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Hosts Erin Keith and Paul Randall Adams review Lifetime movies based on true crimes and the actual crimes that inspired them. Follow along as Erin watches and reviews made-for-TV movies based on heinous acts of crime, then join Paul as he delves into the truth behind the actual crimes.

Hosts Erin Keith and Paul Randall Adams review Lifetime movies based on true crimes and the actual crimes that inspired them. Follow along as Erin watches and reviews made-for-TV movies based on heinous acts of crime, then join Paul as he delves into the truth behind the actual crimes.
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Hosts Erin Keith and Paul Randall Adams review Lifetime movies based on true crimes and the actual crimes that inspired them. Follow along as Erin watches and reviews made-for-TV movies based on heinous acts of crime, then join Paul as he delves into the truth behind the actual crimes.






15. The Girl in the Bathtub and Jon Hamm Makes Everything Better

This week we tell a story that somehow doesn’t involve murder, but will still make you cry in the shower. Erin breaks down the plot of “The Girl in the Bathtub” and gives everyone a gentle reminder to hydrate and NEVER take a drink from a stranger. Lifetime also throws in some Amy Winehouse because, why not? Paul then tells us the real story of Julia Law and her mysterious death, why it always sounds suspicious when you say you “never” fight with someone and reminds us to ALWAYS ask for an...


14. Manson's Lost Girls and the Never Ending Orgy

This week we bring you everything you need to know about Charles Manson...he sucks!! Erin breaks down Lifetime's 'Manson's Lost Girls' and shares how to properly dine and dash, the strangest cult interview ever, and why you shouldn't kill for a guy who isn't willing to do his own dirty work. Paul then breaks down the true story of Linda Kasabian, her involvement with the Manson Family, and how she ultimately helped put them all in jail, much to her own detriment. Along the way we'll talk...


13. Perfect Sisters and the Secret Glee Club Meeting

This week was the worst movie about the worst case ever! The good news is that we use that opportunity to talk about our favorite thing, OURSELVES! From scandalous college sex stories to parents who are way too obsessed with their children, we’ve got a little bit of everything. We’ll even explain how to properly drink in the morning without looking suspicious. In between the funnies, we’ll tell you all about the Andersen sisters and the movie they inspired, “Perfect Sisters”. We even have a...


12. We Have Your Husband and the Law According to Erin

Join Paul and Erin this week as they laugh, cry, and beg a Federali to take his shirt off. Erin tells you all about the movie "We Have Your Husband", why you should maybe steer clear of Mexico, and reminds everyone that nobody needs 150 million pesos. Then Paul tells the real story of super bad ass Jayne Valseca, how she went rogue and broke all of the rules to get her husband back after he was kidnapped by political extremists.


11. I Killed My BFF and Mansplaining 101

This week, Erin watched I Killed My BFF, a crazy movie with an unpredictable ending, despite the title. Listen to her talk all about labor bonding and the Do-Do Sisterhood as she reveals all the details of Happy and Sad and their friendship. Then Paul talks about the true case, an equally bizarre story rife with Pulitzer Prize-quality writing. As he talks about the murder that inspired the movie, he will also mansplain everything you didn't want to know about everything you didn't want to...


10. An Officer and a Murderer and the Scrapbook of Shame

Join us as Erin tells Paul about An Officer and a Murderer and Russell Williams. We chat about his disturbing collections, why it’s rude to lay in other people’s beds, proper grammar, and even give you a helpful list of where you can purchase women’s underwear should you be so inclined. Then Paul tells Erin the real story, and why, if you’re going to be a criminal, you should always keep detailed documentation about your crimes to help the prosecutor. It’s just polite.


9. Hannah Anderson and the Tree Shoots Back

This week, Erin watched either Kidnapped: Hannah Anderson or Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, depending on which source you look at. Along the way, she'll explain what exactly a family crush is and what it means when a tree shoots back. Paul read all about the real case of Hannah Anderson and exactly what she thought about Lifetime's telling of her story. Family drama ensues in this week's episode of Lifetime Sentence.


8. Sinister Minister and the Captain America Special

Join us as Erin tells Paul the tale of DJ the minister and his powerful one liners about how much he loves know, when he’s not busy murdering his wives. Then Paul tells Erin about the real A.B. Schirmer and why you should never trust a man who calls himself “The Singing Minister”.


7. Talhotblond and True Love's Sext

What do Courteney Cox, a sniper rifle, and bathroom proposals all have in common? Tune in this week to find out. Erin will recap the beyond bizarre story told in the Lifetime Original Movie, Talhotblond and offer you advice to up your sexting game while Paul tells you about the true crime (which truly is stranger than fiction) while cringing at all the odd details. This is an episode you won't want to miss!


6. Victoria Gotti: My Father is Groot

Join us today for our review of Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter. Erin loudly objectifies Maurice Benard while he’s at a funeral and explains why this movie made her love John Gotti a little too much. Then Paul brings her crashing back down to Earth with the real story of the “Dapper Don”, what a Hunting and Fishing club really does, and why you never want to be on the hit team.


5. The Bling Ring and the Worst Scooby-Doo Ever

This week, Erin finally watched a movie with no murders, The Bling Ring (and, no, not the Emma Watson one.) Listen along to see what drink she would pair with this movie and why. Then laugh along with Paul as he regales you with the crazy facts of the actual case. We also talk about Paris Hilton’s closet and Angelina Jolie. You won’t want to miss this episode!


4. Love You To Death or the Tepid-Water Tattoo

This week, Erin watched Love You To Death, a Lifetime Original Movie inspired by the true events of the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case. Listen as she describes Marcia Gay Harden's portrayal of a truly monstrous woman. Then listen as Paul retells the events of the true case that inspired the movie. Stick around for a special guest appearance by Dr. Sara as she explains Munchausen's By Proxy from a medical point of view.


3. The Grim Sleeper and Team Jiggly Wiggly

This week, Erin watched a heavy movie, The Grim Sleeper and Paul researched the equally heavy case that inspired the movie. They discuss whether or not they are Team Jiggly Wiggly, badass women, and the case of The Grim Sleeper. Find show notes and pictures here!


2. Jodi Arias and the True Meaning of Coffee

This week, Erin and Paul delve into the case of Jodi Arias. Erin watched Dirty Little Secret, a Lifetime Original Movie that should have been on Cinemax, and Paul read Picture Perfect, even through he swore he wasn't going to read another book. They discuss what it really means to ask someone out for coffee, the complicated physics of underwater foreplay, and, of course, the murder of Travis Alexander by his crazy ex-girlfriend who should have just stopped after dying her hair.


1. Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? or Milwaukee Mean Girls

Erin discusses the Lifetime Original Movie, Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story, then Paul tells the true story of Laurie Bembenek, a former police officer charged with first-degree murder. Click here for expanded show notes and photographs discussed.


0.2 Lifetime Sentence Promo Trailer 2

This week, Erin and Paul discuss the origins of Lifetime Sentence, the expected format, and possible future cases.


0.1: Lifetime Sentence Promo Trailer

Coming in January 2019, Lifetime Sentence is the podcast in which we review bad Lifetime movies based on true crimes and research the crimes that inspired them. Come along with hosts Erin and Paul as they explore the most outrageous stories told on the small screen.