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13 - Evil Genius / Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong / The Pizza Bomber Case

In this episode we discuss the murder of Ben Wells AKA the Pizza Bomber Case and the Netflix documentary Evil Genius. The Pizza Bomber case is a tragic and bizarre case where a group of people forced (?) a pizza delivery man to commit a bank robbery using a live collar bomb and a cane gun and made him go on a convoluted scavenger hunt to attempt to save his own life. In this episode we discuss the case as well as Marjorie Diehl–Armstrong, who was sentenced for the crime, and the way she’s...


12 – Belle Gunness

This time we’re going old school and talking about Belle Gunness, the first and worst catfish of all time! She is often referred to as the first american female serial killer even though she was actually from Norway and there were probably women killing people in the states long before the 19th century. We also discuss our namesake (copycat) podcast, scandi tobacco teabags, flatpack houses and Elena’s new life as a person who leans. ALSO: apologies for the slightly jumpy edit, if something...


Interlude 2: golden state killer and COME SEE OUR BAND

Like it says on the tin. Our gig is part of First Timers, we're playing on Saturday the 5th of May at 8:30, please come see us! Also please @ us about the golden state killer because we are losing our shit. Tell us your theories!!! We'll have a full length episode for you in May, we might be doing a proper vintage classic murderess. See you at the giiiiig!


11 – Tonya Harding Olympic Special

This month’s episode is an OLYMPIC SPECIAL EPISODE! It’s about the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal during the leadup to the 1994 Winter Olympics (which Jo attended!! As a baby!!) so there is no murder, but we do discuss rigid gender norms in figure skating and classist narratives about which women are considered to be capable of violence so we haven't deviated that far from our usual remit. We’ve also received some listener mail about being queers in favour of prison abolition who are...


10 – Pablo Gomez Jr

In our most shambolic episode yet, we discuss Pablo Gomez Jr., the first non binary murderer we’ve covered on the podcast, and the way this case blew up in the right wing press because it was committed by a non binary POC and happened at UC Berkeley. We also discuss our experiences with every single antidepressant and why being medicated for your mental health problems can be the bomb dot com, Elena challenges Johan Hari to a fight in their car park, Jo starts actually crying over a video...


Ladykillers festive interlude

A miniature festive episode feature our friends Georgia and Kylie. We'll be back with a full length episode in January. Thank you so so so much to everyone who has supported us in 2017, particularly our Patreon supporters and everyone who came to our live show in Brighton. See you next year! xxx


9 - Patricia Columbo + Mindhunter

This month’s episode we are finally doing Dan's choice of murderer (which he won in the raffle we did during the live show) and it's Patricia Columbo! Columbo murderered her family with her much older and terrible sounding boyfriend Frank DeLuca, and we discuss that but also the netflix series Mindhunter with our pal Georgia, our first ever guest! We also hate on sound engineers, introduce our new feature Comic Sans Watch and chat printing t-shirts whilst dyslexic, pooping on Mount Everest...


8 - Hometown Murders

This month’s episode is a hometown murder episode, about the crimes of Ane Lykke Reppe and Joanna Dennehy! We discuss how gross victim blame-y and pathologising narratives are (as usual), compare tabloid coverage in Scandinavia vs the UK and whether Axe Murdering Friend of a Friend would make a good band name. Also, Jo saw a ghost and Elena talks about the demise of their pink fake fur bikini bottoms (RIP). We have also launched a Patreon which we’ve set up so that we can cover our costs...


7 - Slenderman Stabbing

This month’s episode is a live recording from Brighton! We talk about the Slenderman Stabbings, a case where two 12 year olds attempted to murder their friend because Slenderman (of creepypasta/internet fame) told them to. We discuss the relationship between being a teenage edgelord and murder, Elena makes everyone promise to contact them via ouija board when they die, everyone agrees Richard Dawkins a dick and Jo does a dramatic reading of serial killer fanfiction so there’s something for...


6 - Abe Sada

The topic of this month’s episode is Abe Sada, a woman who in 1936 killed her partner and cut off his penis. Abe is usually portrayed as a Sexy Geisha Demon Woman™ and we try to challenge some of the sexist, whorephobic and racist ways people normally talk about her! We also discuss why eels aren't kosher, Jo somehow manages to bring figure skating into it and Elena reveals some unique knife storage tips. NOTE: At one point we use the term “female bodied” when talking about violence...


5 - Parker - Hulme Murder

Ladykillers is a podcast about women who kill, and how we talk about them. This month we tackle the Parker–Hulme murder, famous for the sensationalist TEEN LESBIAN MURDER coverage and the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures. We also discuss how much Jo’s curtains look like vaginas, whether you can ride a horse around London and if knowing the truth behind every crime would be great or terrible superpower to have. If you want to contact us, we're on twitter @ladykillerspod and our email...


4 - Manson Girls Part 2

Ladykillers is a podcast about women who kill, and how we talk about them. In part two of our Manson Girls episode, we discuss the LaBianca murders, the arrests and the trial, and go into more detail on Kasabian, Krenwinkel and Atkins. We also discuss terrible decisions we made as children and compare Thatcher to Manson, while the audio cave slowly collapses and we lose all feeling in our butts. If you want to contact us, we're on twitter @ladykillerspod and our email is...


3 - Manson Girls Part 1

Ladykillers is a podcast about women who kill, and how we talk about them. This is part one of a two parter about the Manson Family, which covers Manson himself, the techniques he used to manipulate is followers, as well as the Tate murders. We also talk shit about men who message us on dating sites, Elena reminisces about LA and Jo briefly forgets how old they are, so there's something for everyone. If you want to contact us, we're on twitter @ladykillerspod and our email is...


2 - Believe Women

Ladykillers is a podcast about women who kill, and how we talk about them. This month Elena and Jo talk about women who tell people they intend to commit murder, or even just straight up confess to murder, and who aren't taken seriously. Elena talks about hating therapists with sympathetic voices, Jo talks about their first ever stalker, and once again we're interrupted by a loud noise, so if that bugs you skip ahead a few seconds when the doorbell rings at 37m38s. We also forgot to beg...


1 - Aileen Wuornos

Ladykillers is a podcast about women who kill, and how we talk about them. In the first episode which is also a HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, Elena Colman and Jo Hauge discuss serial killer Aileen Wuornos! Wuornos’ gender non-conforming ways made her both a cultural icon and the topic of many hugely profitable “man hating lesbian murderess” stories. We also touch on serial killer fanfiction, fireworks and our anxiety disorders, so there’s something for everyone. Content note: as well as discussions...