin

For our first minisode we cover the recent court case of Dr Mary Yoder, which was recommended by our fav fan Rachel. In 2015, Dr Mary Yoder left work feeling unwell, 48 hours later she had died and no one knew why. It soon became apparent Mary had been poisoned, but why? and by whom? An intriguing letter arrive at the police station that may provide all the answers but instead lead to more questions than answers about those closest to Mary. Join Amanda, Hannah and Natalia as they discuss...


Episode 4 - Jilted Lovers: paper tubes and skin curtains

When a relationship ends people act in dramatically different ways, some seek a change, some see it as a fresh start and others see it as a way to get revenge. This episode we discuss true crime cases where people have taken the demise of their relationships to a whole new level. Carl Tanzler tried to replicate the relationship of his "one true love" and didn't quite understand the concept of "death till us part". Australian woman Katherine Knight shows us both sides of abusive...


Episode 3 - True Crime Karaoke with Natalia (vegan friendly)

Across the developing world crime rates tumbled as we entered the new millennium, however with a new decade filled with exciting new digital possibilities and a rapidly changing world, two horrific murders were committed. Both murder cases of Milly Dowler and Jeffrey Baldwin would leave their own mark on the 00's decade changing laws and make us reflect on the way institutes that once used to dominate in previous decades needed to be reformed and make sure such crimes could not be...


Episode 2 - When Joining A Cult Pack Sandwiches

Disappearance cases often leave investigators and families with more questions rather than answers. In these two disappearances cases new developments have not shed anymore light on what happen to them. The infamous Australian case of the Beaumont children is still as mystifying as ever and the disappearance of 4 people from a rural Australian town that were part of an online cult is even more bizarre. Luckily we have Hannah helping us this week learning how not to join a cult and what to...


Episode 1 - Read a newspaper Mary!

What better way to get the all the nerves and kinks out of the way for your first ever episode then by tackling the complex subject of child killers and trying to understand why they kill? Amanda, Hannah and Natalia sit down this week, wearing matching t-shirts and have an casual chat with each other about 3 different incidents involving children who have killed, including, Jon Venables & Robert Thompson, Mary Bell and Catherine & Curtis Jones.