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18: Happy Family?

Part 1: On October 26, 2013 16-year-old Michael Roy Helms attacked and killed his mother with a frying pan, before attempting to kill his step-father, as well. Part 2: September 21 marks 20 years since Cookie Jacobson vanished from her home, leaving her kids 16-year-old Aaron and 13-year-old Laura motherless, and under a cloud of suspicion. Promos! 12:55-14:25 Voice of the Victim @VOVpod Dumb and Busted...


17: To Grandmother's House We Go

Part 1: On May 5, 2000, 16 year old Joshua Wolf shot and killed his grandmother, Carol Lindley, before setting their house on fire. Part 2: On September 17, 2012, 13 year old Antonio ‘Tino’ Barbeau beat his great-grandmother Barbara Olson to death with help from his friend Nathan Paape, so they could rob her. Now would be a great time to call your grandma, if you are lucky enough to still have one. Promos! Listen, review, rate! More Gooder Than!...


16: Their Sister's Keeper

Part 1: On January 21, 2014, 14 year old Aurora Knauf-Strom violently stabbed her 11 year old sister outside Chicago, Illinois. With each stabbed, she accused her sister of being ungrateful. A family forever torn to pieces. Part 2: On August 18, 2016, 16 year old Savon Schmus strangled his 18 year old sister, McKenna Hilton, negating any hopes and plans she had for a an exciting future living in New Orleans. Their father's actions lend a diabolical twist to this story, and the victim's...


15. Oh, brother.

Part 1: On May 22, 2013, 15 year old Aza Vidinhar viciously murdered both of his younger brothers, by stabbing them a combined 116 times. There can simply be no justice for this family. Part 2: On October 30, 2016, 16 year old Nicholas Starling bludgeoned and stabbed his 14 year old brother Harley, while he slept. Childhood trauma is thought to have played a role in the attack. Promos! 16:50- 19:00 Murder and Such!