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Episode 18: Q&A

We’ve made it to Episode 17!!! This is our Q&A episode; where YOU, the listeners, sent in your questions and we answered them! We were aiming for 20 questions so that we could do a giveaway but we just fell short at around 16 questions. Nevertheless, we loved the questions that you sent in and we answered all of them…just about…Kevin’s were a tad difficult. Listen in for a question that we turn to YOU! Thanks to everyone who sent us questions!! You guys & gals ROCK! Shout outs...


MURDERsode 12.2: Indiana Crimes (Bloopers & Outtakes) with Ashley

In MURDERsode 12.2: Indiana Crimes (Bloopers & Outtakes) with Ashely is the episode that has all of the cut conversations/bloopers/silly stuff. You will enjoy this episode as it’s really laid back without all of the heavy murder-y stuff. Some of the topics discussed are: Heather’s love of Pussy…CAT wine bottles, Ashley’s strip club & drunk tank experience, Heather’s explanation of drunk girls in the bathroom, sexy phone voices, Tupac, Tom Cruise, the vault of secrets, and Jason’s need for...


MURDERsode 12: Indiana Crimes (220-year sentence & inmate dating) with Ashley

In MURDERsode 12: Indiana Crimes (220-year sentence & inmate dating sites) with Ashley, Heather invited Ashley over to discuss a hometown attempted murder. Eddie Lowe is the main focus of this episode as he brutally beat a woman with a hammer, to the point that she needed reconstructive surgery on her face. To this day, we cannot find any information on her. We are unsure if she is still alive and/or where she may be. Eddie Lowe, on the other hand, is currently serving a 220-year prison...


MURDERsode 11: Pee Wee Gaskins (with Emily Cipollone)

In this episode, Heather has a special guest; Emily! We discuss the life and death of none other than Mr. Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins…the most prolific serial killer in South Carolina. This is a heavy case and it is a long case. There is a lot of information to cover and I’m sure we could have elaborated more on many aspects but we wanted to provide the main points. Additionally, Emily shares the story of how she/her family are connected to Pee Wee! Small world, that’s for sure! Just note:...


Episode 17: P (Paul Michael Stephani & Philip Markoff)

In this episode, Heather covers Paul Michael Stephani (aka the Weepy-Voiced Killer) and Rachelle covers Philip Markoff (aka the Craigslist Killer). Paul had a tendency to call the cops on himself after killing his victims. He had so much guilt and remorse that he would call, while crying/weeping, to inform the police that he had killed his victim and he didn’t know why/couldn’t stop. His track record was terrible as two of his five victims survived (good for them), but that is what...


MURDERsode 10.5: Jodi Arias (Part 2 Bloopers, Outtakes, & Interview Clips) with Brittany Schultz

In MURDERsode 10.5: Jodi Arias Part 2 – Bloopers, Outtakes, & Interview Clips, Brittany & Heather discuss everything from Netflix to Jason’s cologne to NOT WANTING TO COOK DINNER FOR OTHERS. In MURDERsode 9, Brittany tells the story of Jodi and her friend growing pot in a Tupperware container…on the roof of her house. At the beginning of this episode, you hear Jodi’s father discuss this event as being a turning point in his daughter’s behavior, from the age of 14 through her adult...


MURDERsode 10: Jodi Arias (Part 2) with Brittany Schultz

In MURDERsode 10: Jodi Arias Part 2, Brittany is back to discuss the relationship between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. Additionally, Brittany discusses the murder of Travis, the investigation of Jodi, her jail stay, and ultimately her conviction & sentencing. We learn a lot about the actual crime scene and the events that transpired after the murder. Where did Jodi go? Why did she need three gas cans? Why did she leave Travis a voicemail? Who were the ninja people? Were these all ways...


Episode 16: O (Odd Crimes & Criminals)

In this episode, Rachelle & Heather discuss four odd crimes/criminals. We wanted an episode that was a bit more lighthearted then normal…well, as lighthearted as you can get when discussing murder. We decided to have a relaxed episode with Gizmo and Luna while we talk about Luigi Longhi, Joseph Fallet, Juanita Poole, and Kevin Christianson. We covered the basics with each one of these murderers and hope that YOU can reach out and provide more insight/information if you know any other...


MURDERsode 9: Jodi Arias (Part 1) with Brittany Schultz

This MURDERsode is part 1 of 2 covering the Jodi Arias case. In this two-part coverage, we hear from a true crime lover who has become fascinated with the Jodi Arias case. Heather takes a back seat for this case as Brittany delves into the background of both Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander leading up to the day that they met. It is truly fascinating to see how completely opposite two individuals can be, yet they still connect with one another on some deeper level. Jodi and Travis both grew...


MURDERsode 8.5: Whales, Boobs, & Maine

In this MURDERsode, we literally do not discuss a damn thing about murder. This was the conversation that we had prior to recording MURDERsode 8: Phineas Gage. We didn’t realize that we were recording the entire time. Our mistake = your entertainment - LOL. We hope you enjoy this silly, yet serious conversation! Ya’ll come back now; ya hear?! Also…buy some cool shit! Please and thank you!


MURDERsode 8: Phineas Gage

In this MURDERsode, we discuss Phineas Gage and the effects of a TBI or traumatic brain injury. We have had several episodes with serial killers/murderers whom experienced injuries to the head or brain and committed heinous crimes later in life. We wanted to discuss Phineas because there have been neurologists galore whom have used his injury as a focal point to understand brain function and personality changes, etc. There have also been creationists whom have cited Phineas’ injury as...


MURDERsode 7.5: Cincinnati & Craigslist Killers (Bloopers & Random Conversations with Jess & Megan)

In MURDERsode 7, Heather, Megan, & Jess discuss the Cincinnati Strangler, Dao Xiang, & the Long Island Serial Killer/the Giglo Beach Killer. In this follow-up episode, we share our mishaps…including, but not limited to Gizmo taking a crap on the floor. Yeah…it was one of those nights (hahaha). This is part 2! We had a lot of fun so we wanted to share some of the the bloopers/out takes/fun episode (it’s pretty entertaining)! You can find Megan on Instagram: @missmeganlee_


MURDERSODE 7: Cincinnati & Craigslist Killers (with Megan & Jess)

In MURDERsode 7, Heather, Megan, & Jess discuss the Cincinnati Strangler, Dao Xiang, & the Long Island Serial Killer/the Giglo Beach Killer. In this episode, we had a lot of wine and ended up dealing with several mishaps…including, but not limited to Gizmo taking a crap on the floor. Yeah…it was one of those nights (hahaha). Anyway, we ended up having 2-3 episodes worth of content, so this is part 1! Stay tuned for the bloopers/out takes/fun episode (it’s pretty entertaining)! You can...


Episode 15: N (Nannie Doss)

Episode 15 covers Nannie Doss who was better known as the “giggling granny” and the “lonely hearts killer”. She was born on November 4, 1905 in Jacksonville, Alabama. She grew up in a household with an alcoholic and violent father. He was quite demanding who forbade Nannie and her three sisters from wearing dress clothes and makeup. This becomes a pattern with the men in her life. Her husbands were violent alcoholics and/or forbade her from doing certain things in her life. She was married...


The James Bulger Case (Collab with Warbaby from the Murderous Minors: Killer Kids Podcast)

After the two-part topic for M (Moms who Murder), we thought it would be interesting to cover a case that invloved children who murder. Of course, one of the first cases that popped into my brain was the James Bulger case. I collaborate with Warbaby from the Murderous Minors: Killer Kids Podcast to break down this case and discuss some of the fascinating details surrounding it. Join us for the ride and be aware that this is not for the faint of heart. Two children abducted, beat, and...


Episode 14: M; Part 2 (Moms who Murder)

In Episode 14: M; Part 2, we discuss two stories that are quite similar to one another even though they happened in two separate states and a couple of decades apart. Melissa Drexler was an 18-year-old who gave birth to her son at her high school prom. She then killed the baby and stuffed him into the restroom garbage can and went back to the dance. Brooke Skylar Richardson was also an 18-year-old who gave birth to her daughter just two days after her prom and in her own home. She then...


Interview with Kate & Emily (IWB Podcast & Art)

In this episode, I interview Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast and her talented 17-year-old artist daughter, Emily! Kate is a long-time Twitter friend whom I’ve bonded with over our shared love of true crime and psychology. She is a Clinical Psychologist with years of experience in several clinical settings (i.e. jails, crisis centers, and hospitals). She has met many characters along the way; including Pamela Smart, Sheila LaBarre, Robert Tulloch, and James Parker. Kate also...


Episode 13: M; Part 1 (Moms who Murder)

Episode 13 focuses on two mothers whom of which killed their children as well as others. This is only part 1 of 2, so we covered Marie Noe and Belle Gunness. Marie Noe killed 8 of her 10 children via suffocation per court documents. Her other 2 children died as well, but these deaths were not ruled homicide. This case is odd for many reasons, but the most intriguing part is the fact that she wasn’t convicted until she was about 70 years old. Belle Gunness, on the other hand, was said to...


Episode 12: L (Lawrence Bittaker & Larry Eyler)

Episode 12 focuses on two serial killers whom of which both have monikers. Lawrence Bittaker worked in cahoots with Roy Lewis Norris to rape and murder teenage girls. Together, they were known as the Toolbox Killers. Larry Eyler was known as the Interstate Killer and preyed on young boys/men along the interstate. Please do not let little ears hear this episode…this episode contains a lot of adult content and plenty of rated R jokes/conversations. Find us on all the things and join our...


MURDERsode 6: Barkley Marathons (with Liz)

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY! MURDERsode 6 discusses the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. from a different perspective. MarvELIZbish and I examine this case from the side of the killer, James Earl Ray. We provide some background information on Ray and what lead him to prison in the Appalachian Mountains located in Tennessee. This is where the Barkley Marathon comes into play. Ray escaped from prison and spent 55 hours in the Appalachian Mountains…only traveling a total of 8...


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