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Interview with Psychotherapist & Actor Jason Eric Ross

This is a very special episode where Heather has the amazing opportunity to interview Jason Eric Ross! Jason is a licensed Psychotherapist, an actor and writer! At the age of 48 he moved back to NYC and began acting on shows such as The Perfect Murder, Mysteries at the Museum, and Dateline Crime with Tamron Hall. More recently, he became the first Psychotherapist to play an actual 'Psycho," when he portrayed Serial Killer Keith Jespersenon Evil Lives Here on Discovery ID, Season 3 Episode...


Patreon Exclusive - Split Second Series

Here is a teaser for the Patreon Exclusive series that Heather has started! Take a listen! This series is available for all tiers! It takes a more serious approach to discussing crimes...mostly in Ohio...mostly involving murder. Many of which are crimes and criminals that most probably haven't heard of before. There isn't dark humor either; so it is a bit different than what most Nature vs Narcissism listeners are accustomed to. Music:...


Episode 25: X (XYY, nature, nurture, narcissism) with Megan & Jess

In this episode Heather, Megan & Jess discuss nature, nurture, and narcissism. YES – the entire theme of the podcast will finally be discussed a little bit! We discuss the XYY syndrome, the nurture aspect of eventual serial killers as well as violent offenders, and NARCISSISTS!! We help YOU determine how to spot narcissists in your life! Keep in mind, we are not professionals nor are we doctors. We are simply gals interested in researching and bringing you what we’ve learned, along with...


FUNsode/CREEPYsode: ASMR & What we would do for money

Heather and Rachelle were recording TWO episodes for the letter Y and started feeling a bit slap-happy! Be began discussing another True Crime podcast called "Murder and Such" hosted by Hunter & Haley when we realized that we didn't know exactly what ASMR stood for. Rachelle started making up her own initialisms. Additionally, we discussed some of the things we would/would not be willing to do in order to make money. We want to know what you would/would not do for money!! Share with us on...


Episode 24: W (Wayne Nance & Wesley Shermantine) with Megan, Jess, & Josh

In this episode, Heather and Megan discuss the letter W: Wayne Nance and Wesley Shermantine. Additionally, in the Dining Room Studio, we have Josh and Jess joining us. Megan covers the Missoula Mauler (Wayne Nance) who was killed by an intended victim of his own & Heather covers one of the Speed Freak Killers (Wesley Shermantine). Since we had a couple more friends over though, we tip our toes in the pool of true crime documentaries, Netflix documentaries, and paranormal places! You’ll...


UPDATE: The Doodler (with Megan)

This is a special minisode! In Episode 22: U (Unidentified Killers) with Megan, one of the killers covered was "The Doodler". We released the episode on 06/20/18 and received an article on 06/21/18 from Scott Fuller from the Frozen Truth podcast...with an update about The Doodler! This is super exciting! With all of the DNA testing bringing forth suspects in old and cold cases. We will continue to provide updates as we have them! Additionally, Megan discusses her doodling experience in...


Episode 23: V (Vaughn Greenwood & Velma Barfield) with Megan

In this episode, Heather and Megan discuss the letter V. Heather covers Vaughn Greenwood aka the "Skid Row Slasher" and Megan covers Velma Barfield aka the "Death Row Granny". Vaughn was an American serial killer who did not fit the common profile of a serial killer. Vaughn was an African American man who murdered 11 victims but suspected of 13; 9 of which were committed in a two-month time-frame, one of his victims survived, and he broke into Burt Reynolds' there's that! He was...


MURDERsode 14: Cannibal Cop (with Brittany)

Yes, this is the same Brittany from the Twitter episode! And yes, we DID eventually record a promised! We discussed the Cannibal Cop who was released from jail EVEN AFTER admitting to his twisted desires to cook and eat women...including his wife. There's a lot to this case, so we're hoping to eventually partner with the Getting Off podcast to discuss his trial and eventual release from prison. But for now, you'll have to listen to our cliffs notes version! :) Learn more about...


Episode 22: U (Unidentified Killers) with Megan

In this episode, Heather and Megan discuss Unidentified Killers. Most people know of the famous, or shall I say infamous, serial killers. However, there are some serial killers whose identity baffles even the best of detectives…yes, I mean YOU; armchair detectives! Heather and Megan thought that it would be fun to discuss a couple of them in this episode. Heather covers the Moonlight Murders, committed by the Phantom Killer whilst Megan covers the Doodler. Yes, you read that right…the...


A Ol' Time

You know how we've been hinting at the fact that we had some exciting changes coming up for the podcast? Well, the day has finally come and we are stoked to share some awesome news with you guys! We are now members of the brand new True Crime Podcast Network! That's right! You can visit the website and find some AMAZING True Crime podcasts who signed on with us! In this very special episode, you will hear short stories from 16 other podcasts who are part of this...


Episode 21: T (Ted Bundy: Part 1 with Nick & Jessa from Getting Off)

HEATHER IS FANGIRLING!!! In this episode, Heather invites Nick and Jessa from the Getting Off Podcast to discuss everyone’s eye candy serial killer; aka the Lady Killer, Ted Bundy. Although the Nature vs Narcissism Podcast has covered Ted Bundy in the past (Episode 2), we thought it would be fun to discuss Ted with folks who understand and are a part of the criminal justice system. Since Nick and Jessa are defense attorneys, we thought it would be fun to do a crossover episode where they...


BONUS EPISODE: Wait; You Met on Twitter? (with Brittany)

Yes, you read that correctly! Brittany and Heather met on Twitter AND then in real life! Thanks to Mike Ferguson of True Crime all the Time! You definitely need to check out that podcast as well! For this episode, Brittany traveled over 5 hours to meet and record with Heather. We were so excited that we ATTEMPTED to tell our crime story for over 2 hours! We had to cut a lot of our shenanigans out. You WILL hear a teaser of the story but you will also hear personal drunken stories and more...


Episode 20: S (Shoe Fetish Slayer) with Off the Cuffs Podcast

In this episode, Heather invites Dick and Max from the Off the Cuffs Podcast to discuss good ‘ol Jerome Brudos; aka the Shoe Fetish Slayer. We thought it would be fitting to discuss Jerry with folks who understand and are a part of the BDSM community. Although we covered a lot about Jerry, there’s still so much more that we didn’t quite get to. Be sure to check out the sources to learn more about him. Additionally, check out these podcasts: Off the Cuffs, Getting Off, Can We Cult, and...


Episode 19: R (Robert Ben Rhoades & Dennis Rader)

In this episode, Rachelle covers Robert Ben Rhoades (aka the Truck Stop Killer) and Heather covers Dennis Rader (aka the BTK Killer). Robert Ben Rhoades would pick up hitchhikers along the highways to torture and kill them. Whenever the females were with a male companion, Rhoades would shoot and kill the male immediately, whilst tying up the female in the cab of his semi-truck; which he converted into a traveling torture chamber. Rhoades called himself “Whips & Chains” and often kept his...


Episode 18: Q&A

We’ve made it to Episode 17!!! This is our Q&A episode; where YOU, the listeners, sent in your questions and we answered them! We were aiming for 20 questions so that we could do a giveaway but we just fell short at around 16 questions. Nevertheless, we loved the questions that you sent in and we answered all of them…just about…Kevin’s were a tad difficult. Listen in for a question that we turn to YOU! Thanks to everyone who sent us questions!! You guys & gals ROCK! Shout outs...


MURDERsode 12.2: Indiana Crimes (Bloopers & Outtakes) with Ashley

In MURDERsode 12.2: Indiana Crimes (Bloopers & Outtakes) with Ashely is the episode that has all of the cut conversations/bloopers/silly stuff. You will enjoy this episode as it’s really laid back without all of the heavy murder-y stuff. Some of the topics discussed are: Heather’s love of Pussy…CAT wine bottles, Ashley’s strip club & drunk tank experience, Heather’s explanation of drunk girls in the bathroom, sexy phone voices, Tupac, Tom Cruise, the vault of secrets, and Jason’s need for...


MURDERsode 12: Indiana Crimes (220-year sentence & inmate dating) with Ashley

In MURDERsode 12: Indiana Crimes (220-year sentence & inmate dating sites) with Ashley, Heather invited Ashley over to discuss a hometown attempted murder. Eddie Lowe is the main focus of this episode as he brutally beat a woman with a hammer, to the point that she needed reconstructive surgery on her face. To this day, we cannot find any information on her. We are unsure if she is still alive and/or where she may be. Eddie Lowe, on the other hand, is currently serving a 220-year prison...


MURDERsode 11: Pee Wee Gaskins (with Emily Cipollone)

In this episode, Heather has a special guest; Emily! We discuss the life and death of none other than Mr. Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins…the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina. This is a heavy case and it is a long case. There is a lot of information to cover and I’m sure we could have elaborated more on many aspects but we wanted to provide the main points. Additionally, Emily shares the story of how she/her family are connected to Pee Wee! Small world, that’s for sure! Just note:...


Episode 17: P (Paul Michael Stephani & Philip Markoff)

In this episode, Heather covers Paul Michael Stephani (aka the Weepy-Voiced Killer) and Rachelle covers Philip Markoff (aka the Craigslist Killer). Paul had a tendency to call the cops on himself after killing his victims. He had so much guilt and remorse that he would call, while crying/weeping, to inform the police that he had killed his victim and he didn’t know why/couldn’t stop. His track record was terrible as two of his five victims survived (good for them), but that is what...


MURDERsode 10.5: Jodi Arias (Part 2 Bloopers, Outtakes, & Interview Clips) with Brittany Schultz

In MURDERsode 10.5: Jodi Arias Part 2 – Bloopers, Outtakes, & Interview Clips, Brittany & Heather discuss everything from Netflix to Jason’s cologne to NOT WANTING TO COOK DINNER FOR OTHERS. In MURDERsode 9, Brittany tells the story of Jodi and her friend growing pot in a Tupperware container…on the roof of her house. At the beginning of this episode, you hear Jodi’s father discuss this event as being a turning point in his daughter’s behavior, from the age of 14 through her adult...