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Episode 14 William Marsh Rice

B and CC take a trip back to Houston's past and refresh the city's memory of one of our "founding fathers", Mr. William Marsh Rice. One of the earliest and more famous murder mysteries of Houston's history is dug up and reexamined under today's lens to see if the tale still holds after all these years. We discuss Mr. Rice's many accomplishments and gifts to the city of Houston, as well as the aftermath of his murder and reflect on how one man's hard work has an affect on all of us in...


Episode 13 Jonathon Tromp and Amanda Fleetwood

In Episode 13, B and CC take you inside the mind of a victim. Hear directly from Jon Tromp about the night with Amanda Fleetwood that changed his life forever. Listen in while B & CC explore why this decade old case is still unsolved. If you have any information on this case or any other case in the Houston Metro area, call HPD's Homicide Unit at 713-308-3600 or CrimeStoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS. Sources:...


Episode 12 Kathy Arredondo

On February 2, 2012, Kathy Arredondo would celebrate her 37th birthday. She was looking forward to her future endeavors as she moved to the big city, got a new job, and a new man. Just 10 days later, however, Kathy and all of her hopes and dreams would be gone. Her Bronco and money left behind, Kathy would vanish seemingly into the night never to be seen or heard from again. What happened to her? Did she just have enough of her life and left to start a new one? Did something nefarious...


Episode 11 Rachel Delarosa and Robert Cerda

December 2017. The city of Houston is recovering from Harvey and still on a World Series high. Morale around town is positive, and it was no different for two young people in the early stages of a blooming relationship. Rachel and Robert are last seen alive, happy and bubbly, in the NW Houston area of Spring Branch. Less than an hour later Rachel would be deceased across town, and Robert was nowhere to be found. What happened to this couple in that short amount of time that would alter...


Episode 10 Walter E. Shaw

Episode 10 takes you back to Houston’s younger days. In 1892, Mrs. Anna Shaw and her sister, Belle Johnson would be fatally attacked in their own home. Sheriff Ellis and his deputies would use late 19th century investigative procedures (AKA their brains) to follow leads to the murderer. Once caught, the perp would face many hurdles on his race to the gallows near Buffalo Bayou. Learn about the prisoner’s last wishes and the mystery behind his ultimate...


Missing Person Minisode: Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez

Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez has been missing since June 21, 2018. She would take her daughter to the babysitter's house and seemingly vanish off the face of the planet. What happened to Maria? Did she simply get overwhelmed and leave like the police would suggest? Or is something more sinister at work in our city, ripping away people's loved ones from those who need them the most? Let's talk over the facts of her case and see if we can steer the investigation in the right direction. As with...


Episode 9 Westheimer Doe

UNK W F was discovered deceased in 1989 blocks away from the Galleria. A week after Houston was hit with 1.7 inches of snow, she was shot in the head and left outside an office building. All she had on her body was a schedule of unknown origin, one of the only clues to her identity. Listen as B & CC discuss the details of HCIFS Case #ML89-8294. As always, contact the HPD Cold Case Division at 713-308-3618, the Harris County Institute of Forensics at 713-496-6774, or CrimeStoppers at...


Episode 8 Iris Siff and The Alley Theatre

Iris Siff was a force to be reckoned with. She had big shoes to fill after the death of Nina Vance, and she wasn't taking that lightly. Already having made her mark on The Alley Theatre, she was ready to push the theatre company forward and, maybe, find the next big star. Unfortunately, the award-winning theatre company would suffer two great losses within two years. In Episode 8, take a journey down "The Alley" and hear about the women who made it all possible, and the possibility they're...


Missing Person Minisode: Brittany Burfield

On our first bonus episode, we discuss the Brittany Burfield case. Brittany Burfield was last seen alive on June 25, 2018. Brittany has still not been located, but there is a man locked up for her murder. We discuss the circumstances of her disappearance and we connect her case to a couple others in the Houston area. Don’t forget to donate to Texas Equusearch at and send your receipt to us at for a chance to win some merch for a good...


Episode 7 Smurfette Doe

Smurfette Doe was an approximately 15-17 year-old female dumped in two trash bags on the side of the road in the northside of Houston. She has yet to be identified, other than the nickname coined from the "Smurfs" shirt she was found in. Almost nothing is known about her. We know where she was found and when, but the who, what, and why are still a mystery. CC and B attempt to talk through the case and make sense of Smurfette Doe's tragic demise. Was she a runaway? Someone's disabled and...


Episode 6 The Woodlands Ten

Episode 6 is a very special episode of Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas as we discuss gay rights and discrimination in honor of Pride month. This is the story of 10 kids from the Woodlands, and how their interaction with 3 gay males in Montrose started a local movement of the LGBT community against hate crimes in the city of Houston. Was it a hate crime or just good ol’ male bonding? Episode 6 is about differences, and how those differences united a city and paved the path for one...


Episode 5 Tynesha Stewart

Tynesha Stewart was a go-getter, an Aggie, a strong Houston woman. In Episode 5 we talk about how Ty’s life and accomplishments were cut short by domestic violence. Who could stifle such a beautiful and capable person? Let’s talk about “red flags” as we discuss how Timothy Wayne Shepherd loses control and takes the life of a woman who’d had enough of him bringing her...


Episode 4 Leon Jacob and Valerie McDaniel Part 2

We conclude Leon "The Loser" Jacob and Valerie McDaniel's story in Episode 4. Their story is full of twists and turns and the trial brings all the dark corners to light. Was Valerie being used by a narcissist Leon so he elevate himself? Leon's trial is full of tension and disputes, but at the end of the day, justice prevails. Join us and discuss his disgusting behavior and the sad conclusion to Valerie's...


Episode 3 Leon Jacob and Valerie McDaniel Part 1

In Episode 3, we dive into the life of the ultimate narcissist, Leon Jacob. He came from a well-off Houston area family with every opportunity to thrive, but nothing was ever enough. His controlling personality would start causing destruction to all aspects his life. Meanwhile, Valerie McDaniel was living the dream: successful veterinary clinic, West University home, beach houses, and a happy, loving family. How do these two people connect and what leads to their ultimate loss of...


Episode 2 Slayings of 1979

For Episode 2, Houston earns its name “Murder City”. With over 500 homicides for the year Houston police are overwhelmed. On October 3, 1979 (six weeks after Episode 1) the department is tested once again, and once again fails. Robert Spagenberger and Joann Huffman were two teenagers in love with their whole lives ahead of them. What happened on that night that would make their lives a part of Houston’s lore, even now, 40 years later. Join B and CC as we break down what we know, what we...


Episode 1 Orchard Apartment Slayings

In our debut episode we take you back to 1979 in Houston, Texas to revisit one of the most gruesome, unsolved mysteries of our city's history. Alys Rankin, Mary Calcutta, and Doris Armstrong were all brutally attacked in their own homes, and with no leads the crimes remain unsolved to this day. B and CC explore the details and attempt to make connections... or break them. For 40 years, three families have been in pain. For 40 years, at least one person responsible has been walking our...


Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas

Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas would like you to join in our excitement as we gear up closer and closer to launch! A true crime podcast focused exclusively on the Houston Metro area. With no shortage of case material, we've made it our mission to spotlight some of these forgotten stories and to give the victims and families another chance for justice and closure.