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Episode 32- Crimecon 2019 Recap

We're back after a long break to discuss the third year of Crimecon! We discuss several presenters from the convention including Jan Broberg, the abductee in the documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, and Christopher Darden, one of the prosecutors in the OJ murder trial. Do you want to support the show? Visit and search for Not Perfect or Functional Podcast to donate. Find Us: Facebook Page- @NPOFPOD Facebook discussion group- Not Perfect or Functional Discussion...


Introducing- Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime!

We're pleased to announce a new podcast being brought to you by Esther, the host of Once Upon a Crime! Each episode will feature Esther and a special guest host talking about what's new, hot, and trending in true crime- in a fun and casual format! First episode drops on February 19th! Subscribe here here on Apple Podcasts or search for "Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime" on your favorite podcast platform.


Episode 31- The Murders of Louis Gumpenberger & Betsy Faria (Part 2)

In the second part of this two-part episode, we finish up with some new details regarding the murders of Betsy Faria and Louis Gumpenberger. We discuss the current details of the cases, and discuss the possibility of a third murder that may have been committed by Pamela Hupp. If you'd like to skip the opening banter, skip to the 14 minute mark! Do you want to support the show? Visit and search for Not Perfect or Functional Podcast to donate. Find Us: Facebook Page-...


Episode 30- The Murders of Louis Gumpenberger & Betsy Faria

In this episode, we discuss the murders of Louis Gumpenberger, and Betsy Faria. Betsy was found dead in the living room of the home she shared with her husband, Russ. A few years later, Louis would be found shot to death in the home of Betsy's friend, Pamela Hupp. How were these deaths related, and was Betsy's husband responsible? Or was he being framed for the murders? If you'd like to skip the opening banter, skip to the ten minute mark! This is the first of a two-part episode! Do you...


Episode 29 -The Voodoo Preacher- Reverend Willie Maxwell

In a rural Alabama town in the 1970's, the Reverend Willie Maxwell was a part-time preacher and voodoo practitioner, but a full-time serial killer. Years after he was gunned down at his last victim's funeral, the spirits he had unleashed would return to terrorize the Scott family. If you'd like to skip our opening banter, skip to the 11 minute mark. We had a lot to talk about this episode! Do you want to support the show? Visit and search for Not Perfect or Functional Podcast...


Episode 28- Fraud, Scams, and Cons

Come listen to a verrrrrrryyyyyy long intro....or don't! You can skip to the 15 minute mark if you'd like to get on with the show! In this episode, we discuss four different stories involving con artists or embezzlement, including one that happened, literally, in our back yard. We answer the questions, what can you be charged with for skipping out on the bill on a date? And, how many years do you get for stealing $1.2M in fajitas? Do you want to support the show? Visit and...


Episode 26- Darren Sharper, from NFL Star to Serial Rapist

Darren Sharper was an NFL player that parlayed his football career into a new career as an ESPN commentator once he retired. Sharper was always able to charm the ladies with his good looks and charisma while a football star. This ability would take a dark turn after he left the NFL. Soon women across the country would recount tales to the police about being drugged and raped by Sharper. Find Us: Faceboook page- @NPOFPOD Facebook discussion group- Not Perfect or Functional Discussion...


Episode 27- NPOF One Year Anniversary Updates

Our podcast has hit the one year mark! We discuss updates to the Sherri Papini kidnapping case, and what's new in the lives of Nevest Coleman, The Cannibal Cop, and Viktoria Nasyrova. Grab your headphones and help us celebrate our Podiversary! Find us: Facebook page- @NPOFPOD Facebook discussion group- Not Perfect or Functional Discussion Group Twitter- @not_podcast Website- Email-


Episode 25- The Jeremy Thorpe Affair

In 1979, Jeremy Thorpe, the President of the Liberal Party and Member of Parliament, went on trial charged with the attempted murder of Norman Scott. Scott had claimed for years that he'd had an affair with Thorpe in the 1960's during a time when homosexuality was illegal in the UK. It was believed that Thorpe had arranged a hit on Scott in an attempt to silence him before he ruined Thorpe's political career. Were the allegations true, or was it all a story made up by Scott to ruin the...


Episode 24- Frozen and Left for Dead, the Teri Jendusa-Nicolai Story

Teri Jendusa-Nicolai lived to tell her story of domestic abuse. After a horrific attack by her ex-husband, David Larsen, Teri was left to die in a garbage can filled with snow. What could drive a man to attack his ex-wife three years to the day after their divorce? Listen as we discuss this amazing story of survival. Facebook Page @NPOFPOD Twitter- @not_podcast Email- Website- We've launched our Patreon page! If you'd like to...


Episode 23- An Astronaut's Crimes, The Lisa Nowak Story

What could drive an accomplished, brilliant, female astronaut to drive 900 miles, and then attack another woman? Lisa Nowak had recently completed a thirteen day shuttle mission to space, when she attacked Colleen Shipman in the parking lot of the Orlando Airport. Was the ultimate plan kidnap and murder? This case is definitely out of this world! Facebook Page @NPOFPOD Twitter- @not_podcast Email- Website- We've launched our...


Episode 22- Abuse of Power- The Baillie Gibson Story

Baillie Gibson was recruited to the University of Arizona because of the state records she held for the discus and shot put. She never thought that she would end up in a sexual relationship relationship, that she contends was not consensual, with the coach that recruited her, Craig Carter. When Gibson attempted to break it off, Carter would stalk, and physically assault Gibson. Listen as we discuss this case about the abuse of power between an athlete and her coach. We've launched our...


Episode 21- Crimecon and Chlamydia Koalas

On this special bonus episode, we're completely off-script discussing our trip to Crimecon that was held in Nashville, Tennessee. We give some insight on the convention, discuss what we did, and who we saw. Listen as we talk about our adventures and recount our visit with Mark's family after the convention! Facebook Page- @NPOFPOD Twitter-@not_podcast Email- Website- We've launched our Patreon page! If you'd like to help...


Episode 20-The Double Life of Paige Birgfeld

Paige Birgfeld, a 34 year old mom of three, went missing on June 28th, 2007 from Grand Junction, Colorado. As the police investigated her disappearance, they would learn that Paige was not only a typical soccer mom, and pre-school dance school owner, but that she also led a secret life as a high-end escort. Were one of her two ex-husbands involved, or was someone from her secret life to blame? Facebook Page- @NPOFPOD Twitter-@not_podcast Email- Website-...


Episode 19-False Confessions -The Murder of Antwinica Bridgeman

In November 1994, 19 year old Antwinica Bridgeman was found raped and murdered. Her murder would lead to the wrongful conviction of two men that would spend 23 years behind bars for a murder they did not commit. Learn how this happened, and how the Whitesox baseball team would play a part in the life of one of the men, Nevest Coleman, after he was released. Facebook Page- @NPOFPOD Twitter-@not_podcast Email- Website- We've...


Episode 18- Murder in the Bahamas and the Orphan on the Ocean

In November 1961, a week long sailing trip by the Dupperault family in the Bahamas would end in the murder of all but one member of the family. People around the world would marvel at the story of survival of eleven year old Terry Jo who was found after four days alone at sea on a tiny float. Who killed the family, and why? Listen as we discuss this story of true crime, bravery, and miracles. Books: Alone Orphaned on the Ocean by Richard D. Logan and Tere Duperrault Fassbender Facebook...


Seventeen's Just a Number- Bad Dad, The Rae Carruth Story

Rae Carruth, once a first round NFL draft pick of the Carolina Panthers, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he was found guilty of involvement in the murder of Cherica Adams. Cherica was eight months pregnant with Carruth's son at the time she was shot. Listen as we discuss the events leading up to the murder, and the consequences that changed the lives of all involved. Facebook Page-@NPOFPOD Twitter-@not_podcast Email- Website-...


Sixteen years of marriage- The Murder of Viki Lozano

In this episode, we discuss the death of Viki Lozano, the wife of Denton, Texas police detective, Bobby Lozano. The day after their 16th wedding anniversary, Viki is found dead in her bed with a gunshot wound to the chest. Was this a murder, an accident or a suicide? The investigation would reveal a well known secret, Bobby was a serial cheater. Could this be the reason for Viki's death? Because of the efforts of one local newspaper reporter, Donna Fielder, the truth about Viki's death would...


15 Minutes of Fame- The Kidnappings of Jennifer Wilbanks and Quinn Gray

Two women go missing, one while out for an evening jog in Georgia, the other abducted from her $4M waterfront home in Florida. Both women will return and tell the police bizarre tales of how and why they went missing. Listen as we discuss these two extraordinary stories and explain why we decided to present them in the same episode. We're pleased to announce our new Facebook discussion group. Just search for the Not Perfect or Functional Discussion Group! Answer three short questions and...


The 14 Karat Episode - The Kim Kardashian Robbery and the Pink Panther Jewel Thieves

Listen as we recount what really happened during the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in October 2016. Who was responsible? How did it happen? And most importantly, was her 20 karat diamond engagement ring ever returned? There was speculation that it may have been the international jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers. Was the Kim K. heist the work of the gang responsible for crashing two stolen cars through the doors of a mall in Dubai in order to rob a jewelry store in mere seconds?...