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Episode 3: The Singing Serial Killer

When police discover a dismembered body skewered on a crowbar by the side of a busy Jakarta street, they initially believe it to be a one off crime of passion. But as the investigation proceeds it soon turns into one of the most fascinating cases in Indonesia’s history, filled with sex, religion, a homemade graveyard and finally, the country’s most infamous serial killer, one that would release a pop album from behind bars and become known as The Singing Serial Killer.


Episode 2: Junko Furuta

On the evening of November 25th 1988 Junko Furuta is cycling home from her part time job when she is suddenly attacked. Her would-be saviour Hiroshi Miyano, is far from the white-knight he appears to be. Junko soon finds out her resucer is an infamous member of the Yakuza, and together with his gang they subject her to 44 days of pain and torture that ultimately ends with Junko dead and Japan asking "how could we let this happen?"


Episode 1: The Jars Murders

In Hong Kong, a killer taxi driver stalks his victims. Under the belief that God has told him to kill, he methodically butchers young, vulnerable women while filming the deed for his collection. When the police finally catch up with him he becomes cemented in history as Hong Kong's first serial killer. But because of the gruesomeness of his crimes the public remembers him as The Jars Murderer.



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Episode 0: An Introduction

Host Arglit Boonyai (The History Channel’s Crimes That Shocked Asia) presents Memories of Murder: An Asian True-Crime Podcast. From the Jars Murders to the Korean Cannibal each episode will explore the history and context of some of the most shocking crimes from across Asia. Hosted / Written / Produced: Arglit Boonyai This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


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